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for Susan Believes

2/21/2013 c7 2MCH
The first poem is about Susan she is the Southern Sun. The traitor is but the second poem confuses me You send me a finger, covered in felt! So is it ?
2/10/2013 c6 MCH
Peter at last he listening to Aslan. Finally maybe he'll start to help Narnia reunite and start to help itself.

It can be hard to work out what Aslan's lesson are about for each person. But he always has an end in mind and a lesson for each person that will help them grow as a person. Even High Kings still need to learn.
2/9/2013 c6 3MykieBelle
Please update!
2/7/2013 c6 3LillyZ
Good poem! I like your poems, they're good. Did you start out writing poems or stories?
1/24/2013 c5 LillyZ
If you switch the second and third lines, the first letters of each line spell 'coat of arms', but I'm not sure it actually means anything; I'm just tossing around ideas
1/24/2013 c5 2MCH
An anagram? Or more straight forward? The lovers - a human being or a land or a god?

All events that happen where Aslan is concerned teaches you a lessons. Poor Susan she forgotten so much about Aslan and Narnia that she forgotten how to deal with events that relate to Narnia which as a Queen she been able to do.

United we stand and divided we fall. Poor Lucy. Susan or Narnia? What a decision to make as she probably not get any help from Peter but what does Edmund say?
1/20/2013 c4 2Jaylin Ellie Waters
Please continue!
1/19/2013 c4 2MCH
Chapter 3) Susan needs to puzzle out what the songs mean so she can understand what happened to her and why she forgot Narnia. Some of the song is about things that Susan did and said.

Chapter 4) Narnia united working together unlike in the Last Battle I'm guess that Peter Edmund and Lucy are helping the last king of Narnia Tirian fight for Narnia. Peter seems to be having issues with Aslan and him helping them. Aslan will always help those who help themselves.

Narnia united maybe both Susan and Peter need also to remember that not only should all Narnian need to be united and have faith but also Peter needs to look at his own faith in Aslan and in Susan.
1/10/2013 c2 MCH
Glad you updated this was needed and you have left your story with a hope for Susan and her coming back to Narnia the real Narnia and not shadow land Narnia.

Ending with Lucy forgiving her and I'm sure Peter and Edmund will once Lucy explains what Aslan has said.

May be at a later time you can write about Susan return. But this chapter shows there is hope for Susan.
1/10/2013 c2 2Lady Shadowrider
Please don't make that the end :( I really want you to do more on this story! Its so good!
1/9/2013 c1 Lady Shadowrider
Ohh! This looks really good so far, please keep it up! I've always wanted someone to do one like this!
1/9/2013 c1 2MCH
I'm not sure I completely understand what you have written Susan is the traitor that she is calling herself one. But who is the one who falls in love with her fair beauty is that Susan as well?

It is beautifully written I just haven't as yet fully understood what you have written.
1/8/2013 c1 11schrockie
Poor Susan.

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