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2/21/2013 c45 IceQueen69
Well, it will be quite interesting to see how Farron interacts with Jeanne and Cereza given her seemingly low opinion on Umbra other than Raina. Can't wait to see her and Claire reunite and Nerites needs to die in a fire for not caring about Fang's well being.
2/21/2013 c45 Tala
Lol i died at the point when Jihl was freaking out over how long her pregnancy was going to be. Awesome that Farron has showed up to in her mind, rescue her mate, she sounds like a total bad ass and a sweetheart.
2/21/2013 c45 1SideQuester
So Farron has ventured into the Umbra city to save her woman did she? Man, is she ever in for a surprise! Get ready Lightning, your meeting is daddy might be closer than you think! XD

Love the little Umbra meeting that Farron gets to literally eavesdrop on. It seems like quite a few Umbra are worried about the situation Cybele is in with Roma, which seems well justified from what we have seen. I can't help but wonder if Nerites might have feelings for Cybele; assuming she isn't married of course. Also, when she says "I don't care what side you take.", is that referring to the varying stances on Fang, or is there something else dividing the Umbra that we have witnessed yet? Very intriguing. As usual Prudence, you give us more questions than answers; and I LOVE IT! XD

Wow! A possible fourteen month pregnancy! *Sigh* That just means more uncertainty for Jihl and more guilt for Lightning. But who knows? Maybe Cereza is right and Jihl will start to like pregnancy. Only time will tell. Excellent chapter as always!
2/21/2013 c45 Baron
Heh look at Farron being the knight in shining armor and going after her mate and I cracked up when she got Jeanne's name wrong lol.
2/21/2013 c44 7Leonard Vindel
Now you see, if Lightning had just left her natural pink hair the way it should have been instead of black, Jihl may not have kissed Fang. Even if it was a mistake on Jihl's part, it really bothers me that Fang got off on it. I've grown so attached to this Lightning and Jihl pairing that having Fang peak in as part of a love triangle makes me worried.
Good to have Jihl awake now, at least Lightning will lighten up and they can go see Farron and Serah, at least I hope so.

Thanks mother

And to reviewer Rev, from where i stand, this story is in a world of it's own and you're comparing the Jihl in this story to Smoke and Mirrors. Stop comparing, they are two different stories. Stop referencing from a story that has nothing to do with this one. And one more thing, who says the story will end with Fang and Jihl anyway? It may end up with Lightning and Fang as the description states, nobody knows except for the author.
2/20/2013 c44 Takeo
"You can leave, Fang." Jihl added. "…You can always leave if you're too uncomfortable."

Ahh look who has gotten all soft and what not. Still so sad that Fang has gotten so used to being told what to do she feels the need to ask if she can leave a freaking room but it will be interesting too see where her new found true attraction to Jihl goes and if Roma will try to start anything if she catches wind of it.

Love this story. Also after this one is completed is their a chance you might continue "The Devil's Candy"? That one really peaked my interest, especially with Claire and perhaps Serah in the dominant role over Fang.
2/20/2013 c44 Kadajclone100
Well, things are actually looking up a bit. Bit of a twist their with Fang being legit attracted to Jihl. Guess this means that Ragnarok chose her as her mate. Jihl is starting to crack me up, she is down for several day's and still has that snappy wit to her lol.
2/20/2013 c44 Koala Joe
to the reviewer called 'Rev'...kindly eat a dick, these stories Prudence has been putting out are awesome, don't like, ya don't have to read.
2/20/2013 c44 Rev
This sucks, it's totally fangxjihl. This pairing is difficult to believe possible despite the au of this story cuz jihl's character is so grounded in being the villain/bitch. I keep expecting her to leave light at some point since she has fang and her dick to keep her happy. Just like smoke and mirrors, seems only jihl gets to mate and have fang's babies, light is the jilted third-wheel.

Don't put fangxlight in your description if your story isn't gonna be that, it's misleading to fans.

Your stories have been disappointing and not at all enjoyable to read as of late. Your older stories were a lot better.
2/20/2013 c44 Hydrate
Eh, Jihl's importance seems to overreach Lightning's at this point, and with the amount of involvement you're probably going to give Fang concerning romance later on, it seems Lightning ethier won't have much of a role at the end of it all or only her relationship with Jihl.

Erhgggg. Pruuudeennceee. FLight LightningxJihl and FangxJihl.

Ah well. It's your story, I guess, and it's something somewhat new... (Although you never write FLight babies, no love /3. They'd be beautiful.)
2/20/2013 c44 1SideQuester

I knew it wasn't too far off; well okay, I HOPED it wasn't. ;P I not going to lie though, Jihl kissing Fang kind of freaked me out for a minute. I was thinking there would be some kind of change in Jihl when she woke up, and the kiss actually had me thinking: Oh crap! Did Jihl forget about Lightning or something?! Silly conclusion jumping I know, but it really threw me off. Spur of the moment does make more sense though, especially with the pregnancy, and it does fit Jihl's character.

So Fang thinks she is attracted to Jihl now. Yikes! Hot and understandable, but still, yikes! Although, with Fang having been so desensitized to those kinds of feelings, maybe this is somewhat of a good thing; if you overlook the fact that Fang finds herself attracted to Lightning's girlfriend that is. However, there is the fact that Jihl is pregnant with Fang's child. Okay, I really don't know how to feel about this! (o/o) One thing is for sure though, I HAVE to see how this plays out.
2/20/2013 c43 7Leonard Vindel
Bless you Raina and little Rhea for keeping our guilt ridden Lightning from falling into complete despair.
2/19/2013 c43 1SideQuester
This is just too sad. Come on Jihl, wake up already! Please! :(

I have to say though, as sad as it is to see Lightning so scared without Jihl, at least she had Raina, Fang and even little Rhea there to make things just a bit easier. I knew Raina was going to be an awesome mother, and its no surprise that Fang would be so caring, but best of all was Rhea. The adorable little Fang/Umbra offspring added some much needed laughs to a quite depressing chapter.

"I want boobs like Jihl's when I grow up." XD - LOVE IT! - XD
2/18/2013 c41 7Leonard Vindel
Alright then. That took me completely by surprise, and I was getting so excited that Jihl was suggesting that Lightning should toss away her Cocoon given name and little Fang (I'm assuming) starts causing a ruckus. It was all smooth sailing with Lightning slowly becoming more attacted to her mother and enjoying learning new fighting skills of the Umbra with her lover.
I'm guess Fang leaving a mark her is a sign that the beast side of her has choose Jihl to be her mate but where does that leave poor Lightning?
2/18/2013 c42 1SideQuester
So now Fang is feeling miserable, or should I say more miserable, and guilty over what happened with Jihl, Lightning is miserable and grieving because she is worried she might lose the one person she loves most, and Jihl is unconscious. I'm confident that Jihl is going to wake up, but also a little worried. What caused all of that in the last chapter anyway, since even the Umbra don't seem to know whats going on, and how did this all effect Jihl? Should we expect some subtle, or possibly major, character changes when she does wake up? I sure hope not!

This is just what Lightning and Fang needed: more reasons to feel guilty about the things they have done resulting in Jihl's pregnancy. Its like these two just can't have an extended period of happiness. Poor girls! TT_TT
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