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9/21/2017 c2 shadow
I liked the chapter!1
7/9/2016 c2 Van Erik Lucasan
This one excellent piece of literature you made here Inquisitor Azreal, why don't you make chapters for this? Or better yet, finish this glorious fanfiction story unto the end. This one has a lot of potential to be a great piece for reading... Keep up the great work by the way... Cheers!
6/25/2014 c2 revanchists unite
cliff hanger to the maximum indeed ITS BEEN OVER A YEAR MAN NEAD MOAR
10/23/2013 c2 Kit
I like the little inquisitorial symbal you made.
7/4/2013 c2 Guest
Yes, this pleases me, I require more!
4/7/2013 c2 22edboy4926
Good story
Keep on going.
2/18/2013 c2 Panzer general
you know what they say, no one expect the inquisition.
to quote every guardsmen who has ever seen an inquisition ship land in front of them"Well feth"
2/17/2013 c1 6Fallout5368
You do realise that if Al Qaeda did attack the vatican then the middle east would become not only a atomic grave yard but Islam in general would be given such a bad name that a lot of people would actually destroy almost every mosque in the world. I not saying it would happen I'm just saying its' a very high probability; mainly because people take religion very seriously.
Any way okay story feel a little apprehensive with the whole killing the pope thing.
2/16/2013 c2 7DaLintyMan
OK, this is AWESOME! Please update again!
2/16/2013 c2 3code R.R
seems nice, can't wait for more
1/10/2013 c1 code R.R
1/10/2013 c1 12Yoshtar

greetings Azreal. the inquisition has taken note of this extra heresy. prepare for purgation.

love: the Inquisition.

p.s. you'll need to dance a fine dance to prevent becoming a Sue.
1/9/2013 c1 Panzer general
I would love to see more of this,what does tezznetch have in store for our little guardsman?

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