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2/28/2016 c9 zhoover
Okay, what the fuck. Naruto literally found out that the yondaime was his dad in the first fucking chapter. Did he somehow forget that as he contualy read from his dad's diary. That is honestly the stupidly plot hole ever. You can't just have Naruto have 2 revelations about who his dad is
2/18/2016 c1 Reality check
Judging by what I read in your fanfic you are really have a problem with authorities either in school or o in society I suggest you seek anger management and a good therapist for your emotional problems and maybe some Thorazine or maybe anti psych pill all you need a psychological evaluation we all need one every once in awhile after reading this fanfic I think this week the best bet to get out on a psychological trauma you might have finally leaving your school life or something with your problems with the authority just a suggestion
1/15/2016 c9 hottyboy14
you did good and all with the story line and all but you ended it all to quickly. you could of had naruto remove Neji seal. there was plenty more you could have done to keep this interesting but towards the end of this chapter you got lazy. it started to not make sense and where do you get the idea to have a snake appear and that is how he dies?
12/27/2015 c1 Meathead
Just so you know the quote is those who break the rules are scum those who abandon comrades of worse then scum
11/29/2015 c1 grindylowsforlunch
Do you know the purpose of a jinchuriki?
11/26/2015 c1 Guest
Please, go watch Naruto and then die.
10/14/2015 c1 Lumene
Hee, so Uzu was destroyed by nature catastrophe and not war... and Kakashi didn't know that Naruto's Minato's son.
6/24/2015 c9 Brazilwolf
I really like the story since Naruto is strong. Like really really strong. Just a question though. Naruto is still good? Right? Also all his friends will still like him? Well I hope at least.
5/28/2015 c9 Kitsune motoko
You know, despite the ast pace it was a decent story at the start. But it went down hill, and chapter nine totally destroyed it... Why?
2/15/2015 c9 3pie480
I don't like the way the story has turned. It seems as if Naruto has turned into a Dark and manipulative person and I dislike that. Especially the effects of the seal and what he did to minato. Sorry, but this chapter is a turner off. Also, why can't he just tell his friends who he is?
2/1/2015 c9 Madgormley
Great story please continue
1/31/2015 c9 A0H4
12/22/2014 c9 8Geroar
Next chapter, next chapter, next chapter! Please don't kill naruto's friends i want a happy ending with orochimaru and akatsuki destroyed together with obito and the real madara! And all the Other elemental countries surrendering or falling to naruto therefore creating the first ninja empire and everlasting peace!
9/21/2014 c2 Guest
Kurenai skill where never jonin level. She was nowhere close to Anko who was of lower rank. Kurenai skill level was chunin at best. In fact the only reason that she probably became a jonin was because the third Hokage gave it to her for putting it out for his son. Crude maybe, but still the truth.
5/26/2014 c1 Dracoessa
*bashes all whom voted to banish naruto until their bloody heaps*
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