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12/13/2022 c8 3LordHadesinTartarus
So I've seen a couple of other LotR works that throw out this idea of homosexuality being a terrible sin and forbidden in Rohirric culture (oddly enough it's never mentioned in fics exploring Numenorean, Eldar, Dwarrow, etc. cultures). It seriously bothers me for two reasons. Firstly, homosexuality (actually sexuality period) wasn't an important point in any of Tolkien's works; in fact it wasn't mentioned at all. Tolkien's works focused on the idea of love in many forms - exploring the love between friends, relatives, comrades in battle, and romantic love - but he very much focused on the idea of it being something that was natural and uncontrollable. Secondly, the Rohirrim were based somewhat on both the Anglo-Saxons and the Mongols in terms of culture; however, Christianity doesn't exist in any form in Tolkien's works. Neither the Saxons nor the Mongols had any historic issues with homosexuality as secular societies; the religion of the Mongols was not rigid or ceremonial and had no laws regarding sexuality; the only basis for societal issues with homosexuality historically was religion (actually only two religions - Christianity and Islam). So if the Rohirrim weren't Christians (and their religion certainly wasn't based on Christianity) - and none of the other peoples of Arda had an issue with Homosexuality - why the hell do they?

Sorry for the very long rant, but it bugs me when people inject Christian based beliefs into fantasy settings; especially Tolkien's work, given that he was known for explicitly rejecting any projection of symbolism or allegory onto his fiction. It's a well-written piece otherwise, just that one little detail bugging me.
10/4/2022 c22 10AraelDranoth
A very nice chapter and I appreciate you jumping back to the Rohirrim side of things for a bit. It helped answer some questions. Keep up the good work.
10/4/2022 c6 AraelDranoth
Good stuff. Leans quite heavily into the sensual side of things whereas I'm more in this for the emotional aspects but hey, all part of the narrative fun. Keep up the good work!
10/4/2022 c3 AraelDranoth
Brilliant stuff! Moving swiftly on.
10/3/2022 c2 AraelDranoth
It's been a long time since I last read this fic and now, I'm wondering what took me so long. I think after the tragedy that is the new TV show, I was in need of some good writing. Thank you for providing that.
4/22/2022 c50 1ararsh
It’s me again… It’s my annual re-read. And I’ll never lose hope that you’ll bless us with another chapter. I can’t stress this enough: This is a very very well crafted story! I’m an avid reader for over three decades and if someone asks me about my favourite books, they get a small and selected list of fantasy series, horror novels and timeless classics and I’ll always end withAnd there is this one unfinished LotR ff I’m obsessed with for years now.“
12/30/2021 c19 MBurnsides
ooooh the drama! i am eating this shite right up
10/22/2021 c50 Guest
Wow great story.!
7/17/2021 c50 Guest
Please come back! I cannot wait for the next update.
1/13/2021 c1 Ana
OMG, it was updated. I'm so happy you wouldn't believe
1/9/2021 c50 1Citadela
I returned to this and am very glad to see the story is growing, branching out...Looking forward to more updates.
9/30/2020 c1 6Auset's Tears
Test review
9/25/2020 c50 something.pointless
Honestly this is one of my favorite pieces of FanFiction, and I’ve been reading different stories posted on here for a long time. I’ve re-read this story probably at least 6 or 7 times and I regularly check for updates. The plot is really well written and I really enjoy the characters you’ve created.

I started off stumbling into a uruk/human fic written by zoop and now am obsessed with this amazing but very small genre. And I just wanna say that I love this at story the most and look forward to the next update.
9/8/2020 c50 Jak Fortune
I only recently returned to this story and I am glad I did...
5/29/2020 c50 1ararsh
Can’t wait for the next chapter. This is one of the best fanfictions I’ve ever read.
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