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for Uchiha Heiress Remix

8/12 c14 The beginn of Red Dawn
This is the third time I've tried to read this story, but I just can't. A lot of the story is really well explained, like why Satsuki would rather be a man.

But why are you messing up the good story with a Naruto who has to change his gender? That doesn't even make sense and it contradicts all common sense. Since I hate these passages, I always skip the chapter completely. I don't know what you were thinking about Nureko, but I think the story would do twice as well if she wasn't in it.

For my part, I can only stop.
7/27 c65 86KristinalUzumakiPrime23
When is the next update bro, I'm getting really tired of waiting for your story to be updated . Please update soon.
7/20 c1 Ciel02DragneeL Sama
I am outa here...toooooooooooo【-_-】
7/19 c65 SeanHicks4
Interesting fic. I feel like I read up to the end of Danzo's betrayal back in the day, but lost track of updates soon after. I got back into it after seeing some fanart over on deviantart that reminded me of it. If I repeat some of my old comments bear with me. Spelling and grammar are okay-ish a few odd word choices or the wrong tense at times. My biggest issue on that point is how hard it is to tell thought and telepathy from normal dialogue if you use the same standard quotation marks for all of it rather than say a single apostrophe for thought and maybe even another symbol or indicator for telepathy between Kurama and team 7. I'm okay with most of the way you're going with the new gear, it's just I can't justify learning a proper sword style for Satsuki if you give her a tanto since to me it's more a knife than a short sword like its cousin the wakizashi, then again, I'm a bit of a smithing nerd from watching all those Forged in Fire episodes on history channel. I'd almost say a kodachi/chokuto, like canon Sasuke; a wakizashi; or ninjato would be good swords if you didn't want to use a katana or larger sword like an odachi for her. I probably didn't get the Kamen Rider, Kill La Kill, and RWBY references the first time around since I'm not a fan of Kamen Rider, only saw Kill La Kill one time through when Toonami did the English dub, only got into RWBY as volume 7 was coming out or so. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing if and how the multi-cross happens if that offhand comment about life fibers and what sounded like Raven saving a younger Yami was any indication. I probably had more to say but it's getting so late it's early and I just binged all 65 chapters in a few days... so I'll leave of with hope you update soo since it's been around 7 months since the last.
7/17 c55 Guest
Man your Sakura was even crazier than Sasuke is at his most deranged state man.
6/28 c12 Archer957
I am half convinced that satsuki likes naruko better than the real naruto
6/19 c15 Tre'von Fielding
satsuki and hinata loves baby naruto
6/17 c9 Guest
I must admit that I really can't help but wonder how Kushina will react to having Satsuki and Hinata as her daughter-in-law man and I can't wait to see it. Also instead letting Kushina vanish, could you please let her stay around for her son longer in this story because I thought that this was the least she could do to make it up for her son man instead of just feeling regretful for her actions and another reason was that I really can't help but wonder what her reaction would be if she saw how many grandchildren she had man?
6/15 c1 Guest
You guy's have a TV trope now

6/15 c8 Guest
Can you make Sarada the daughter between Satsuki and Naruto man because I must admit that Sarada is one of my favorite characters from the Boruto series and it would be sad if she was adapted out?
6/11 c65 Guest
Please update the next chapter soon.
6/1 c33 Krieger Techpreist
5/21 c1 A quick brown fox
Can you please fix grammatical mistakes?

With over 1 million words, it's clear you care about this story, but seeing an error in the very first sentence of the story does not inspire confidence in the quality of writing...
5/16 c1 Monkey King Omega
this is good until the fem naruto scenes
5/10 c9 Krieger Techpreist
Was... was that fucking red vs blue?

... I need my shotgun...
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