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3/3/2013 c55 1SideQuester
OH MAN! I can barely stop laughing after that last scene! XD

"Raina, how do you give her head while standing?" ROFL! XD

Poor Jeanne. With Cereza, Jihl, and Raina around, keeping little Rhea away from certain inappropriate behaviors must be a full time job. That whole last section was just too funny!

However, that first section was pretty sad. Farron doesn't seem to think badly about Fang in any way (Lightning's father is just freaking awesome), but Fang thinks she doesn't deserve any kindness from other Yuns. She thinks she is lower than her own people and doesn't even deserve to be in the same room with them, all because of what the Umbra made her do to them. I know that not all Umbra approved of doing that to the Yun, but the ones that were okay with it, yeah, I am definitely pretty ticked at them right now.

The scene with Tethys, Lethe, and Raina couldn't have been better. Tethys actually talking to Raina and giving her her blessing, Lethe showing how much she cares for Tethys by almost fighting Raina, and most of all, Raina saying that Tethys and Lethe could see Lightning whenever they wanted. Loved it all!

This is hands-down one of my favorite chapters!
3/3/2013 c54 IresaFan
If you don't stop what your doing soon, Jihl and Lightning are gonna end up as my OTP. Seriously, your Jihl is just fitting so perfect for her, it's actually making me forget about FLight, and crave more and more Jihl/Light. That whole conversation between Jihl and Farron, wow. There's was no way Farron wouldn't like her. My favorite chapter!
3/2/2013 c54 SideQuester
So Lightning not only allowed Sage's brand to finally be healed, but she also decided to keep her hair its nature pink color. I'd say she has finally put her former sex slave life in Cocoon behind her. Unfortunately, it is not very likely that it won't come back to haunt her.

I hope Jihl does learn to master her new Ragnarok induced strength sooner rather than later, so that she won't have to be so delicate with everything she touches. Lightning had better be on guard whenever that happens. ;)

I think it is safe to say that Jihl gets a big thumbs up from both of Lightning's parents at this point. She really would do anything and everything to help Lightning and make her happy. She has proven that time and time again all throughout the course of this story. She really does love Lightning and really does put her before everything else, which is one of the many reasons why she is my favorite character in this particular story.

Another terrific chapter! Father meets girlfriend moment: A
3/1/2013 c53 SideQuester
That was a beautiful moment for Lightning and her parents. It was definitely worth it to read through that damn three chapter Umbra meeting for this one chapter. Not that those were bad chapters by any means. They just weren't the happiest of moments in this story.

I really feel for Farron. Naturally, she wants to go to Cocoon and slaughter all of those disgusting men that violated her daughter, but if her and Raina both die in the fight against Sage, then Claire loses both of her parents for good this time; and so does Serah. Much as I want Farron to go and rip those rapist men in half, I'm hoping she chooses not to, so that Lightning and Serah will still have at least one parent if the attack doesn't go well.

I think by now this goes without saying, but man, these Umbra are messed up in more ways than one.
2/28/2013 c52 SideQuester
Well, I guess, in a sense, things were smoothed out, since Lightning wasn't immediately branded a traitor and all. Unfortunately, now six Umbra, the five most likable ones and one more or less unknown, have to go and confront Sage to who knows what end. Lightning isn't trying to get any of the Umbra killed, but there is no telling what Sage is capable of. No way is this attack going to go smoothly for the Umbra. I have a feeling that things are about to turn very ugly very quickly.

"...scars are character, they're what you've been through in life."

Oh Serah. If you only knew how statement applies to Fang. I can just imagine the shock she is in for when and if she finally learns that Fang is Ragnarok, and that the scars came from the Umbra and Fang herself. Poor sweet, innocent Yun-raised child.

That being said though, I love Serah getting so flustered around Fang and Rhea teasing her for crushing on Fang. Totally cute! XD
2/28/2013 c51 7Leonard Vindel
Fang smiling was the highlight of this chapter for me.

But I'm worried that even thought Lightning told the Umbra the truth, I'm worried about Sage cause he's been far too quiet and as stated, the Umbra have scanned Coccon and there's been no sign of him. I hope the Umbra are not walking into a trap and then they'll point the finger at Lightning again.
2/27/2013 c51 toastbox
Well, can't blame the Umbra of being suspicious. It's like watching a game of chess with words. Maybe Lightning and co (including Jihl's family) will be outcast as well. Then the Sage will show up and wipe out the rest of the evil Umbra clan. And in their desperation and dying breaths, they released Ragnarok who in turns kills the no good Sage and his evil men. With the clean slate, Ragnarok turned Fang will then settle down with her chosen mate aka Jihl and everyone lives happily ever after. The end! Haha! Stupid Umbra Council.
2/27/2013 c51 1SideQuester
Oh man! What has Lightning just done?

Now the council is actually starting to think that Lightning might be trying to send them to their deaths. Ironic considering that, at this point, she genuinely does want to help the Umbra take down Sage. Hopefully there is some way to smooth things out and make the Umbra see that she is not trying to get them killed. Unfortunately, that is a pretty damn tall order with this bunch. Selene has Lightning pretty much pegged at the moment, but maybe there is a way to convince her otherwise.

Something tells me that Lightning's whole family now has zero credibility as far as the Umbra council is concern. I would imagine the credibility of Jihl's family is going to take a sizable hit too. This may be very wishful thinking, but I am going to count on Jihl to improve this current situation in some way. She has done it plenty of time before.
2/27/2013 c51 7BlueAbyssHax
This council does nothing but tick me off alot. Some sister's they are to each other, playing and twisting words around against each other.
2/27/2013 c51 21shezaei-neko
I'm hating some of these Umbra more and more.
I just want some of them to live, so, could you please kill the rest by Sage's hands? Or at Fang's hands? That'd be a sweet retribution.
I just want Light to have a happy ending. And if possible, to mate Fang.
Please continue.
2/27/2013 c51 Kadajclone100
"You're Umbra," Fang said quietly in her ear, "I'm Ragnarok."

Oh hell yeah Fang! Nice to see shades of the old Fang in their.

And dear naive Claire, this was quite possibly the WORST time to come clean lol. loved the little wrestling match though.
2/27/2013 c50 toastbox
The Umbras are... Quite the gossip queens. Has there been a war council thus far without them going way off topic? They're all like children with inferiority complexes. Trying to find fault in whatever Raina does just to sooth their own pride. Lording over the Yuns just to save their own clan. Or is that to procreate to also ease the loneliness of being immortal. Ah the drama. Everything is so messed up! I hope the Sage and the Umbra all self implode soon. Their time on this mortal world is coming to an end. Just let Ragnarok do the cleaning and let life begin anew.

Excellent writing as always. Quite frustrating so far but still eagerly waiting to see what happens next. Keep it up!
2/26/2013 c50 1SideQuester
I really don't know what to say here.

I'm glad that the Umbra didn't seem too concerned with punishing Farron for entering Paradiso, but of course Roma had to suggest that she could help by giving them more children. Techne and Selene have to go and put their two cents in, and before you know it, Raina outs that she and Farron, an immortal Umbra and one of their Yun creations, are mated. Now, I am actually more worried about Raina than Farron. Most of the Umbra didn't seem to think too highly of her to begin with, so the council's opinion of her has probably crashed through the floor now.

Techne has pretty much secured her spot as second most disliked Umbra now; at least in my book.

Man. How can you not feel bad for Tethys right now. She loved Raina, and Raina chose a mortal Yun over her. I think it goes without saying that Raina just lost two supporters. Not that you could blame her if she did, but I really hope Tethys doesn't start hating Yuns because of this.

Another powerful and excellent chapter. I'm still nervous about what is going to happen to Farron; and now Raina as well.
2/26/2013 c50 ShadowCub
Crap falling from the skies now.
2/25/2013 c49 SideQuester
Okay, as soon as Serah said it, I went and looked up what an Oncilla looks like and yes, I can definitely see Serah's feline form being that cute. XD

I am definitely worried about Farron going to the Umbra council meeting. I don't know what they might do to her, but Lightning and Raina both acting very worried seems like definite foreshadowing to me. Please tell Lightning and Farron will be able to talk after the meeting is over. Oh man, another thing freak out over until the next chapter!

I am loving the backstories we are getting about the Umbra characters. Now we know that Nerites dislikes Fang because she blames Fang for killing her wife when they tried to seal Ragnarok. Understandable, though pretty unfair considering Fang had no control over it. As for the part about Tethys and Lethe, that is some insightful stuff. Lethe is worried Tethys might still have feelings for Raina, and Tethys wants to reassure her otherwise. Lethe is probably about to find out that she really has nothing to worry about, but I wonder how Tethys might take the news.

*Sigh* Yet another nerve-racking Umbra meeting on the horizon!
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