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for Shadow Hearts III: 20 Tomahawk Slashes

1/29/2013 c1 70ariescelestial
ahaha, #19 was making me wonder what kind of turn this was taking before Johnny shook her awake! XD I liked these.
1/19/2013 c1 HeartlessTitania
"She doesn't need to search for confirmation. His bruises, like Natan's, aren't visible. They are well-hidden underneath all of those layers, so no one else can know about his suffering." That was my favorite part, maybe because I can relate. Theme #4 is every child's struggle, amounting to something as good as what your parents are, but I love her drive and determination to be as good as him. The massacre was really upsetting. At least Natan got her out of there like her parents wanted. Shania story is really angsty, yet everything works out if you get the good ending. I enjoyed this.
1/19/2013 c1 silvereyes47
ah you forget the most important thing regarding Shania! it's BOOBS! her boobies could kill monsters! the mentioned boobs even could seduce any man alive to do her bidding :P LoL even Awaker got suppresed by the power of the boobs myahahaha LoL XD

silly Johny, he can't suppresed Blue Malice at Uyuni Salt Lake but after seeing Shania's boobies at Brooklyn - the story got different LoL :P

"You're right, Shania. it's your boobies that give me strength to overcome my biggest fear. i'm deeply gratefull to have your boobs at my side." said Johny at Brooklyn's Bridge LoL XD. as Johny look at that Overgrown Boobs, the Blue Malice loosen it's grasps/grips and Johny could enter Awaker Form anytime as he pleased...

yeah people... even the power of the ancient fall by the power of the boobs... :P

but it seems her boobies isn't big enough to seduce Killer as Lady's boobs is "BIGGER" LoL :). so in order to win the competition, Shania's applying "Dirty Trick", she went too far by seducing Johny with her oversized booby weapon at Guina Highland LoL XD so both side would have Malice Power LoL :D

in the end, it's boobies war between Lady and Shania! in bad ending, Lady win the competition while Shania's jumping at Skycreaper Building while whining "it's not fair! why does Lady's boobs bigger than me?! i can't accept it! as Red Malice consume her mind with hatred and jealousy over Lady's boobs, Shania's RAGES seeking for VENGEANCE! LoL XD

the Boobies Vengeances sure is scary...

the good ending goes as the game show it's best ending:

Lady fall at her kness in front of the mighty Boobs of Shania admitting defeat as she barely and slowly speak "I lost..." while Shania dancing and grinning "Wohohohohoho no one could stand in my way over Boobies Domination!" as she laughing hard, the other party applause her for winning the World Boobies Tournament! LoL :D

well, what do you think? it seems i could even make my short fanfic, right? LoL XD

i'm so cool! myahahaha but don't get the wrong idea there... actually in real life i'm so innocent that i don't get any weird idea over... ah... uh... eh... boobies! LoL :)

allright then, see you next time :)

and always remember the Wise Ancient Phrase:
"Boobies makes the world ROUND"

myahahahaha LoL XD
1/16/2013 c1 7Frosty Wolf
Nice work, I think Shania was very in-character here.

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