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5/6 c36 HGRHfan35
*** Listening to the quiet of the night, she focused on the feel of Jebb's heart beat under her hand along with his rhythmic breathing. As they lulled her off to sleep Kira knew that she couldn't live without that steady symphony that was meant only for her. One day, that melody would play for her every night. It would be at that time that she knew she'd finally have the one thing that she still desired; a home. A home and family.***

Thank you so much for finishing this story. I loved every bit of Kira’s tale pre Dukes of Hazzard. I think you created something really special with your OC character of Kira & your version of Jebb Sweetness Duke.

To me, you entire series of DOH stories is at the top of this ‘universe’. It gave us romance (am a sucker for a good romance), comedy & an element of suspense in a loving family setting that is Duke. I have re-read the entire series 3 times now & this one will surely be re-read again as well.

Stay healthy, stay strong & Keep it ‘tween the ditches.
I wish you all the best on all your further writing adventures and kinda hope it wasn’t the last DOH story.
5/6 c36 abbylucyP
Love the ending! This has been such a good story!
4/27 c35 HGRHfan35
I was so happy to see an update. I started reading your stories months ago after I saw reruns of the Dukes of Hazzard. You made it so interesting to read about these characters. And you created a new character, and original female car character. Usually, they turn out to be Mary Sue’s, which rarely turns out well. But you are Kira is so awesome. Down to earth. Hard life but with help, turned out for the best.
I like her so much, that after reading “words spoken in jest”, I went on to read all the other books in the Kira Duke serie.
I probably re-read them all about 3 times. I keep coming back to it all.
Q: ever post it all on Archive? WSIJ is a little more elaborate on that site. Revised, I think.
Anyway, I loved this update. Kira got to fulfill that dream. Ben would have been so proud...
Brent, well, being gay or bi has never been easy but the 80’s in rural area’s... who am I kidding. Still not easy in rural communities.

Again, loved the update. Thank you. And I wonder, does she ever think about her imaginary friend...?
4/25 c35 abbylucyP
Love the update!
I just thought I’d drop a review on your page.
I found you account about 6 years ago and fell in love with you stories right off the bat.
In fact, I treat them a bit like a favorite book.
At least once a year I just get an impulse to re-read the entire series in order, from Words Spoken in Jest, all the way through to Roses and Babies Breath. I think I’ve been through them all nearly a half dozen times
These are far and away the very best Dukes of Hazzard stories on this network that I have personally ever found. Nothing else has even come close to the quality and authenticity of your work.
You did something amazing in that first story by pulling in a completely original character,(which almost never turns out well) and not only was she a perfect fit, but was so popular that she justifies having her own stand-alone story written a well! That alone could have sold me on your series, but they just kept getting better!
All of that said, thank you for the update and I’m looking forward to the next one!
4/19 c34 abbylucyP
I hope that this story gets an update someday. It’s a really good one!
3/27/2018 c34 DixieDavenport
Really cute! Loved it!
3/27/2018 c33 DixieDavenport
You know I love the whole chapter and so glad you gave us a peek at Jebb and Kira's first time! But I know you wrote the last couple of paragraphs for me. Poor, poor, poor Pauline has never heard of karma or the phrase "Be careful what you ask for!" I so wished she would have voiced this to Jesse or Daisy so that they could have made her eat her words later! Love it!
2/24/2017 c32 DixieDavenport
Great chapter and a nice look at how Kira got to know Sam and the Judge and why he was so good to Kira later.
1/23/2017 c32 billybob10
Nice writing. More car racing would be nice.
1/13/2017 c31 15DixieDavenport
Great chapter! Glad Kira is getting better and even more glad that Tom is keeping her busy and now giving her challenges so that she might just stick around.
1/10/2017 c31 WasterOfTime
A nice arrangement. And it is good to see that Kira is healing up without actually showing every tiny step along the way. It really progresses the timeline. How long is this story? When will it end?
1/10/2017 c30 WasterOfTime
LOL! OMG! I loved the scene at the gas station.

As for Shawn, he seems less than thrilled to see that Kira is back at the mansion. He is a nasty guy, isn't he? Here she is in a freaking wheelchair and he has no sympathy.
1/10/2017 c29 WasterOfTime
Have I actually told you that I appreciate the action demonstrated during the conversations? Nearly nothing is more annoying than a page full of conversation with almost no prose. So, if I haven't said it, good job.

Now, for the chapter, nice look at Jebb with his folks at home.
1/10/2017 c28 WasterOfTime
So now they are back together? Just like that? Jebb is VERY understanding of all of Kira's quirks.
1/10/2017 c27 WasterOfTime
So the two are back in the same town but Kira is going to be a bitch and not be happy to see Jebb? And let me guess, she was the second rider.
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