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for Kisses and Burnt Flowers

8/3/2013 c1 xXgoodbyeXx
AW! : )

This is so cute! : ) I'm a sucker for cheesy things, so I don't mind this at all! LOL! I loved Cloud's reaction at the end! It was perfect! : ) I like the way you wrote this out too! : )

Great job! : )
2/13/2013 c1 24Walker of Nothing
That's cool. I really liked this one keep up the good work
1/20/2013 c1 Guest
Cheezy but still really cute
1/13/2013 c1 Guest
hah! so cute and lighthearted! I love it!
1/12/2013 c1 SapphyreMyst
Cheesy and cliche? Oh, yes - definitely.

Adorable and sweet? Yep. It was pretty cute - it had me grinning.

And I loved how you didn't bash Tifa. I'm still a CloTi fan, but this little piece is worth reading Clerith.

Great job. :)

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