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for Confession of a Teenager

1/12 c1 Guest
Y’all be saying “poor Ranma” but demonize Akane. You guys seem to forget that Ranma insults her EVERYDAY, what is she suppose to do? Take it?

How would you feel getting insulted all the time. Y’all are only on his side because he is the main character. I feel no sympathy for him because he starts it with her.

So no “Poor Ranma”. I feel bad for Akane for having to deal with his bullshit.
4/27/2022 c1 Bayby Face
I feel bad for Ranma, however, the physical blows heal better than mental blows. Can't blame both, that's how they were created. But this fic gave us what we were not able to get from the series or from the manga which is the confirmation that they like each other and this my friend had drawn me to fanfic :) I will be reading the 2nd part now :)
4/16/2022 c1 Nikichan
I just finished reading this and the part at the end had me rolling with laughter.
7/1/2021 c1 8Sommernacht
I adored the series when I was younger and I must say you captured it perfectly. Exactly an interaction I could imagine to happen in the manga.

Ranma finally telling Akane "I like you" – golden.
Akane giving him a forehead kiss and his injured member reacting – hahaha. Poor Ranma but great that it was not a permanent injury. Somehow it was also pretty cute.

Thanks for writing. I really enjoyed. Have a great day.
9/20/2020 c1 19pahlee
I saw and update for this and was like, oh? I reread it again and once again, poor poor Ranma. Shouldn't laugh but it's Ranma, lol.
2/22/2014 c1 1Suiren4532
The ending was hilarious! Love it!
2/14/2013 c1 1serenityselena
ouch... that had to hurt a lot to keep Ranma down for so long...
in the end it seems they made some progress in their relationship...
amusing story :)
1/26/2013 c1 chesnutsy
Wow! Really enjoyed this! :) the ending was the best! Cute moment between them. :)
1/19/2013 c1 ryu238
1/18/2013 c1 3BlackGirlAnimeLover
That last part got me rollin' lol and btw this was great
1/16/2013 c1 3Mnemosine624
Just wonderful. Loved reading it :)
1/15/2013 c1 15Richard Ryley
I agree with Compucles, although depending on how things work, that kind of pain in the ovaries could be even harder to deal with. Probably still not comparable to childbirth, though. :D
1/15/2013 c1 7J Luc Pitard
Ah, the ups and downs of being a teen... Nicely written.
1/14/2013 c1 8Compucles
You'd think he could get rid of most of the pain by turning into a girl.
1/14/2013 c1 James Birdsong
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