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1/21/2013 c12 7Leonard Vindel
So five children were taken from the Umbra, and to have only 2 return is heartbreaking.

Lol...I didn't see Lightning wanting to use her hair to cover her body. I'm glad she feels for Fang but she is also ablidged to complete her mission.

Hmmm...what will you do Lightning?
1/20/2013 c13 Guest
Aw feel sorry for Fang again
1/20/2013 c13 Guest
This is good
1/20/2013 c13 1SideQuester
And so it begins. Definitely hot, but sad at the same time. You can almost feel Lightning's guilt over having to do this to Fang. At least she has Odile there to help her through it. Poor Fang is so used to being called upon by Umbra in this way that it barely even phases her. She is so desensitized to sex that now it is merely a job to her; sad. Will her experience with Lightning and Jihl possibly be different, or will it be just like with every Umbra? Either way, I'm sure Fang will have a big I-told-you-so ready for Lightning when this is over.
1/19/2013 c12 SideQuester
So the awaited reunion between Lighting nearning and her mother is drawing near. Will this meeting perhaps help to soften Lightning's negative perceptions of the Umbra, or will it only fuel her anger towards them. Given the fact that Lightning still thinks that her mother raped her father, I'm guessing the latter will probably occur.

Also, it looks like Lightning is a little jealous of the Yuns. Unfortunately, it seems like she might have good reason. XD (kidding)

It's pretty sad that Lightning's mind has been so twisted by hatred, that. she doesn't even realize how hypocritical her mission is. She feels that there is no excuse for raping another human being (and of course she is right), but in order to accomplish the mission that she thinks will put a stop to it, she has to rape Fang. Granted she feels incredibly guilty about having to do it, but does that make her any different from the Umbra she despises?
1/19/2013 c12 Kaitenkenbu
"Wait," Lightning paused her, "What?"

lol perfect reaction.

It will be interesting to see how Lightning interacts with her mother.
1/18/2013 c11 SideQuester
Looks like Lightning experienced an extremely faint crack in her resolve about the Umbra for a second. Jeanne's little motherly embrace almost got to her; too bad that won't be enough it seems. It is obviously going to take a lot more than that if Lightning doesn't even realize that the marks on her and Jihl's backs mean they are nothing more than Sage's property.

Lightning does make a good point. All of the Yuns we have seen so far do seem rather fearful of the Umbra. However, just as Fang pointed out, they also all seem pretty willing the serve the Umbra when asked. What is the real reason behind these seemingly mixed feelings? Are the Yuns really as oppressed as Lightning thinks they are, or could it be that they are just unhappy with the way the Umbra have chosen to repopulate Gran Pulse? Lightning's heart is definitely in the right place, but I still think her head has quite a way to go.

New chapter even more questions terrific story! :)
1/17/2013 c10 SideQuester
Thank goodness! Another situation that could have ended a lot worse than it did. Sage really has Lightning's mind twisted. How could Lightning honestly think the men wouldn't try to conquer if Sage's plan succeeds, or that Sage would stop them if they tried? I suppose there is a chance he might stop them, but the evidence of how Lightning and Odile lived on Cocoon doesn't seem to point that way. Since Odile still has Lightning's trust, mostly, hopefully she can find a way to open her eyes.

It is actually nice to think that Jihl is going to put her plotting and scheming skills to use in saving people this time around. After 'Smoke and Mirrors' I never thought I would actually be rooting for Jihl. You can actually see that this Jihl cares about others and wants to prevent as much heartache as possible, especially where Lightning and her mothers are concerned. I'm pretty confident that she can find some way to at least help Lightning begin to see the truth. I still strongly believe that a big turning point will be Lightning's meeting with her real father. It probably won't douse her hatred for the Umbra entirely, if at all, but at least she might see that Sage isn't as trustworthy as she thinks.
1/17/2013 c10 IceQuee69
For all of Jihl's criticism of Lightning blindly following the Sage, she seems to be drinking in everything the Umbra have told them quite easily and without question. Kind of hypocritical although her feelings may be being swayed by the fact that she has found her parents.
1/17/2013 c10 Amish4life
Hmm it's a real 'damned if ya do, damned if ya don't' kind of scenario for Lightning eh? I feel both sides, Umbra and the sage are keeping secrets from Claire and Jihl. Loved how Lightning made the comparisons to their treatment and the Yun's.
1/17/2013 c9 7Leonard Vindel
Whoa, Fang and Lightning are not off to a good start. It'll be interesting to see how long Lightning can resist Fang or vise verser.
Although Rhea doesn't know that Fang is her father, at least she gets to be her every now and again.

Now it makes sense why Rain was made an outcast and Lightning better watch her tongue before she is too. Though with Odile/ Jihl there...hmmm..I'll leave it all to you mother.

Looks to me like Odile/ Jihl has no intentions of returning to Cocoon (she wanted to run away anyway) and she's not going to let Lightning go back either.
1/16/2013 c9 1SideQuester
YES! Lightning and Fang's first real inaction. Granted it wasn't all laughs and sunshine, but things could have gone worse, right? They both have their own personal trust issues when it comes to the Umbra, Fang's seeming more justified than Lightning's, but perhaps, with each other's help, things could change, maybe.

So now Lightning knows that Fang is Ragnarok. Will this change the way she feels about her and Jihl's mission? After all she would HAVE to use Fang for sex in order to accomplish Sage's plan right? I don't think she'll be able to resist sleeping with Fang, but maybe her motive for doing so could change.

It only makes sense that Lightning and Odile's real fathers were Yuns, given the information in the last chapter. And now its pretty clear how Lightning's mother might have been made an outcast. The more I think about it the more I can't wait to meet these characters. How will Lightning's opinion of Sage be affected when she learns her father is a Yun? If he lied about something like that, what other lies has he filled her head with?

The plot thickens and the story gets better. Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/16/2013 c8 DaPhoenix
Why is Lightning so upset about the Yuns treatment when it seems she was treated the same way by the Cocoons. I hope you explain in future chapters who are Jihl and Lightning father if Umbra can't reproduce with Cocoon men. Good job.
1/15/2013 c8 Amish4life
I am truly liking this a lot. It must kill Fang to see her daughter raised by others. Does it make me a bad person that i want too see Lightning call the Umbra out on all of their crap.
1/15/2013 c8 SideQuester
So Fang, even though she doesn't realize it, is somehow able to sense when Sage is talking Lightning and Jihl. I wonder how that little plot point will play out.

The Umbra's interpretation of the war is pretty interesting. According to them, the Sages started the war, killed many Umbras and turned many into men. The Umbra retaliated, lost many of their numbers, and basically created the Yuns because they couldn't change their people back to women completely. The Umbra essentially won the war, took pity on the men at some of their peoples' requests, left the men and some women in Cocoon and went to Gran Pulse to try to rebuild their dwindling race with the Yun's help. That is basically what we just learned from Jeanne, right?

That might not be the entire story, but at least now we now how the Umbra view what happened.

Whatever the case, Lightning is obviously still not buying the Umbra's interpretation of events. I can't help but wonder if her constant disdain for the Umbra is truly justified, or if Sage has warped her mind to see them as nothing but vile monsters. I'm also anxious to learn why Lightning's mother is an outcast and just who her father really is. More questions that I know will be worth waiting to learn the answers to.
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