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2/18/2013 c41 Blut Vene
I am actually kind of worried about what the hell happened with the baby and if perhaps that it is a sign that it is going to be born to be just like Fang and thus might eventually be used by the Umbra. Jihl IS half Yun after all
2/18/2013 c41 Read
I'd be glad if Jihl dies... Up till now I'm quite sick of Light wuth her all the time
2/17/2013 c41 IceQueen69
Naughty naughty Jihl and cute as a button Rhea lol. But damn that was some serious mood whiplash, one second sex the next power going haywire and Fang showing some signs of Ragnarok. And did Fang just mark Jihl as her mate when she bit her?
2/17/2013 c41 Dimitri Xeno
Hmm could the seal perhaps be weakening? If so, then i predict much shitting of the pants from the Umbra. Abusing the one person ya can't kill and now her powers might be close to unleashing.
2/17/2013 c41 Kadajclone100
Well...that certainly escalated quickly lol. Hints of the story Raina told about Ragnarok eh? And by the beard of Ramuh Rhea is adorable.
2/17/2013 c41 1SideQuester
WOW! O.o

What just happened!?

I going to guess that whatever just happened to Jihl has something to do with the fact that she is carrying Ragnarok's baby. However, if that is the case, then I have to ask: Does this happen with all of the Umbra? Does the fact that Jihl is also half Yun have something to do with it? Now I am going to be freaking out until we find out what happened tomorrow. Poor Lightning! Jihl is probably fine, but I'm sure she is not going to be doing well in the next chapter. Excellent chapter! Totally freaked me out! XD
2/17/2013 c40 Summers rebel
"She broke into Paradiso and my home one time after your birth, you know."

-whistles- Farron's got some serious stones and sounds like a complete sweetheart lol. All that just to see her kid. Her and Raina sound like the most stable pairing in this story.
2/17/2013 c40 Stelios
Hmm I actually would not mind seeing Fang break the seal if only to get a little payback against her abusers. Nothing condones what has been done to her or her people and the Umbra's attempt's to justify it only make it worse.
2/17/2013 c40 7Leonard Vindel
I was worried before about Fang breaking her seal and becoming the beast but now that Raina has explained how things really came to be, I'm really worried about Fang and her temper. Especially if the war arises again end extends to Gran Pulse. I can't shake this feeling I have now...my speculations are getting higher now but I'll wait like the patient child that I am to read for myself.

It's heart warming to see that Lightning had some memory of her father and the moment she hared with her before she was taken. I'm hoping she'll be protective over Serah as Lightning has always been
2/16/2013 c40 1SideQuester
That was certainly a powerful chapter. I loved the part about Farron seeking into Raina's house just to see her daughter. It just makes me want to meet Lightning's father even more, and I didn't think that was possible. The stuff about the Umbra makes a lot of sense. Nothing is ever going to forgive what they did to Fang, but I would think it is a little easier to sympathize with them now. They lost an immeasurable number of sisters and, out of fear, went with the only option they could see for saving their race. I just wish they didn't have to practically destroy Fang in the process. I certainly hope some part of the old Fang is still there, and, even though it doesn't seem likely, I hope Lightning, and even Jihl, might have a hand in bringing her back out.

Side note: I am kind of sensing some foreshadowing about Fang's seal being broken and Ragnarok being released. Just a hunch.
2/16/2013 c40 Dimitri Xeno
Looks like Lightning's starting to learn about her extended family a bit now. Curious too see how they feel personally about the Umbra. They have managed to avoid detection but now that Claire has been found they might slip up and reveal themselves to one of the less humane Umbra. Lol'd at Jihl asking if Serah was hot. Looks like Jihl is really starting to soften up a bit.
2/16/2013 c40 Kadajclone100
"Is she hot?"

Of course that would be the first thing Jihl asked about Claire's sister lol.
2/16/2013 c40 Icequeen69
Well lets see here, feels to the left, feels to the right...so many feels. Farron sounds like an absolute sweetheart and it was nice to get a little background info on some things.
2/16/2013 c39 7Leonard Vindel
Yes! So glad to hear that Roma has been banned from Fang and now Fang will at least not be abused for some time. I'm happy that Cybele took a bit of stand this time against Roma, but I all worry now of Roma may do to Raina and Lightning.

Can't wait to read about the conversation between Raina and Lightning and how she'll feel about being a big sister and to know of her father.
Makes me wonder about Jihl's Yun father though.

Thank you mother
2/15/2013 c39 Dimitri Xeno
Well looks like Jeanne is a bit worried about Jihl's attitude at times. Perhaps worried that she could very well become like Roma if she doesn't start to have a little empathy for people other than Claire and her family. At least Fang is free from Roma's attentions for the time being but it sucks to see all the fight has been beaten out of her, Just once I would love to see her stick it to an Umbra in a moment of lost control. Wonder how the conversation is going to go and how Claire will react to having a sister. It would be interesting as well to see if Vanille exists in this story since in canon she is the other half of Ragnarok and it would also be awesome if Hawk and Sky from your other story 'Smoke and Mirrors' made an appearance here. Whenever those 2 were in the same scene top class comedy gold would follow lol.

I also love that you have been focusing more on the plot and character development and less on the sex scenes, they are VERY hot mind you, but it is nice too see the story progress.
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