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7/2/2013 c4 18Shimjim
God dammit, Shady.

You succeeded. Somewhat. Rec gets a pass on being a not-so-totally-evil little shit (also, breaking Tommy's back, good job), but I refuse to feel sorry for Cub and Eirem. But more on that later.

First off, your writing style is so beautiful. You've got this very lyrical way of putting things without getting overly descriptive, and it's just...gorgeous. I don't know another way to put it. The spelling and grammar is this piece—as in all your others—is flawless. Technically speaking, this oneshot is perfect.

When talking about the plot...yeah, it's pretty damn perfect too.

I was a tad confused at the beginning with the introduction of Lilah, especially since I wasn't too clear on how old Rec was. Things quickly became clear for me, though, so no worries there.

Ahh, one of those lovely sibling relationships we love so much, all teasing and bickering. Nook is interesting, I think, even though he mainly serves as a plot device more than anything. It makes me wonder what he would have been like, had he grown up with little Em the shadow-walker, if Eirem still would've turned against her daughter.

Agh. How can you do this to me. Everything I've assumed, all my hatred, all my prejudices, you've turn 'em all on their heads. Seph is nothing less than the bastard I expected, but Eirem...I felt sorry for Eirem's pre-attack, and I was almost proud of her during the attack. That one line (you know the one!)...that was powerful for such a short, unassuming statement. Fantastic.

But then. Oh, then.

I'm almost tempted to give the younger kits a pass as well. Obviously, Eirem doted on them while seriously managing to fuck them up beyond belief. They never knew another side of Eirem, never saw who she used to be. But they had friends, didn't they? They knew something was different, something was wrong, that cats didn't treat cats like that; they had to. Rec certainly did, even if he didn't do anything to stop it.

But with Tommy and Byron, ugh— I'm sorry, I just. I am so fucking unreasonably, irrationally angry even from reading it. I feel like retching. I was to set them and Cub alight, I want to stick them back in that burning barn and lock them in, I just—

Ugh. Okay. Gonna move on now. Don't think it's safe for me to dwell on that topic for much longer. I hope he didn't die fast, Rec.

I never thought I would be pitying Rec; in some ways, I still don't. He could've done something, maybe not as a kit, but definitely when he got older. He could've stopped the younger kids, maybe even Eirem herself. But in some ways, I do. The fact that he's separated from the ones he loves is just heartwrenching. I am glad that he does get time with them, though; in another life, maybe, he would've been a good dad, probably still is when he has the chance.

Really love the symbolism with the fire never really leaving them. Seriously, might be one of my favorite things about this piece. The fact that it affected him, affected all the others, just as much as I'd did Mackerel (albeit in different ways)...damn.

And that last passage...she's coming, Rec, but I hope you aren't alive to meet her. Never thought I'd say this, but I hope you die easy long before then. Because she's coming, and when she does, she's coming for answers and blood.
6/28/2013 c3 9Stormeon
Shady, that was beautiful ;p;

I love everything about this and


Why did we kill them? why

thunderpaw I hope you have psychosis for the rest of your life. offense.

great job shady, way to destroy my insides c':

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