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10/3/2015 c1 1AnahyR
Hi Cara, I was wondering what happened to " a bastard's girl? I know it got pulled from here but I haven't received any updates from your worldpress either. The last chapter I read was the one where Bella was kidnaped.
I love your stories so I hopr you keep writing
7/5/2015 c6 Twilightlovebug
The links in your bio for your other stories don't load, I was just hoping you good PM it so I could go to it thank you .
5/1/2015 c1 rayyray
Posting about a Bastards girl
where did it go what happened
I was enjoying that story :(
4/30/2015 c1 ArielleKrystene
Sorry to be writing this in another story's reviews but A Bastard's Girl has disappeared. :(
I saw a couple other reviewers said the same thing. Did FF take it down?

- ArielleKrystene
4/30/2015 c1 Foggyday
Cara- I was reading A Bastards Girl. Put it down,now it doesn't exist ? Did it get pulled ?
2/27/2015 c6 4Bells love Jazz
loved it and couldn't stop laughing
1/20/2015 c1 1GreyEyedGirl159
just finished reading "simply edward", such a sweet story. i really liked it.
1/2/2015 c5 jonzie
... No words...
Except, I'm so jealous! And I need a glass of ice water.
12/29/2014 c5 EdwardsVampTramp
Dayum, that was hot, SUGAR! Who wouldn't want to be the center of an Edward/Riley sandwich? Definitely CREAMY;)

Hey, I also finished reading "O Holy Christmas" earlier this evening and I was laughing my ass off! It reminded me of "Growing up Gotti" without the mafia connection.:) I love your style and wit. I enjoy everything you write.

Thank you and have a wonderful New Year!

8/28/2014 c5 Fliberty
Blimey, that was the hottest thing I've read in quite a while!

I loved how you wrote all the characters. You really sold the connection between each of the three of them, despite Bella just meeting Riley and not seeing Edward for years.

Thanks for sharing this, I really liked it x
8/9/2014 c6 Guest
Penis penis penis
7/31/2014 c5 TWI-HP-FANATIC
absolutely LOVE this one shot you should make this into a full fanfic story!
7/31/2014 c6 TWI-HP-FANATIC
OMG Funniest futuretake ever ! cant wait for the sequel !
7/12/2014 c5 Kelly J
holy fuck that was hot! who knew i would love that so much!
7/12/2014 c5 3TaleTerror
I didn't think I would like Riley paired with Edward, but this one's ok, I just imagine him a lot taller and buffer than the short lanky thing he is in real life lol
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