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2/15/2013 c39 1SideQuester
I'm not ashamed to admit that the first half of this chapter scared the crap out of me. For a minute, I was actually worried that Roma had still found a way to win, even in losing. But man, a fourteen to two vote that Roma can't go near Fang until the council says so, with even her own wife voting against her; that had to hurt. Good for Cybele. Maybe that will be a small wake up call to Roma, but I sincerely doubt it. Also, I think we can now conclude that Hecate and Techne either see Fang as being there basically for Umbra amusement, or that they are a couple of Roma cronies. I really have mixed feelings about how this turned out. I am thrilled that Raina is free to talk to Lightning without having to be monitored and that the truth came out so that Jihl won't be punished, but at the same time, I am afraid of what Roma might do to retaliate. You just know that she has something up her underhanded sleeve.

Excellent chapter! I can't wait for Raina and Lightning to finally have their first actual conversation!
2/15/2013 c39 Kadajclone100
I am worried because although things are looking up, it is usually a prelude for something bad lol. Looks like next chapter we finally get to the big talk. It breaks my heart that the usually confident and strong Fang that is shown in your other stories is reduced to a whipped dog here. Girl is practically dead inside and seems to have no hope of escaping her fate.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/15/2013 c39 Hecate
Okay just when I am starting to like a member of the Umbra, that member has to go and say or do something that sets me right back into wishing them dead.

"their trained little puppy"

ooooh that vexed me so so much lol, so freaking demeaning. Still, glad to see Roma get taken down a peg, bitch had it coming.

Love the story
2/15/2013 c38 7Leonard Vindel
Well now, that's a side of Jihl I didn't think I'd ever see, her feeling guilty about Fang and her fear about becoming like Roma. Maybe that's why she was so gentle with Fang. But she has Lightning and Lightning has her, they'll make it, I hope.

Wonder how long Farron is going to bare not seek g her Umbra mate until she comes for her. Hope Raina gets a chance to tell Lightning about her father and little sister.

I must admit that I'm very worried about the Sage's silence. I wonder if he'll strike or not. Glad Lightning is not itching to communicate with him like before.
2/14/2013 c38 1SideQuester
So Jihl is actually worried that she might end up being just like Roma? Looks like Lightning now has her chance to watch out for and reassure her girlfriend. I honestly never expected to see this, but I'm actually glad to see that Jihl feels some guilt over how she has treated Fang. Naturally Lightning is always going to be her top priority, but it is nice to see that she does care about Fang a little.

I'm really happy that we got another Fang and Jihl moment. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like Fang feels just a bit safer about coming out of her shell around Jihl; or at least peeking out. I can only hope that Lightning will soon have a similar effect on her. There talk also brought up another interesting point. With Jeanne and Cereza being pretty much perfect mothers and Jihl almost instantly taking to being an Umbra, its almost hard to remember that she is half Yun; at least, that's how I feel. However, the fact still remains that she has a Yun father just like Lightning. I'm perfectly happy with just Jeanne and Cereza, but now I can't help but wonder if we will get to meet Jihl's father.
2/14/2013 c38 Kadajclone100
I don't think I have ever seen an author pop out updates as fast as you lol, every day like clockwork. Loved this chapter and hopefully things can start to get a little better for Fang now that the awkwardness between her and Jihl has lessened a bit and Roma won't be around as much. Any chance we will see Jihl's dad in this story?
2/14/2013 c38 Rashield
I swear whenever Jihl and Claire get all lovey with each other at times I picture little hearts floating about and a slightly pink background. And with this chapter I am back to liking Jihl again. All I was waiting for was that epiphany, that moment where she realized she was being a bit of a jerk and that she was not unlike Roma in a regards to her treatment of Fang and she want's Claire to be her anchor to prevent her from becoming as bad as Roma.
2/14/2013 c38 Iono Fanatic
Hmm well I'll be damned, after reading Smoke and Mirrors, i was VERY put off towards anything Jihl related, but this chapter brought a bit of the love back.
2/14/2013 c37 7Leonard Vindel
Way to Jihl, put that Roma hag in her place!
Cybele is just so loyal, even after this with Roma and Fang, she probably won't leave her or make an issue of it.
2/13/2013 c37 21shezaei-neko
I HATE Roma with a passion you can't even imagine.
Thanks Raina for that amazing punch! And Jihl for placing Roma in her place.
I don't want Cybele to suffer, so maybe you could kill or outcast both of them?
And I hope that Light can help Fang even more. Also that she finally realizes that she'd been lied by Sage for a long time and that he didn't really love her. I know it will be crushing for her, but it's better than continue living in a lie. And more now that Light got her mom back.
2/13/2013 c37 IresaFan
So with each new chapter that comes out, I become an even bigger fan of Jihl. Not to mention a bigger Jihl/Light supporter by the second. Jihl soo badazz
2/13/2013 c37 LoboNew-52
Damn it I was fully committed to not liking Jihl, then ya just HAD to have her pull the rug out from under Roma like a boss. She still irritates me but this chapter sort of redeemed her in my eyes.
2/13/2013 c37 1SideQuester
Not that there was any doubt before this, but Jihl is brilliant! If the Umbra know that she is pregnant with Fang's baby, there is no way they are going to let her leave Paradiso for the baby's safety. If she can't leave, Lightning certainly won't, so now the Umbra have no reason to worry about Raina convincing them to leave. Raina and Lightning are finally free to talk privately. Oh the things they need to discuss.

It's nice to see what Jihl's quick-thinking and blackmailing skills can do when they are being used to help people. Roma may be a powerful witch and all, but Jihl is another force entirely. I am so loving her in this story. Also, major points to Raina for finally decking Roma, we all wanting it to happen. XD
2/13/2013 c37 IceQueen69
Well that solves one problem, now they can talk with Raina without any of those vultures around. Poor poor Fang, girl just can't catch a break even when she is in the one place she can rest and unwind.
2/13/2013 c37 Gannicus
Was only a matter of time before Raina reached her limit with Roma and smart of Jihl to take advantage of the situation like that to get rid of any further butting in from the Umbra in regards to Raina spending time with them. In the beginning of the chapter, on some fucked up level you could almost imagine that maybe in the deepest recesses of her mind, Roma might actually care about Fang in her own fucked up way. Bitch still needs to die in a fire though lol. Can't wait for the talk and family revelations. also any chance of Vanille popping up somewhere in this story?
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