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11/13/2017 c17 Guest
I'm left with a really bad feeling in my mouth over the ending of the alternate universe plot. It's mostly how the team ended up being attacked and treated as nothing by the alternate konoha, with a side order of how clear it is that Sarutobi is completely fine with everything Danzo does, and a bit of how the Anbu who attacked Naruto didn't even get a tongue lashing for the fight they MUST have started. Your story is good, but it's not making me feel good right now.
10/18/2017 c10 Eion1783
Sakura with an axe sounds badass! Kinda like Rory Mercury without the goth loli aura haha
10/13/2017 c18 2nekolovesyou
love it plz updateeeeeeeeeeee nowwwwwwwwww
10/13/2017 c8 nekolovesyou
i really like this naruto i hate how the anime naruto is loud and act like an idiot it makes me mad.
9/29/2017 c18 5ShadowedAuthor
I've really enjoyed reading this, with your subtle changes to the canonical material and adorable mini-Naruto. I'm sorry to see you haven't updated in a couple years but for what it's worth, it was a good story while it lasted.
9/18/2017 c14 mickeymouse3265
umm hello Sora? anyone had Kyubi's chaka?
9/5/2017 c18 17firedraygon
Great fic! I don't know where you're taking things, which is just how I like it. Hope to have some surprises during the chuunin exam, too!
8/18/2017 c5 Aire5
Really nice fic, well written and engaging i am really enjoying it kudos 2 u n.n
8/7/2017 c18 Guest
Will you update it? pleaseeeeeeeee
7/6/2017 c4 LillyTigress
reading this for the umpteenth time and being very amused at you pointing out the lack-luster response the story got early on. Now there are literally several thousand people who consider this one of their favorite stories - i guess i (and many, many others) should be grateful that you kept going even before you knew how much your story would be loved. i hope this inspires other writers to hang in there because sometimes the public is woefully slow to respond. thanks.
7/5/2017 c2 icecold1039
Sakura's maturity seems forced, and I actually like some Sakura fics but this seems really forced.
7/5/2017 c18 Tony McNucklz
Great news for those who like myself cannot stomach the alternate dimensional hooplah: it appears to have zero effect on the ongoing story so skipping it all seems to not rob you of any necessary information.
Bad news: the ongoing story consists of one chapter. and from the 2.5 years ago update date, this story is probably dead. darn it.
despite the wormhole fiasco, I highly recommend this story. very good mechanics and an refreshingly uncommon character build/inter-personal dynamic for team 7. I sincerely hope the author comes back to it.
7/5/2017 c17 Tony McNucklz
A warning to anyone who reads this: there will be a point where dimension hoping malarkey happens in the middle of the story. it is 7 chapters of bogus uninspired nonsensical blahblah that takes a well thought out and immersive story and shits all over what you were formerly riveted by. I tried multiple times to slog through it but just could not get over the blatant illogical mindfuck it inflicted on me. I'm reading stories here to AVOID canon, but apparently in this the alternate interesting characters meet the canon idiots. my recommendation is to skip everything that happens in the alternate world and start again in the aftermath.
seriously this story was so good until the metaphorical monster truck did a 50 foot jump over the metaphorical shark. argh. well hopefully the chapter after the alternate crap makes sense.
7/2/2017 c15 2Dhea30
I had always hated Sandaime Hokage no matter of he is seen as grandfatherly figure for Naruto of not. Seriously, he preach about caring the whole village, and then let the one whose life was sacrificed to host the Kyuubi suffer? Is that justice or is that his own petty revenge, huh?
6/26/2017 c18 Guest
I really really love your work! Pls do continue if u have the time
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