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2/13 c8 nicogo707070
Update pls
1/13 c8 jrmrask16
I love this story.. I hope you can eventually continue it:D
10/29/2021 c8 snm1
️️️️️️ Please please please please please tell me this isn’t abandoned
10/17/2020 c8 iHateHotWeather123
The "weasley" knew about the abusive but did nothing, along with knowitallwhorebitch heroemone, so, I don't get your BAMF about the "wealey" plus hooemreone at all..I don't like how the story is going and letting them off etc etc...I also don't take to the pairing.. It makes no sense! Mycroft would've been the RIGHT CHOICE! Not going to waste my time on this trash..I doubt you'd be able to finish it anyways or continue on..
10/17/2020 c1 iHateHotWeather123
Why NOT Mycroft instead of the 3 suggested above?
10/17/2020 c8 curlyfri24
Great story! I’m super excited for Harry and Sherlock to meet! Also, I hope this isn’t abandoned, but it looks like you normally take some time to update so I’m not that worried! ;) I can’t wait for the next installment! :D
10/6/2020 c8 619abc count
This is only going to lead to the best of things, I love this. Please continue it and end it the best way you can fin.
9/30/2020 c1 LittleCrybaby13
yup. you're definitely evil for giving us something so good but then never finishing them.
8/4/2020 c8 BewareTheKiller
I would love to see this updated one day, Operation Sister-in-Law is brilliant. its rare to find such well written femHarry - Sherlock fanfictions. I was wondering will she be changing her name at all from Harry James Potter or will it just shift from Harry to Harriet
6/16/2020 c1 Cat munkijs
Can' t wait 4 more. Please update.
4/22/2020 c8 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
11/27/2019 c8 4JustAnotherMarvelFanGirl881
Me like.. Pretty please update..
11/11/2019 c8 Guest
Operation sister in law ... priceless
10/20/2019 c8 XD
Nice ;)
10/5/2019 c8 darkpsychoqueen
Omg please dont leave the story there it would be cruel and unusual punishment
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