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for Uchiha Heiress Remix

2/17 c20 14SilverLineWriter
Incredible fight chapter and I can’t wait for the next match!
2/17 c19 SilverLineWriter
Incredible chapter but a shocking ending at the end I can’t wait to read more about the story!
2/16 c13 kingpj999
To be honest, it really nice to read a fanfic where Sasuke didn't take the revenge, hatred or power seeking path even if it his female counterpart.
2/16 c18 SilverLineWriter
Wow, I just thought Satsuki admit that kind of thing but I was wrong but keep writing the amazing stories!
2/16 c17 SilverLineWriter
It’s incredible chapter again and I can’t believe that Satsuki and Hinata are now fiancés to Naruto! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
2/5 c67 15Leaf Ranger
A nice aftermath chapter, showing the various ninja recuperating and moving forward after what happened. Hinata, Satsuki, and Naruto all are finding their drives to get stronger, as is everyone else. Though for those three and Ino I think it's the mot important.

But uh-oh...Kin has become female Rock Lee. Wonder how long till they've driven the rest of Team 9/Gai inane. XD

And meanwhile, Anko is getting serious with Kyuubi. Which is good, she deserves to have love and happiness. That's why she's in my Top 3 favorite Naruto females, alongside Tayuya and Hinata.

But now seems we're setting up for the next misadventure. I wonder who these waterlogged people are? Guess we'll find out next chapter. Till then!
1/29 c43 jaynaskywalker76
Like the remix, the original was great to read also. Sometimes I listen to certain video game soundtracks when I'm playing a game or doing my own personal journaling. Favorite two are Lethe which is the song for the old game legion of heroes. Other one is playing with fire the original Elsword online theme. Both are on YouTube. But non game music that helps me get into a battle mood, usually fireball (pitbull), radioactive (imagine dragons), thunder (also imagine dragons) or deathbeds (bring me the horizon). Ironically though, whenever I read fics with Naruto whooping neji's ass or dealing with the idiot civvies (which makes me look bad cause I'm a civ), nine out of ten times I actually play a different pitbull song. Look up the song I feel good. Part of the song's chorus is him teaching us a little lesson. Only one life you don't get two. So live life don't let it live you. (And as pitbull normally would finish, Dale).
1/27 c17 Guest
Wow, this chapter was amazing.
1/14 c7 Guest
Probably the best demon bros fight I've seen
1/12 c5 Guest
This chapter was much easier to read than the ones before it. Perhaps chapters 1-4 should be redone.
1/9 c2 Guest
Damn, Sakura is a monster in this one.
1/10 c16 14SilverLineWriter
I really love how the Chunin Exams started in the anime but this one just ups the tension which I love it. Keep writing the amazing stories!
1/8 c15 SilverLineWriter
Wow! Amazing chapter as always and I can’t believe the truth is revealed!
1/5 c14 SilverLineWriter
Amazing introduction for Chunin Exams to begin and i can’t believe that Satsuki and Hinata got… that close with one another.
1/5 c13 SilverLineWriter
Wow! Sakura got what deserves and I can’t believe that Satsuki revealed herself to everyone but everyone exception of the senseis and Shino who knows or might know the truth.

Keep writing these amazing stories!
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