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1/15/2013 c8 chibi17
So the umbra are equiped to make their own offspring but prefer to use the yuns? Is that how jihl and lightning came about or? Better yet why is lightnings mom an outcast? Will little Rhea ever find out fangs her other mom/dad? Please update soon!
1/14/2013 c7 icegirl1
and so they meet O.o
1/14/2013 c7 1SideQuester
And so our protagonists meet the ever-gorgeous Fang, who I am sure they will be happy, and probably very shocked, to learn is the very "monster" they came in search of. I can't really blame poor Fang for snubbing Lightning and Odile, considering she is constantly passed around to every Umbra like the community sex toy (please forgive the expression) it makes sense that she wouldn't be too happy to see another one. With any luck, she'll warm up to one or both of them fairly quickly, if at all.

As much as I want to like the Umbra and want Lightning to calm down and give them a chance, Fang's obvious misery makes it hard to see the Umbra as the "good guys" in this. More information is clearly needed. I really want to hear the Umbra's story for how Lightning and Odile (Jihl), and apparently others, ended up in Cocoon. And the reunion between Lightning and her mother is sure to be intense.

If the mark of a great story teller is to leave their readers wanting more, then you are by far a terrific story teller Mother Prudence.
1/14/2013 c7 Jess
I remember this story awhile back. I see you went back and rewrote it. I like this version much better. Update soon.
1/13/2013 c6 SideQuester
Wow! There is some heavy stuff going on. Five Umbra babies kidnapped decades ago, only two still living, and a whole room full of Umbra praying that one of them is theirs.

I know I've said this several time already, but the more I read the more I love Odile. She's calm and collected, quick-thinking and resourceful, and she has this awesome fun side to her as well. She is everything you would expect from a Jihl character, if you take out the cold-heartedness that is. I just love the way she cares so much about Lightning. Always checking to see if she is alright and asserting that she is her lover. She is far more likable than the Jihl from 'Smoke and Mirrors' and I can only hope she stays that way, for the most part at least.

What new information is going to be revealed about the two I wonder? I'm really anxious to learn who Lightning's real mothers are, since we kind of already know that Jeanne and Cereza are Jihl's.
1/13/2013 c6 audy17
Hmmmm interesting there is all kinds of baby mama and baby daddy stuff going on here lol. I Wonder if the Sage thought his plan through all the way. It seems he expects them to take his word over the Umbra when qeustions and answers are made about Light/odile parentage and how they came to be on cocoon as servants to men.
1/12/2013 c5 SideQuester
Wait! Odile is Jihl, that much is kind of obvious. So, does that mean that Lightning is Adelaide? I'm guessing the fact that Lightning dyed her hair black is the reason why the red-haired Umbra thinks Jihl is Adelaide, right? That fact that she didn't even check Lightning like the white-haired Umbra, who I'm assuming is Jeanne, did, has to mean that the hair color probably threw her off, right?

Regardless, now the girls are in "enemy" territory and both are currently unconscious. I'd be worried, but it looks like the two might have passed the Umbra's little Witch Time test. Time wouldn't have slowed for them if they weren't Umbra right?

I loved this chapter. The descriptions of the entrance to the Umbra city were very detailed, and Lightning and Jihl had a pleasant little ride didn't they; more than pleasant for Lightning, I'm sure. ;)
1/11/2013 c4 SideQuester
I am really loving Odile's character so far. She's quite the little minx isn't she, pouncing on Lightning as soon as they land, teasing poor Kale and making Lightning all jealous. And the banter between her and Lightning is adorably funny.

I'm happy that their first encounter with a Yun was, for the most part, pleasant, seeing as how they thought all Yuns were savage and barbaric. That's one piece of their home world hearsay disproven, for the most part. What else might they learn in this strange, new land? I can't wait for the meeting with Fang.
1/10/2013 c3 DaPhoenix
I like this story. Good job.
1/10/2013 c3 SideQuester
So it seems as though the Umbra really messed things up for just about everybody. Of course, to say that, one would have to completely believe what Sage has told Lightning and Odile. How do the Umbra tell that same story I wonder? I'm not saying Sage's words can't be true, but who knows? I certainly can't wait to find out. Love the backstory.
1/10/2013 c1 Farseer tribe AD
Aww well I guess I have to settled for this until smoke and mirriors sequal. Still strong liking it
1/9/2013 c1 Guest
It is awesome
1/9/2013 c2 SideQuester
I have to be honest. The first chapter of this story left me really skeptically about wanting to continue reading this piece, well written as it was. I guess all the talk of rape and desperation to bear children reminded me too much of when 'Smoke and Mirrors' started taking its dark turns. After this chapter however, I know this is another awesome story in the making. As usual, you've written some compelling and almost instantly likable characters; and with any luck they will stay that way. I would also really like to know what Jihl's story is this time around. Perhaps we may not end up completely despising her by this stories end. Another interesting story to look forward to from Mother Prudence. Please continue.
1/9/2013 c2 Guest
It may not be the sequal but so far interesting
1/9/2013 c2 Takeo-kun
Hmm well this is certainly a new approach. I am very impressed and interested in seeing where this goes.
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