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3/9/2013 c61 1SideQuester
So this is the community that the Yun women are sent to after they are impregnated by Fang/Ragnarok. Seems like such a "wonderful" place, doesn't it? Yun mothers get the privilege of visiting with the children they are forced to have, if they behave themselves. Gee, aren't the Umbra just the most wonderful leaders!? :-(

It looks as though some of the Umbra have gotten a lot more brazen now that the last Sage is dead. How can they possibly justify taking a Ragnarok child that isn't even equipped to produce more?! Man, there are so many things wrong with that one question alone. I'm actually hoping that this marks the start of some kind of revolution against the more wicked Umbra; Roma and Techne definitely topping that list. That would be an awesome sequel!

Honestly, who could blame Sky or Summer for hating the Umbra and Ragnarok. I just hope that come to realize that Fang hates this situation even more than they do. She certainly does not deserve to be hated. That aside for now, while there situation isn't certainly not a happy one, I am glad that Sky and Summer have made it into this story. I wonder, does Sky being taken away mean she will end up meeting Lightning and Fang soon, or is there some special holding place for "favored" Yuns?

Another chilling, but very intriguing epilogue! I sure hope this means a sequel! XD
3/9/2013 c61 7BlueAbyssHax
I sense a Seeequeeel.
3/9/2013 c61 IceQueen69
huh, so this is what it feels like to die inside. Love your stories but my god have they been getting sad to bittersweet endings lately lol. The Umbra are getting worse,Fang is still an abused slave with little to no will of her own, and as much as i have come to love them, Jeanne/Cereza aren't going as far as they should to stop what is being done to Fang and the rest of the Yun's and Jihl, bless her soul she is awesome still grinds my gears at times with her dismissive attitude at times although she ha gotten much better a the story has gone on. Now that the Sage is dead, it may be time for the Umbra to follow, Claire and the rest of the technically "good guys" have very little reason to make any more excuses for them. I beseech you dear Mother to write a sequel for your loyal readers.
3/9/2013 c61 Kadajclone100
Well...THAT was certainly depressing lol although i am glad to see Sky made it into the story, I am pissed that the more evil Umbra managed to survive to the end and it looks like things haven't changed for the Yun's, in fact they seem to be getting worse. Please please please write a sequel mother. this ending killed my feels lol.
3/8/2013 c60 IresaFan
Once again, a story ends and I get really sad. I mean, I loved the ending, and Lightning/Jihl has become a new favorite pairing now, but I can't help but feel sad its over. Your amazing, Jihl's the best, and Fang's still a parttime parent sex-slave. I'm gonna miss this one.
3/8/2013 c60 Loserpaloza
naaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww i like this ending
3/8/2013 c60 1SideQuester
BEAUTIFUL! Simply beautiful! XD

I had hoped that Ragnarok's baby would somehow save Jihl, but when I remembered that Jihl using her magic was supposed to drain the baby inside her, I feared that that would be the case. I am just so happy that Jihl survived, and not only did the baby survive, but now we find out that Jihl is having twins! This just seems like more evidence that Jihl is indeed one of Ragnarok's chosen; now we just need confirmation that Lightning is also.

Jihl is, without question, my absolute favorite character from this particular story. All of Prudence's characters are awesome, but Jihl is this story was just fantastic. Seriously, the Umbra had better praise her after this because she is a freaking hero! Also, while Flight will always be my favorite pairing, after this, I absolutely love Lightning/Jihl; that ending was perfect!

This chapter just had so many terrific moments. Sage is confirmed dead, Jihl and her babies survive the fight, Lightning wakes up, Jihl wakes up, you can see that Fang is in a slightly better place from having Lightning and Jihl around, Lightning and Jihl are completely free, and, to top it all off, Lightning proposes to Jihl. I don't know what, if anything, Prudence has in store from this point, but this chapter was just perfect!

Terrific story! I loved every minute of it! XD
3/8/2013 c60 Hydrate
Cute ending.

(But asflhgsoudgh actually having the FLight babies around in your stories (and in this case the Fang and Jihl babies too) would be so adorable.)

You changed the pairing to Lightning and Jihl as well. Did you have something else planned at first?
3/8/2013 c60 AbsitInvidia28
I... this is the end? But what about Fang? Her power is still sealed? She'll still be passed around to the other Umbra to be raped? I... what? The biting Jihl and Lightning was her claiming them as her choosen, right? But if this is the end, what happens with all of that? What happens to Ragnarok/Fang?
3/8/2013 c60 23Shievi
Sweet endinggg :))
3/8/2013 c59 7Leonard Vindel
Geez, the castle is more grim than i thought. I was shocked at the 10 year old girl getting gang raped but then again, it's not uncommon in our world. Just glad Jihl snuffed all those men out, pity she couldn't get the ones protecting Sage. Now I understand what Jihl meant when she said Fang would never forgive her. Fang was probably looking forward to her little girl that came from Jihl.

Wow! Hats off to you Jihl! That was something so AMAZING and BRAVE all in the name of love, all for Lightning. The best part was with Rick when she said "Come for me, Rick". Much respect for Jihl, if this is her death in this story then she went out with a gracious bang.

I wonder if Lightning will ever understnad the sacrifice Jihl made for her.
3/7/2013 c59 DaPhoenix
Wow... That was amazing. Good job.
3/7/2013 c59 ShadowCub
Idiot, thats what you get.

Too bad they didn't have a bomb.
3/7/2013 c59 Passerby-A
Ha! I knew it, she really did go after Sage herself! With all those useful stuff! Ha! That's the Jihl I know, or rather, the Jihl you created. Still, what a stupid move. Though it may have saved their moms, did she think Light would survive without her? There's something fundamentally flawed with her logic, she did not picture herself included within Light's happy ending.

Can't believe you let her steal the limelight so thoroughly. There goes my image of Light as action girl. Does that mean Sage's really dead? Like, I need solid proof that he's dead, something along the lines of "gave a strangled cry and disintegrated into a pile of dust". You seriously have the potential to make this utterly crapsack bleak or heartwarmingly satisfying by the next chapter, so... fingers crossed.

Thanks for the speedy update. Appreciate the hardwork, cheers.
3/7/2013 c59 1SideQuester
That ... was ... FUCKING AMAZING! Jihl just tore right through all of those bastard men and they never stood a chance. She got revenge on two of the disgusting pigs that hurt Lightning the worst and, as gruesome as what she did to them was, it was excellent. Good to know that so many rapists were put down by one woman. Granted that woman was a supercharged witch, but that doesn't make it any less satisfying.

Although, as much as I loved Jihl just tearing right through the men, I was dreading the confrontation with Sage. I knew that it wasn't going to be easy, but I didn't see things going this badly either. It looks like Jihl might have managed to take down Sage, or at least severely cripple him, but what about her? More wishful thinking, I know, but PLEASE don't tell me that she actually dies; that would just be too much! :( ;_; TT_TT
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