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12/27/2016 c15 Guest
They are just a bunch of coward. The sandaime most of all. Ninja are protector, not tools. Wouldnt they become stronger and fight harder if they knew that their family is safe in the village. What is the point of training if you dont have family member who you most protect at all cost. For example, why kill shisui and itachi when they were the stronger and most loyal shinobi of the entire village? And on top of that, he left danzo and his advisor alive after they committed treason. He is the most useless hokage in history. I believe sasuke and orochimari were right to abandon the village. What are you fighting for if the people most precious to you are dying in the process? For a bunch of ungrateful and egotistical civilian that treat their savior with comptent just because they dont understand the power required to protect them. If that is to be a ninja then I would prefered to be a civilian or missing nin? At least you are protecting yourself and the people you choce to love unlike a village full of hateful and facelees idiotic civilian. I never like kakashi, hiruzen and jiraiya hypocrecy, they love minato and at the same time left their son to rot?
12/25/2016 c4 Guest
Is this yaoi?
12/9/2016 c18 shadowhunterz
I can't wait for the next part of this.
I hope you would still continue this. It has been a long while since it was updated.
I love the little deviations that you make add in this such as their first mission, and the chunin exams so far. Would we be seeing more of the alternative team 7 in other chapters? Considering that there should be consequences of team 7's actions while in that dimension.
Oh and the kyuubi did it just got fused together or there is actually 2 kyuubies now?
Hope you find inspirations to continue this
11/23/2016 c3 4ExBlazE
Ch 3: I have not clicked the 'Next ' button yet. But when I do, I expect to see some epic guilt on Kakashi's face when he put his genin in too much danger. Sasuke SHOULD be angry with the man. There's no going around it.

...Okay, I don't what I just typed above so ignore it. That's my other side speaking. Anyway, good chapter.
11/19/2016 c8 Anjel
Oh hell...did you just quote Ghostbusters?! You did! Nice!

Love the premises of this story, but I'm going to take my time reading the next chapter cause you haven't uodated in about year. But I love how your writing team 7!
11/17/2016 c18 ColorfulNympho
I suppose I better sign in to save this... well; follow..
11/17/2016 c18 Guest
11/16/2016 c15 Guest
So I've been reading this the past couple of days... about a week. I really like it.
I feel like I'm reading it too fast though. /:
People take so long to update..
11/12/2016 c18 3Kio 'Key-Oh
Awesome story. chapter 17 though when Sakura corrected older Narutos spelling/pronunciation of dimensions I was curious why she corrected him. Since with the way you spelt it wrong it would still have been pronounced the same and as such she wouldn't have known how he spelt it.
11/10/2016 c7 Guest
Why isn't Naruto using any clones...? He knew how to do clones before Wave country and he hasn't even used one..
11/10/2016 c4 ColorfulNympho
I'm SO interpreting yaoi. Fuck. Yes.
11/6/2016 c18 MarinaNina
Love this story... I know you probably won't write more, but if you ever do it would be nice to drop Jiraiya on it.. and maybe Naruto's POV. But anyways it was a really nice one. Good work :)
11/5/2016 c18 kate katie roe
this is a great story i hope you update it, i want to find out what narutos real mission is
10/18/2016 c18 bluesnowflakes21
please update
10/17/2016 c5 Guest
English... isn't your first language? I can honestly say I had no idea whatsoever. Great work. It is a shame that this appears to be suffering from a lack of attention though.
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