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2/1/2013 c25 1SideQuester
Okay, it couldn't really be that simple could it? Don't get me wrong, I would just love if it were, but something just tells me that the whole Sage situation isn't over. Lightning now sees the flaws in the mission they were given, but you can tell she hasn't really renounced Sage just yet. I just have this suspicion that Sage is somehow going to force Lightning to carry out the mission. Something just tells me that Lightning is going to learn her father figures true colors the hard way. Naturally this is all just speculation. I have no idea which way things are going to go from here, but I can't wait to find out.

Oh the beautiful, agonizing suspense! Excellent story!
2/1/2013 c24 AlkaidBlaze
Hmm curious about a few things. It was stated earlier that there were some Yun's selected to mate with Fang as well, but if they do get pregnant, where are they sent too? How does the selection process work? And are they able to stay with their children after giving birth? Now the Umbra claim that their are some willing Yun's, so why do Yun's that already have spouses and perhaps children get selected? Is it another method of control and intimidation and was the Sage who presumably raped an Umbra and started the war the same Sage that Lightning views as a father figure? Sorry for all of the questions, but this story is amazing and these things have been swirling around my mind for a bit.
1/31/2013 c24 SideQuester
While what we learned in this chapter definitely has some shock value, I can't say any of it comes as a surprise. It makes perfect sense that the Umbra would want to go to war with Cocoon after learning how the men treated their daughters and continue to treat women in general. And the fact that the whole war between the Umbra and the Sages started with a rape is hardly shocking, what with rape being a major theme of this story. Still, I'm sure we can expect some intense surprises as this story progresses. Predictable is definitely not a word to describe Prudence's stories.

I love how Raina's description matches Lightning almost perfectly. Like mother, like daughter I suppose. The more I hear of Lightning's parents, the more I can't wait to meet them. If Jihl's parent's are any indication, we can look forward to two awesome new characters.
1/31/2013 c24 Serenity
Love it, more please
1/31/2013 c24 Kadajclone100
Ah and finally we get the tale on just how everything went to hell to begin with. I get the feeling that this will only serve to cause more problems between Lightning and Jihl, two steps forward, three steps back am I right?. Now I get that the Umbra were desperate and not emotionally in the best place but it is kind of hard to condemn one side as evil when your side starts performing similar deeds no matter how well intentioned you were. This story just keeps getting better and better. Fast updates, awesome plot and good characterization with a heavy tone of black and grey morality, these are the kinds of stories I love. Any chance you will be continuing your fic "Highschool" after this one is completed?
1/31/2013 c24 Heracles-Vespe
Can I just say that I am amazed on how you manage to keep Jihl mostly in character throughout this story, ie 'kind of a bitch' and that she doesn't seem to care much for how she treats some people, referring to fang as Ragnarok and not her given name and yet she is so sweet on Lightning it's adorable. It will be interesting to see if Lightning discovers the plan and warns the Sage. Speaking of the Sage, it goes without saying that given what Jihl has learned this may cause even more tension between her and Light since Lightning still adores him.
1/31/2013 c24 amish4life
well looks like some of the facts are starting to come to light. And i can see where Lightning gets some of her mannerisms from. Not too fond of Roma and am stoked to see Raina and am happy that it was acknowledged that she was the best out of them and and would not compromise her morals.
1/30/2013 c23 SideQuester
Nice work Fang! Lowering yourself just to ease Lightning's guilt; typical Fang characteristic. I hate that she had to make herself out to be some coldhearted rapist to do so, but she is basically doing it for Lightning's sake. We know well enough how guilty Fang feels about raping her own people, and yet she is playing it off to make Lightning feel less guilty about the situation. Hopefully it wasn't entirely selfless, and now Fang can feel a little less awkward along with Lightning.

Also, I see that Lightning's opinion of the Umbra has evolved a bit from what it once was. From the looks of it, there are now at least four Umbra she would rather not see snuffed out. That's a step in the right direction at the very least.
1/30/2013 c23 Takeo-Kun
Damn a new chapter everyday? your on a roll lol. Sucks to be Lightning right now, she is in a real damned if ya do, damned if ya don't scenario. If she rejects the Sage's plan then as far as she believes, the Yun's will continue to be exploited and she will never have any peace of mind. If she does go along with the plan then people she has grown to care about will die and their is no guarantee the Yun's or fang will make it out unscathed. Jihl seems to have fallen into the swing of things rather easily and perhaps does not realize or care how her attitude towards Fang and the Yun's treatment is similar although nowhere near as cruel as the mens towards her and Lightning. Big fan of all of your stories even though some of them have taken a slightly darker turn lol. keep up the good work
1/30/2013 c23 IceQueen69
Glad Lightnings not buying Fangs little declaration of being a rapist and knows she is hiding something. Although if she discovers the full story that Fang and the Yun's were strong armed into fucking for babies by the Umbra then her new found softening feelings towards them may very well evaporate and give her that final push into going all the way with the Sages plan, which will not be good for anyone, the yun's included. Awesome chapter as always.
1/30/2013 c23 Amish4life
Well looks like Lightning is in between a rock and a hard place. The Umbra aren't on the up and up and the Sage is obviously not telling her everything. Looks like she will have to find a third option. And is it really rape if the Fang and the selected Yun's were forced into coupling by the Umbra?. I mean in Fangs introductory chapter it was obvious that neither had a say in the matter.
1/29/2013 c22 SideQuester
Guilt, uncertainty, and fear. Three very difficult and powerful feelings you usually don't want to have. Unfortunately Lightning is experiencing all three at once because she so stubbornly believes in Sage's damn lies! Sadly, she is just going to keep torturing herself for some future she knows will not happen in her lifetime. Not to mention the fact that that future will never happen, period. I keep worrying that Lightning is going to have to learn this the hard way. Oh the damage she will have probably done by then.

That being said, I really enjoyed the Lightning and Jeanne interaction. At least now Lightning seems to understand that Jeanne doesn't like what happening to Fang anymore than she does. It won't change her feelings about the Umbra, but maybe now at least one of them looks a little less fiendish in her eyes; maybe. Also, you have to love the way Lightning and Odile love and care about each other. Lightning knows she can't go on without Odile, and Odile won't let that happen. Here's hoping those feelings won't change, but I highly doubt they won't be tested to the extreme.

Another beautiful chapter.
1/29/2013 c21 IresaFan
Light just can't make anyone happy right now. First an ass chewing from hell with Fang, and now a fallout with Jihl. Sheesh! I can only imagine how this conversation's going to go with Jeanne. Honestly, so far Jihl's the only one I like here, mostly because she's the most in character of all, I especially appreciated her honesty on her situation with Light and the Yuns. Best girlfriend ever. Lights too much of punk right now for my taste, and Fang's being real bi-polar, but I understand why they both are the way they are for now. I shiver with excitement, soo looking forward to next chapter'
1/29/2013 c21 IceQueen69
Am i the only one who felt that when Lightning told Jihl that:

"You sound like them."

She was refering to the men of Cocoon and not the Umbra? I could be wrong but anyway, awesome chapter, Lightning and Jihl needed that conversation.
1/29/2013 c21 Amish4life
hmm it will be interesting to see what kind of resolution will be reached at this point. While it has been stated before, neither the Umbra or the men are noble and it would be nice to see Lightning defy the sage's plan while finding a way to help Fang and the rest of the Yun clan. Also curious if Rhea will discover that she is Fangs daughter. I mean how long could you keep something like that hidden from a kid ?
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