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2/24/2021 c20 lovlylobster
Finally that took too long
2/23/2021 c15 lovlylobster
I love how your kinda setting up a clintasha plot for avengers, by giving them some background
2/23/2021 c12 lovlylobster
Oh wow
2/23/2021 c11 lovlylobster
Finally she got it. Nat was giving me a little bit of anxiety on whether she would get it or not
2/23/2021 c10 lovlylobster
2/23/2021 c8 lovlylobster
Well uhh that was a complex plan
2/23/2021 c7 lovlylobster
U mmmm
2/23/2021 c4 lovlylobster
She’s pregnant. No doubt
2/16/2021 c21 1SasiMarie
Oohh I just read this entire story in one sitting because it was SO GOOD! I loved the way you wrote the characters, the way you made the story fit with all of the (good) movies in the MCU! Thank you for posting this
4/25/2020 c21 1Black Widow and Hawkeye OTP
sob :'/
4/11/2015 c21 5KateKatieHawkeye
I wasn't understanding the name of the girl, thanks Clint for make it clear :D
Very cool story :3
4/11/2015 c6 KateKatieHawkeye
So cruelty :[
That's all I can say, my tears don't let me write more :'(
1/16/2015 c21 13isanumber
One word: AWESOME!
12/7/2014 c21 Audrey Kennway
This is the first FanFic I've read by you and...OMG THIS FIC IS AMAZING!YOU GOT THEIR PERSONALITIES RIGHT AND GAAAAAAAAAA! I will fangirl for the rest of my life because of this beautiful peace of writing
10/23/2014 c13 4mysticaljayne
I absolutely love the name of the little boy. Nice play with words. So sweet.
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