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1/28/2013 c21 1SideQuester
While I highly disagree with Jihl's comments about Fang having it better than she and Lightning did and should just accept her the role she has, Lightning went too far. Saying is would leave with or without Jihl and then slapping her, that was way out of line. Thankfully Lightning realizes this and acknowledges that she didn't really mean what she said. Just as thankfully, it seems Jihl is already willing to forgive Lightning and talk to her. Even more thankfully, Lightning and Fang seem to be back on good terms for now. Wow, there sure is a lot to be thankful for in this chapter; lol! XD

Also, there are no words to describe how much I love Jeanne right now, supportive and insightful mother of the year that she is. I hope her talk with Lightning goes well.

I particularly loved this chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
1/28/2013 c20 7Leonard Vindel
And pop there goes Fang in her anger. She contained it pretty well. I can see how she understands Jeanne's sympathy but Lightning's so much more different. Being the fact that Lightning has lived in Coccon most of her life and her mind twisted by the Sage, she certainly is more fragile. What will Jihl do about Fang's outburst and will Lightning be will to take Fang again after Fang's outburst?

Until the next good meal mother, I bid thee a good night and thank you
1/27/2013 c20 1SideQuester
Wow! Just like in 'Smoke and Mirrors', Fang hits a boiling point and Lightning is unfortunate enough to bear the brunt of it. She has every right though. Raping her everyday for a baby and then trying to be her friend is pretty fucked up. It certainly doesn't make up for Fang's whole life being taken away just so she can father countless children she can never call her own. Still, I can't shake the feeling that Fang just doesn't want Jeanne and Lightning caring so much about her. She has every reason to hate the Umbra as a whole, but I just can't believe she looks at Jeanne and Cereza, or even Lightning and Jihl, with intense anger.

You can't blame Fang at all for blowing up like that, but still, imagine how Lightning must be feeling right now. All the guilt she is feeling over having to rape Fang thrown back at her over an innocent compliment. Why can't Fang understand why Lightning wants to be kind to her? Lightning also spent her whole life being raped for children, not to the same extent as Fang of course, but she still has an idea about what Fang is going through. Part of me really thinks that it pains Fang to see people, I think, she cares about feel guilty for her situation. I could be way off, but that is my guess.

One thing I am certain about, this probably won't be fixed with a simple apology, by either Lightning or Fang. One can only wonder where things could go from here.
1/27/2013 c20 Takeo-Kun
"Do you have a favorite part of Paradiso, Fang?"

"Rhea," Fang said as soon as the cute little darling came to mind. She glanced at Lightning, who smiled a little at the answer.

Hot damn, right in the god damned feels.

Jesus, both the Men of Cocoon and the Umbra need a serious curb stomping. The men from what we have seen are worse but the Umbra aren't exactly noble themselves. Jihl doesn't seem to mind how similar she treats Fang to how her and Lightning were treated on cocoon, Lightning at least acknowledges the hypocrisy in what they do but feels it is for a greater cause.
1/27/2013 c19 7Leonard Vindel
I honestly love the moments between Lightning and Odile, they are just so precious.
Now that they've figured out not communicate with Sage because of it effects on Fang, Odile can work on pulling Lightning away from Sage.

Loving this story like all the others you write mother. Keep our daily bread, with added honey, coming.
1/26/2013 c19 1SideQuester
Okay, new record. Only four lines into this chapter, I was cracking up laughing. Lightning is upset with Odile for teasing her in front of Jeanne and Cereza, and even more upset about not getting to eat. ROFL!

Anyway, so now Lightning and Odile know that Fang's headaches come whenever they are communicating with Sage. I did wonder if Fang was able to hear some of their conversations, as that would explain why she snapped at Lightning. Then again, apparently the conversation went on for a while, and an extended migraine would leave anyone seething with anger. Fang's apology also indicates she could tell what was said. Also, now it looks like it pains Jihl that Sage can comfort Lightning so easily. She obviously really wants to, and should, be the only one.

Lovely chapter as always.
1/25/2013 c18 SideQuester
Looking back on what we know so far, it is very easy to see why Lightning sees Sage as a loving father figure. From the moment he is first introduced, Sage has been shown as nothing but kindly and caring toward her and Odile. At times, you can almost believe that Sage really does love the two as daughters and isn't just using them to bring down the Umbra. However, much of what we have learned by this point in the story, particularly in the pervious chapter, definitely points to the contrary. It is so good to know that Lightning has Odile there working to break her from Sage's lies. One thing does have me more than a little worried though. Would Lightning really choose Sage over Odile? From what we've seen so far, it seems very hard to answer 'no' to that question.

On a lighter note: YAY! More bonding between Lightning and Fang! I'm still loving how similar their attitudes about food are; and nice touch with the near food orgasms. ;)

Also, the verdict is definitely out. Rhea is "bloody fucking" adorable! XD
1/25/2013 c16 IresaFan
Well, isn't this nice. Im gone in the field for two weeks, and come back to you finding not only do you have a new story, your sixteen chapters deep. If I haven't said it already, I'll say it now. Your my most absolute, favorite fanfic author. That being said, even though this isn't nessecarily a FLight fic so far, it's still pretty damn good. I see Lightning fucking up somewhere in the future, but I don't know how yet. I can't wait to read more, I'm so spoiled by your stories, I can't read other fics until I finish yours. Sigh...
1/24/2013 c17 SideQuester
So the Umbra that were kidnapped weren't all infants at the time? Maybe that was mentioned at some point and I'm just not remembering. There is no feeling sorry for those men at the prison now. What loving parent wouldn't want to slaughter every man involved after hearing what happened to those girls? And now we know that Sages aren't effected by Witch Time, a power that gives the Umbra a huge advantage against enemies. That definitely gives the Umbra reason to fear the Sages.

I love the interactions between Lightning and Fang. The sex is definitely fun to read, but my favorite thing has to be how they share the same appetites. There is just something funny about Lightning having almost, or perhaps exactly, the same ravenous love for food as Fang. Of course, Odile definitely keeps the sexual scenes interesting, especially with the way she completely commands what Lightning and Fang do. There is clearly no question as to the dominant one in these relationships.
1/23/2013 c16 Kadajclone100
Loved the Fang and Lightning interaction here. And i have to agree with Amish on this one, those 3 should just be all "to hell with this noise" and hit the road, washing their hands of both Cocoon and the Umbra. It will be interesting to see what Jeanne found out and if what she discovered pokes holes in Lightnings story things are gonna get tense. It keeps slipping my mind but for however kind Jeanne and Cereza act towards Fang and the girls and obviously aren't too happy with the system, they still raise Fangs child as their own while keeping Rhea ignorant of her true parentage. Loved this chapter, Love this story, keep at it.
1/23/2013 c16 SideQuester
Damn! Jeanne does not play games! I can't help feeling a little sorry for those poor, stupid men. However, if any of them had a hand on what happened to Lightning and Odile, then they probably deserved it. I can't wait to find out what Jeanne learned from the last one.

It is sad to see Lightning feeling so guilty over what she believes she has to do to Fang. Granted she should feel guilty, but at least she isn't allowing this mission of hers to let her disregard Fang and her feelings. She realizes she is doing exactly what she hares the Umbra for doing. Unfortunately, this can only work to fuel her resolve to accomplish her mission, thinking what she is doing is actually going to help Fang and the Yuns in the end; which is highly unlikely. We can only hope that she wakes up before she does something she will ultimately regret.
1/22/2013 c15 Amish4life
Geez the Umbra and the males of cocoon are pieces of work. While the umbra are nowhere near as 'savage' as the males, they still use intimidation and rape and try to justify it. Lightnings attitude is believable since she was raised in Cocoon society and was treated kindly by the sage as an escape from the daily abuse, so it's only natural that she wouldn't just jump on the Umbra bandwagon right off the bat and would still revere Sage. Neither side is good and Lightning and Jihl need to just say "fuck all y'all", get Fang and skip town and not be loyal to either side. Or find some way to change the Umbra policy when it comes to the Yun's and Fang.

Love the story.
1/22/2013 c15 MEfan
I think you are a great writer, and I’ve loved all your other works, but this…this is something I can barely read without feeling frustrated and sickened over. Especially Lightning. You have made me hate her character in this story. I know she has been brainwashed and everything, but she seems to ignore the fact that she is half Yun and not half whoever a male father would be. She ignores the fact that she has been lied to about her father by the man she considers her savior, and she is just annoying every time she speaks at the moment. She justifies her rapes as needed to procreate even though her Cocoon seems to be overpopulated with savage males who kill off women who cannot produce children (these women who pleaded with the Umbra for their lives), and she continues to be blind to the fact that it is the Sage who has allowed Cocoon to be where it is at. She is now justifying her vulgar actions against Fang, who is the true victim to both the Sage and Umbra, to create children who will be used in the same way Fang is being used...raped, and kept away from their father. Her actions are no better than the Umbra, Sage, and males of Cocoon. So congratulations on making me hate one of my favorite characters by turning her into a blind fool who has no independent thoughts of her own, and for being what she hates most…a rapist.

I know I am being a bit harsh, but the way this story is dragging on, it doesn't look like there is any real way to redeem it. I mean Fang has been used and abused, and thanks to that treatment her own people hate her. She no longer has any empathy and she is just so damaged that no matter what you did in this story there is no real way to repair any of that psychological emotional and physical abuse caused by everyone Fang has known.

I guess I ranted and raved enough, I'm sorry if I've offended you, but this was something I felt needed to be said.

I wish you the best in with all your works,

1/22/2013 c15 SideQuester
Dammit Lightning! You are so obsessed with this mission of yours that you side with an obvious usurper over the person that has treated you like her own daughter. I definitely do not trust this Roma character.

Lightning deeply believes that Sage is the only powerful being incapable of being corrupted, and that her and Odile's fathers were Cocoonian men that were raped by the Umbra. It just makes me like my theory more and more. It is going to be a real eye-opener when Lightning meets her Yun father; hopefully. Clearly the truth behind how Lightning, Jihl, and the other Umbra ended up on Cocoon is another vitally needed piece to this puzzle. That story is sure to shed a lot of light on things.

Love the Umbra politics by the way.
1/21/2013 c14 SideQuester
First off, HOT! (That just needs to be said)

Also, it looks like Lightning caught Fang a little off guard at the end there. I'm guessing that was the first time anyone offered to give Fang pleasure since she was enslaved. Obviously she thinks she doesn't deserve pleasure since it is basically her job to pleasure and impregnate Umbra (incredibly sad and unfair). Maybe Lightning can eventually help her see thinks differently.

Once again, as much as I want to like the Umbra, or at least most of them, Fang's situation is making it pretty difficult.

Still loving this story though! :)
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