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4/15/2014 c19 Guest
7/23/2013 c19 Guest
5/24/2013 c19 1sonderedatfive
You know, I think that everyone who reviews here they want second chances is only making it worse. Like seriously, you have the right the write whatever you want, whenever you want. It's not like they're your bosses. And if everyone was commanding me to upload like they do, than I would be pissed of every time I saw that someone reviewed, while reviewing is actually supposed to make you feel better and pumped to write the next chapter! So everyone, who's whining and commanding, stop! When this girl wants to upload then she will, you guys don't control her! So go turn all of this sh*t into supportive comments about the story you are reviewing to, because this is Back in time and not Second chances. And I think they're just as good, I love both.
5/12/2013 c19 Guest
Update plzz
3/17/2013 c19 Guest
What happened to your fanfic How do Bad boys Fall in Love make more
3/17/2013 c19 hjghjgjok
ok iam tired of you, cant you understand that we want second chances not back in time, seriously girl you have more favs in second chances and the reviews here in back in time are like, "we want second chances", iam not being rude, but you should be doing what the followers want, because then they will get tired of waiting and will stop following and etc. (like me, which i know iam just one, but many others like me can also get tired, so be careful) besides, this fanfic has 19 chapters, and second chances only 3 and i hate when fanficters left their work with so little chapters and btw, second chances needs much more work and much more story
3/16/2013 c18 Guest
plz continue !
3/17/2013 c19 If-Only-You-Believed-Me
Y did u make tori pregnant it is going to change everything plzzz let her have a misscareged
3/17/2013 c19 Lcat14
Great chapter please continue this and second chances
3/13/2013 c18 harry
everybody want second chances, please, that fanfic is the best, secon chances is like my drug, ill die if you dont update it lol, and update it long hahaha
3/13/2013 c18 francis
why did you update this one? i mean i love this one, but i love more second chances, pleaaase i want a new update for second chances
3/13/2013 c18 If-Only-You-Believed-Me
Lov it and plzzzzzzz update second chances
3/13/2013 c18 xoTeamVavanForLifexo
LOVE it! When will you be updating second chances?
3/13/2013 c18 Lcat14
Omg best chapter ever please write more and how is it Tori's fult it's that other guys falt anywhoo write a new chapter today please!

Ps: write a new one for second chances 2 please!
2/17/2013 c16 Guest
Yay second chanses is back!
Can you continue it from where it was left of please?
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