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3/7/2013 c58 IresaFan
Im sure when Light gets up the first thing she'll do is get her gunblade, summon Odin somehow, and quest for Jihl. There's no way she's just gonna sit at home while Jihl's God only knows where. And I'm pretty sure if she takes off, Fang and Farron will be joining her. I'm not worried at all. Well, concerned. But not worried...
3/7/2013 c58 Guest
3/7/2013 c58 7Leonard Vindel
I'm glad Farron is going easy on Fang.

I really enjoyed Jihl's chat with Fang and how at ease she made Fang feel. It was very heart-warming.

Jihl, damn you. Why didn't you tell Fang what you were going to tell her? I'm assuming she was going to say that she must take care of Lightning for her but damn it all, I'm so shattered at the moment. And I'm guessing that where ever Jihl is going with her stolen Umbra treasures, she ain't returning. And I was into this Jihl and Lightning pairing, I'm shattered and maybe over-reacting a little.
How is Light going to feel when she wakes up to find that her Jihl isn't there? I can only imagine the turmoil she's going to go through, not to mention search for her as well. How could Jihl not even leave a note? They both know how to read and write by now right?

Omg, I'm panicking here, please don't tell me this story is also going to come to a sudden quick end...Please don't mother. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Thanks for the update.
3/6/2013 c58 icegirl1
The hell is she going O.o
3/6/2013 c58 Passerby-A
Oh please, please, please tell me Jihl's not about to go do something disgustingly self-sacrificial. No. Just no! She needs to sit her ass down and let the adults handle this. Light's not the only one deserving better after everything they've gone through.

No idea what she's up to but it seems you purposely wrote it like she's out to cause harm. But taking stuff that help her moms most, also helps her. She's definitely gonna use them on herself and then do something astronomically stupid, isn't she? Like go to Sage herself. Oh damn it, no. Speculations abound.

Hope this doesn't end in heartbreak like your other, completed fic. Not that you can't, but it would, um, break hearts. Thanks for the good work and speedy updates.
3/6/2013 c58 Hydrate
Hm. Wondering what Jihl's plan is...

My first impression was that she plans to have the Umbra die simultaneously with the Sage, but that doesn't hold up on all accounts, so I'm probably wrong.

Eagerly waiting for the next chapter!
3/6/2013 c58 1SideQuester
Didn't see that coming. Why is Jihl leaving? What could she possibly be up to? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried about this. Please don't tell me that Jihl is about to betray everyone. It doesn't seem possible and I hate jumping to conclusions like that, but I really don't know what to think here.
3/5/2013 c57 SideQuester
I was starting to wonder if there was any tension between Fang and Farron. We already know that Fang feels she doesn't deserve to be around other Yuns, but I was curious about how Farron felt about Fang. I guess we just got the answer to that, huh? I'm sure there will be plenty of tension when Raina and Farron have their talk with Fang. At least Fang hasn't been forbidden from seeing Lightning and Jihl.

Fang's confirmation that Lightning will wake up is all I need, especially considering that she said the same thing about Jihl and was right. However, how is Lightning going to react to this when she does wake up? And now I am more interested than ever to learn what Fang's episodes are about when she senses her children inside these girls. Does it really mean that Lightning and Jihl are two of Ragnarok's chosen?

The Jihl and Serah moment: YAY! XD I just love all of the one-on-one character interaction we are getting with this story! Even better, Lightning's whole family seems to love Jihl.

Another excellent chapter; heavy moments and all!
3/5/2013 c56 7Leonard Vindel
HAHAAHAHA, Serah walking in Lightning was priceless and with little Rhea. The two of them acted so innocent and cute. There's just no way anyone could get mad at that. And then Lightning herself walking in on mom and dad in the 69 position. This had me hosing myself with laughter

Wow, Lightning is truly a force of her own. I suspected that she might be pregnant but how did she manage to keep the symtoms in check or did she just not know. And is the baby going to even survive with the magic Lightning has been using, okay maybe i has been that much but still.

How is Fang going to face Farron now knowing that she's impregnated her daughter as well now? Are they going to keep Fang away from the Jihl and Lightning and how come Lightning didn't react like Jihl. And she willingly kissed Fang so passionately. I know it's accepable for Yuns but Lightning comes from a world where this would be considered cheating right. Did she even think of Jihl while kissing Fang or was she lost in the smell of lust and roses.

And this mystery Umbra who got Fang so bad in one hit/ shot?

Now, I'm in a hurry for tomorrow.
3/4/2013 c56 1SideQuester
So Lightning is also pregnant with a child of Fang's? Why did it take so long for Ragnarok's child to effect her? It seems like it triggers when the mother experiences a certain level of genuine comfort. Man, I really need to stop over analyzing this stuff. ;P I guess maybe we will learn why in the next chapter. Regardless, while this is probably going to be seen as a bad thing at first considering the way everyone initially reacted to Jihl's pregnancy, I can't help being thrilled that Lightning is also going to have Fang's baby. XD!

I wonder who it was that kicked Fang threw the fence; an Umbra most likely. I'm going to guess Raina, assuming it was even one of Lightning or Jihl's parents.

Lightning being a prude trapped with very sexually open family members is always hilarious. At least Jeanne isn't alone in that department. XD Great Chapter!
3/4/2013 c56 Hydrate
Yesssss, this is fantastic. They could make one big happy polygamous family
3/4/2013 c56 Kadajclone100
Hot..hot hot HOT. Pity they got interrupted at the end though lol. Very surprised that Claire turned out to be pregnant as well. Looks like both her and Jihl belong to fang now lol. Love it when Fang goes all dominant and I am curious to see who that was at the end who showed up. Poor Claire walking in on her parents and having Serah walk in on her lol
3/4/2013 c56 IceQueen69
"Mom, I know Yun ways are different, but could you tell Serah to tone it do— OH, GOD!" Lightning's brain froze a perfect image of mommy sucking off daddy in the most scarring of ways.

lol the reaction of all the poor bastards who have walked in on there parents.
3/4/2013 c55 Arela
Damn it is just tragic that Fang has been broken to the point where she view herself as a rapist, when she is just another victim of the Umbra and being forced to do these things. Rhea seems to be her only little spot of light in that bleak existence.
3/3/2013 c55 Kikiader
"Sometimes," Raina confessed with a grin. "Then again, I've gotten annoyed with it on occasion and just held her up there myself."

...Totally had a visual overload lol. Been a minute since we have had a smut scene.
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