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5/23 c51 LizRosario
SHIT! I want to read moreee pleaseeee

I'm in love with this fanfic
5/7 c1 Cereleannoson
I'm so worried this story is being abandoned. :*(
4/25 c51 arwahart04
I have seen this book on your page for so long but I was hesitant to read it, I thought it was a harry x professor snap who's somehow a vampire and didn't know that harry was his mate or something, but I have to say it's much better than what I had expected, it's really strictly amazing,I can't wait for the next chapter
4/21 c47 12excessivelyperky
Even if the chapter is small, it's a nice one; and after a battle chapter, one like this is welcome.
4/21 c51 3innerelf7
Great fic so far I can’t wait for the next chapter .
4/19 c46 12excessivelyperky

Voldie's gone, his followers are corpses, life is good.

And you know Harry isn't really going to throw Severus out.
4/5 c45 excessivelyperky
If I were Snape, I'd still be angry at my mother for allowing me to be starved and beaten.

Excellent preparations, and very wise handling of the Ring. I wonder if the Stone survived Fiendfyre? And who went to Hogwarts to go after the Diadem?

But now all but Nagini and Voldemort are gone.

3/25 c44 excessivelyperky
I can tell you right now that women aren't *that* used to the surge of pregnancy hormones (well, maybe Molly Weasley). But yeah, carriers would seriously be whacked out (I'm helping to recommend some herbal stuff for an older guy whose hormones are being seriously altered from cancer treatment, he has lots more sympathy for us wimmens by now).

Sounds like the law about either gender succeeding needs to be passed now (in re the Brits passing their law to keep Princess Charlotte in the succession in order of age. I bet they don't dare ask Princess Anne what *she* thinks).
3/14 c43 excessivelyperky
Well, if Severus is hypervigilant now, just let the Elders try to pull something. After all, what better excuse to pull the Elders down? (even if an incident needs to be manufactured-hey, Slytherin).

Harry will be well guarded whether he wants to be or not; however, he needs to be kept busy at something or he will go out and do something stupid, because Harry is just like that.
3/4 c42 excessivelyperky
Whoa, both Harry and Severus are pretty hard core. Glad that scene is over; word of this one will go out to all the vampire clans and they'll say, "Leave those insane Prince vampires alone, there are better ways to die in agony".

And now everyone knows a) Aline wasn't pregnant and b) Harry is.
3/4 c41 excessivelyperky
Ah, cue the ominous music! Can't wait till Harry announces he's pregnant.,.and maybe Rodney knew it. That would certainly set the cat among the pigeons.
2/21 c51 Jessicaanderic12
Will you continue the story?
1/31 c51 4Jaden 'Birdie' Blythe
Harry is a force unto himself.. No writer, no muse, comma and no old buddy duddy elders arelders are gonna keep him from doing what he did well pleases.
1/29 c51 Joy-Joy M
More please.
1/24 c51 Aathi
Damn … I don’t how you are so talented … this is Amazing , I honestly believe if Alan Rickman had got a chance to read it he would have absolutely enjoyed it …
I was having doubts regarding this pair … but this is beautiful … As always can’t wait for more .
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