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1/12/2013 c2 pudget12
In tears, fantastic as always...I should just stop reviewing I say the same shhhh stuff all the time ;-)
1/12/2013 c2 NeeNee246
LMAO! I love this so much! It is so friggen cute! :)
1/12/2013 c2 MoJo40 - Ffaddward
You just make we swoon with your beautiful words honey :)
1/12/2013 c2 nay-nay1990
oh i can wait till Edward figures that out.
1/12/2013 c2 allrain
such a great patiently for sophie to tell them she is reading your stories,thanks for sharing
1/12/2013 c2 latuacantante4him
So...Sophie is pregnant. You have me in tears reading this. So sweet!
1/12/2013 c2 2NKubie
I'm a little surprised that Edward hasn't put two and two together. He's good at math. I guess the family will continue its tradition of starting having children young. Hope E&B are ready to be grandparents at a young age. :) I hope we get to see the outtake where Sophie tells her parents.

I actually read all of Together last night. What a gut-wrenching, heart-warming story. And I can see why he was called Cryward. But I can't say I didn't love the fact that he felt things so deeply. It was a really amazing story of family and love. Thank you!
1/12/2013 c2 Iteachu4600
Edward is so cute with his girls & Sophie's preggo wonder how Edward is going take that & where's the daddy?
1/12/2013 c2 suzy 2010
Just love Edward with his girls. But what will he say about Sophie.
1/12/2013 c2 dowlingnana
Oh man did I have to crank a wheel in this head of mine to realize which story this one was. Awesome outtake as only you can provide! ;o) So, we sure know what drinking no champagne means, don't we?
1/12/2013 c1 dowlingnana
Gotcha and I'm ALWAYS with ya' woman! ;o)
1/12/2013 c2 twinmomma
1/12/2013 c2 sarahlouise80
awesome futuretake.
1/12/2013 c2 tff000
1/12/2013 c2 mountainlion718
Sophie is preggo! Cue Edward's heart
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