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for The Devotion of a Broken Witch

10/13 c2 6Kurojistou
Molly’s SUCH a Karen
10/13 c1 Kurojistou
Omg I never heard of Ginny x hermione ! Def looking for this shipping
8/30 c21 psychopathqueen2008
Please add on! I love it and not much can keep me enthralled for the entire time. I only read the best after all!
8/23 c21 Black2Blue
So just read through Hutus story in one weekend, oh Lordy couldn’t stop... hope you someday pick this up again if inspiration hits... thank you for sharing!
8/16 c2 Guest
tf? why everyone so ooc
8/16 c1 Guest
what the fukc im here to read a bellamione fic not gangbang porn
8/14 c2 Porg Girl
Kinda weird that Ginny is Gay but it sweet
7/19 c21 2SmartAssRavenclaw15
How could you stop there?! This is killing me, you have to keep going! This story has been my escape and I must know what happens.
7/1 c21 ViciousThings
Oh my gods! This is possibly the BEST fanfiction storie I have read! why ya stop there? Keep going!
5/20 c21 goobjones24
I hope you return to the story
4/23 c21 29Azure Lightning Emerald Cloud
you TEASE. where's the rest of it?
okay, i really like the depths of violence hermione has descended into during this story. It's been a fantastic read, and I hope that if you come back to this one, you don't kill luna or ginny. I want hermione to corrupt them. or at least ginny. i think luna would go along with them once learning exactly what dumbledore really stands for.
2/21 c21 Alynn2018
This is such an interesting story, I just finished re-reading it again and I really hope it gets continued. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
1/20 c21 4Black Magic99
how can you stop here? literally if you wanted the next chapter could wrap everything up? everyone from the order dies, ginny and luna become like herms and its a "happy?" ending for all
11/4/2019 c21 Zelli Fourie
Pleas update * it's too good to give up on
and I'm dying to see what happens **
9/1/2019 c13 RRBLestrange
RIP Rabastan :'(
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