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2/16/2013 c32 1Dee-em-elle
Awww. Poor guy. Orc. Uruk. Ya know.
2/16/2013 c31 2WyldwoodFaye
ugh... is Finnan finally starting to grow a conscience?
2/16/2013 c31 9helenamarkos
Obviously, I was sad to Ghuribal go in the last chapter (:(), since he is such a favorite of mine, but I was very happy to see Ailith have her little talk with Edwyn and find a little strength in herself to find happiness with Harlan. Obviously, that pair is not together yet, and it will probably be a long, hard road for Ailith to overcome the horrors of her past and the physical (and mental) scars it left her with, but this feels like a good start for her, and I'm happy.

Then you have that hard smack of reality hit Halla and Maukurz in this chapter. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if she did loose the baby, or didn't or if we weren't meant to know, but it's a terrifying thing, her suddenly bleeding. I suppose, since we don't know yet (or I don't, anyhow), I will hope for the best for those two stupid, crazy kids. Halla is a silly girl, and Maukurz is a selfish brute, but they make a strangely fitting couple, and I don't really wish them ill. I just think their heads have been in the clouds until this point, and now the ground has come up and smacked them squarely in the head.

Then we have Finnan's little story lines at the end of the last chapter and this one. I won't lie, I've been pretty disappointed with him up until this point (especially after Edwyn's description of their relationship at the beginning of this story). Finnan needs a lot more than to learn sympathy for orcs, or for his poor, silly thing of a wife. He needs to learn to feel it for people too. So far, Finnan has come off as selfish and self serving and, at moments, cowardly and lacking in self reflection. In all honesty, I wouldn't blame Edwyn for leaving him entirely. I won't lie, his guilty reaction (the horror, the tightness of throat, which you could play off, but still feels like guilt), felt a little off here in these last bits of the chapter.

For a guy who killed a few peasants to "make an example of them", this sudden sense of anxiety felt a bit off. I would have expected a much cooler reaction from him, even if he was acknowledging to himself what he was seeing, I would expect it to be a cold acknowledgment. I suppose I would have expected this a little down the road (a few hundred babies in, after the sparks of self examination, and a burgeoning sense of pity for others outside of himself), but not in this moment. That is, of course, just my view on the matter. For someone with so little pity for his own kind (especially women! and those beneath his station!), it does not make sense (to me) for him to react so strongly to the dead infants of a race he despises and barely thinks of as sentient.
2/16/2013 c31 1Dee-em-elle
Oh god. That's just... How can people be so cold?
2/16/2013 c30 Tirion I
Attacking settlements full of women and children will be quite a game-changer for many, even war veterans, I guess. They never saw that side of Orcs.
2/14/2013 c6 9Golfbabe87
Oh this is awful she is leaving.
2/14/2013 c4 Golfbabe87
Sucks for both of them honestly neither one can really openly have the love or life they want with society expectations.
2/14/2013 c2 Golfbabe87
Very good so far!
2/13/2013 c29 Guest
The more I think about it, the more I pity Finnan, actually. If he isn't able to deal with guilt, or compare himself to others, if he's so afraid of facing any judgement, he prefers battle to conversation with his lover, if he's so neurotically blind and cold to others - how does he feel inside? How harsh is he to himself, if he's so harsh to his peers? where did he learn all this? who tore out his empathy hardware and amputated his conscience? who gave him this "propriety" prosthetic instead? his bitch of a mother? That's whom I would give a thorough thrashing.
I almost able to see what a man he could be, but but all that is left is a stump of a man. And maybe he still could find that man he could've been, if he finds his courage and faces himself. I know he has enough courage. Maybe Finnan isn't lost entirely.
2/13/2013 c29 1Teufelszeug
"Edwyn nodded, though there was a good deal he'd found he couldn't abide about Finnan in the past few months, his constant hiding just one thing."

I think this piece answers Lauderdale's remark about Edwin not speaking his mind to Finnan. Probably he tried, possibly - many times. I wouldn't be surprised if Finnan always "had to go" in the middle of those conversations.

BTW, I think Finnan rides to Osgiliath exactly because he wouldn't want to accidentally "meet" Halla and her lover somewhere around Isengard. So he won't have to be involved. He clearly tries to avoid his guilt about situation. If something happens to them - it's not his problem, it's not his fault. I don't know what he wishes more - to hear about them "done for" from third party, or never hear about them at all.
2/13/2013 c29 18The Lauderdale
Ghuribal best be hoping Maukurz don't see him at that shit. Man. [shakes head] Snaga with a death wish.

Oh Finnan. [shakes head again] You know, I hate to say it, because while I know that Edwyn is capable of appreciating the smoldering animalism of at least one Uruk-hai, he's such a level-headed character that I just don't want him to go there. And I've waited a long time now for Finnan to get his head out of his ass. But in view of Finnan's behavior, Narzum is starting to look better all the time.

Although, to turn the rebuke around for a moment, I actually don't think Edwyn has done nearly as much talking with Finnan as one would expect him to do. Once, yes, back in Chapter 24, and he was very forthright on that occasion ("What's the difference between a woman who died at the hands of an Uruk, and one killed by her husband?") But I wish he'd just...GO AFTER Finnan when Finnan does these about-faces or goes off and hides. Being Finnan's lover...[sigh] "former lover," as this chapter put it...certainly gave him the right to do so, although he doesn't seem to have exercised it. And even now, why hide his contempt? Why not speak up for Halla and the Orc who treated her better than her husband ever did? (Certainly he could do that without giving away their location or proximity.) Why freeze his face with politeness? If their relationship really is over, why let Finnan labor under the impression that they can make up later? He seems resigned to watching Finnan shit away his better qualities, just like he's shat away their once rather nice relationship.

Edwyn cannot divide himself in two, alas, and caught between opposing desires, I do think he is needed more here, where he can be of some aide to Halla. Still, as we watch Finnan riding off into his own darkness without anyone, I wish that things were different.
2/13/2013 c25 9helenamarkos
I just wanted to quickly comment on the Ailith/Harlan pairing, and that I hope it happens for her. I really don't want Harlan to give up on her.
2/13/2013 c29 helenamarkos
Obviously, Ghuribal, for me, is an exciting addition, and his dialogue in the last chapter and this one is amazing. I love that he'll be passing along some orcish moonshine recipes ;P And his limited interaction, thus far, with Halla has been quite amusing... ("She did indeed, Mistress!" he said, winking at Halla amicably. "But she was a sweet thing, and I got another one.") You know I'm excited about this little detail, and we'll leave it at that.

Troubled waters on the Edwyn/ Finnan homefront, and now I really AM curious as to how their relationship was. I wonder if there were any undertones that hinted to this Finnan (since he is obviously SO different from the Finnan that Edwyn has come to love).

The knowledge of this Gondorian campaign to eradicate the orcs in the south is horrifying. I mean, really and truly awful, and I'm wondering when all of this will come to a head (politically), if Baiurz's group, since they're being all peaceful-like, might be afforded some leniency (not likely). Crossing my fingers for those guys. Can't say I'm the biggest Maukurz fan, but I do like his buddies quite a bit (especially the old commander), and of course, their impromptu winter guest ;)

Speaking of Guribal/ Maukurz, I like that little bid for peace. ("Bah… Old times, long ago. S'pose I wouldn't have done no different, wuz I in yer place.") And now we play in the snow :)
2/13/2013 c29 1Dee-em-elle
Way to be Baiurz! Kick his ass lol :p
2/13/2013 c28 Dee-em-elle
Poor folk can't catch a damn break.
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