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2/5/2013 c29 Icequeen69
Jesus, I guess this goes to show how big of bastards the Umbra can be. This chapter alone even made me hate Jeanne and Cereza a little lol, only because despite the fact that they don't like the situation they are not going to go out of there way to help more than they are and kept all of this from Jihl and Light.
2/5/2013 c29 Kadajclone100
Well...whatever feelings I had gained for the Umbra just went up in smoke. Would love to see Fang's powers get released so she can go ape shit on the Umbra. Lightning should had growed a pair and told Selene off and tried to kick the crap out of her at least.
2/5/2013 c28 7Leonard Vindel
When Jeanne asked Lightning to leave the room I felt so sad for her. Makes me wonder what'll Sage do when he gets wind of Jihl's baby and that both girls do not plan on returning. What'll Jeanne and Cereza do when they find out the truth. Knowing Lightning, she'll take the fall and be pardon for Jihl. But we shall see in due time and with the war coming up too.

These two new Umbra sisters that have joined the putting make me nervous and why does Fang need an escort if her Ragnarok powers have been sealed? She knows the consequences if she runs off...hmmm...

Ahhh can't tomorrow be here already? This child is anxious to read more. Thank you mother
2/4/2013 c28 1SideQuester
Okay, they were just introduced, and already I am not liking the vibe I am getting from Selene and Nerites. I'm going to guess that these are two of the Umbra that look down on Fang as nothing more than a breeding slave. I just have this feeling that I am really going to not like these characters by the time this little outing is over.

I wonder why Fang seems so comfortable with Ariadne. From what we have seen, she doesn't seem anywhere near this open with even Jeanne or Cereza, the two who seem to care the most about her. Does it have something to do with going out into Gran Pulse and away from Paradiso for a little while? Or is Ariadne perhaps a special case of some sort? I would really like to know the reason behind this.
2/4/2013 c28 Wailordprime
"But…" Ariadne added. "Times are not… as they were back then. We'd hesitate to ask of her, if she could be found."

"She wouldn't say no, Ariadne." Selene contributed with a flecking glance.

"That's why we wouldn't ask." Ariadne sighed, cast a dismissive look from her sister.

Lightning's eyes flicked to the woman uneasily. She moved in closer to Jihl.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Fang said, sounding genuine, which surprised Lightning again.

"Me too," Ariadne agreed somberly.

Hmm i take it this means that the last time the Yun in question was asked their wasn't the threat of Ragnarok hanging over their heads and now may only agree to provide them a child out of fear.
2/4/2013 c27 Mako Ichonese
Man it just tears me apart at how throughout this story Fang has essentially accepted her fate at being a brood mare and besides a few instances has closed herself off emotionally. I honestly can't tell who to root for in the coming fight, The majority of the Umbra or the Sage. Both are just dicks lol.
2/3/2013 c27 Valkarious
Loving this, another very well crafted story from you :) keep the good work coming. Looking forward to reading more !
2/3/2013 c27 SideQuester
So because Lightning was so dead set on completing their mission for Sage, Jihl ends up getting pregnant. Jihl, who was only sleeping with Fang to help ease Lightning's apprehension, is now carrying Fang baby, which is something she never really wanted. Man, the guilt Lightning is going to be feeling now. Jihl went along with everything just for her, just as Lightning starts to realizes how wrong her reasons for wanting Fang to impregnate them were, they learn that Jhil might be pregnant. Not only that, but how is she going to explain this to Fang? Is Fang going to believe that Lightning really didn't know before she said they would stop raping her for a baby? I have a feeling that that conversation is going to be a real nail-biter.

One more thing: A confused, scared and uncertain Jihl? O.o I have to say, that is a new one.
2/3/2013 c27 IceQueen69
Dun dun dunnnnnnnn very surprised that Jihl was the one to end up pregnant. I am loving this.

...so she is pregnant with the child...of her little sisters papa/mama Fang

...there is a deep south joke i could make about that lol.
2/3/2013 c26 IresaFan
You know, you could've ended there and I would've been very happy. I don't want this to end there of course, but you could've gotten away with it. That's how perfect that chapter was. I still want to see what Raina is going to be like when they finally catch her. I hope Serah is with her somehow. That's probably just wishful thinking on me though. Like this chapter, this story's perfect. So much turmoil, it's no wonder this birthday turned out so wonderful.
2/2/2013 c26 Kadajclone100
Alright lets see what we got here:

.Adorable family bonding-check

.more acceptance on Lightnings part-check

.Everything seemingly going perfect for a character-check,check

YEP, much soul crushing is on the way lol.
2/2/2013 c26 SideQuester
This has to be the most beautiful chapter thus far. Heart-warming and loving moments that just make you feel like this is going to be Lightning and Jihl's life from now on. That is exactly what scares me. There is undoubtedly something coming around the corner that is going to shake this happiness, and possibly shatter it permanently. As much as I hate thinking it, there is just this nagging feeling that Lightning is going to make a big, damaging mistake somewhere in the near future. I just know things are going to get rough, but I'm sure the pay off is going to be well worth it. I will definitely be reading the following chapter with nervous anticipation. Wonderful story Prudence!
2/2/2013 c26 Spartacus
Oh god, why do i have the sinking feeling that something terrible is going to happen in the next chapter lol. This was heartwarming from start to finish, usually a prelude for despair.
2/2/2013 c25 Noeme
Hot damn the feels in this chapter lol more please
2/1/2013 c25 MaidenEstelle
Well this clears up a few problems and it was good to see Jeanne acknowledge that the umbra aren't exactly the good guys. Roma seems to be the driving force behind a lot of Fang and the Yun's treatment, take her out of the picture and perhaps place a more sympathetic Umra in her place and things just might start to get slightly better although there is going to be some raw feelings from the Yun's who have already been forced to sleep with Fang and you just know the Sage is going to pull something.
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