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1/12/2013 c2 13archy12
oh yes,i remember this Edward was so sentimental!
he didn't get his daughter is pregnant?men!:P
1/12/2013 c2 cullenmeadow
Likey likey :)
1/12/2013 c2 caz23
Aww little Sophie pregnant what will Edward say about his baby girl growing up. Loved this. It's got me through work today x
1/12/2013 c2 FranRichards
Wow, Sophie's pregnant. Will we get to see this announcement?
1/12/2013 c2 honeyimhom
Love it.
1/11/2013 c1 solx
1/11/2013 c2 SassYNoleS
LOL :D Edward and his Girls !
1/11/2013 c1 rubell
how did i miss this story? totally curious...
1/11/2013 c2 debslmac
1/11/2013 c2 dont1855
HE HE HE you think he would know by now with all his own kids LOVE IT Thank You Cara :) DEB.
1/11/2013 c1 Teresa R
1/11/2013 c2 vivalarye
I missed these 2 and the kids. Loved this future take
1/11/2013 c2 MoniNP Monica Nopi
Lol... Grandpa Togetherward... lol... xxx - M
1/11/2013 c2 CoppertopJ
God I love this family. And poor Edward is still such a girl. :)
1/11/2013 c2 Cici G
I wonder why men are so oblivious sometimes. I look forward to more of the futuretakes.
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