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for Harry Potter and the Phoenix ashes

9/12/2023 c3 LittleBoyDeath
Please continue!
9/12/2023 c1 LittleBoyDeath
Please continue!
7/13/2023 c3 2fadewind
Always nice to read through this story again. I think I’ve read through this one a number of times over the years. I hope you are doing well and made it through school fine and are living your best life. Thank you for keeping this fic on the website over the years. There have been some wild times since you last added a chapter, that is for sure.
6/20/2023 c3 2Therio
It's too bad this story was never finished, what was posted was really good.
4/23/2023 c3 ronjon
Mina, Mina, Mina! It is 2023! Ten years since chapter 3.
Did writing FanFiction take a backseat to real life? I am
Real sorry to hear that. I enjoyed it all!
4/10/2023 c3 6Mando-Vet
Came back to read this again, hoping to find a new chapter waiting. It really is a good story, and I hope that you return to finish it one day.
4/10/2023 c1 SunPho3n1x
Such a great story! Thank you for writing this!
2/5/2023 c3 perlcat45
I really enjoyed this series, you captured a young adolescent viewpoint brilliantly.
10/5/2022 c3 Guest
I always loved this series and wished to see it completed. I don't expect it will happen, since you've no doubt moved on with your life, but if you ever feel the urge to write again, I'd love to see it.
9/8/2022 c1 Mando-Vet
I loved the first year, and I love this one as well. I hope you return to finish it one day.
8/30/2022 c2 SunPho3n1x
Such a great story! Thanks for writing this! I hope you did well on all of your tests although I know it was years ago.
8/18/2022 c3 FraylinDurin
[Zombie voice] meeee moreeeee
7/24/2022 c3 Guest
Ohh nooo 2013
7/22/2022 c3 Callum Runchman
"next chapter might take some time" they said... 9 years later... Still nothing.
What a disappointing abandonment. Doing a full first year and starting off the second in a new story only to basically give up
7/9/2022 c3 pipib
Great Series too bad it’s Not finished
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