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12/11/2015 c10 123stranger12
... That took a weird turn, and one I don't think I've ever read anything like it. So freaking funny, oh dear.
12/4/2015 c17 2NX-Loveless-XN
It's so funny that Sasuke has been shipped with so many people in this fanfic!
12/4/2015 c16 NX-Loveless-XN
Oooooh that makes so much sense about Naruto.
12/4/2015 c14 NX-Loveless-XN
It's cute how Sasuke is the shrink.
12/4/2015 c10 NX-Loveless-XN
Omg this chapter is beautiful.
12/4/2015 c2 NX-Loveless-XN
It's amusing to see a more stoic Naruto.
10/9/2015 c18 Anon
Hey there,
I don't usually leave reviews due to not being bothered to make a proper account and I really should be studying for my exams. However, it's really grabbed my attention that this fic has been getting some incredibly ugly reviews, most of which involve people reading all the way to chapter 18 and then pouring hate onto a plot point from 8 chapters ago, which really erks me because they clearly didn't deserve the epic awesomeness that is this fic. Also, why would you even read that far if you hate a fic that much rrrrrrrrr!
Anyway, I felt like I have to put in my own two cents that you made a bold move with introducing the alternate universe thing back in chapter 10. I get the feeling that its been a base-breaker simply because it breaks "standard" OP-team-seven-fic mould and put time and effort into exploring how a second set of "team seven" would react to meeting a different version of themselves. Which is something I've personally never seen done so well before. It gave me the same sort of vibe as the chimera arc in Hunter x Hunter, which also received quite a bit of fan hate for breaking away from a predictable plot to explore tangential details and characters. Personally, the sheer originality of that arc was what converted me from being a casual reader to one of HxH's biggest fans, and I feel the same way about your fic.
One of the best things about fanfiction is that its free to explore writing styles outside of literary standards and its a real shame some people think they're entitled to put down writers for writing outside of their preconceived notions. I applaud your originality and give you all the kudos!
10/7/2015 c18 1Apolaki
It had started out as an interesting take on the AU genre of fanon Naruto, but then you went and posted chapter 10, which kind of derailed what little plot development there was.

Had you decided to make the alternate-dimensions thing the main plot, i would have said that the plot development leading to it was lacking and that you could have introduced it earlier on in the story. But you didn't and it seemed like the filler-arcs in the animé that many dislike quite fervently. Did the filler arc contribute much to plot development? I don't think so, it contributed very little, except for the tidbit informing us of Danzo's apparent involvement in Naruto's training.

Did you need some kind of situation to actually give out that kind of information? Perhaps, but it could have been something vastly more different and effective than dimension-jumping. You mentioned in the A/N of the very first chapter that this was a serious story, but reading chapter 10 and onwards: i don't believe you. There were serious moments, but the alternate dimension plot was just so... Meta, i can't even describe it. And not meta in a good way. I strongly advise you to add the Parody genre to the story so that people know what to expect.

At first i'd believed that the overall plot was basically a unique AU take of the usual narutoverse, but there is no actual plot, just plenty of character development. You write for fun, that is ultimately the only reason you've published this, but please be upfront with the wackiness. If you intend to make a wacky story, please invest the effort to make it good, to make the wackiness part of the plot, not just wackiness for wackiness' sake. Lord knows there are plenty of actually published books that achieve this effect with tremendously pleasing results.

Writing level: 3/5, minimal errors, save for the ooc tone of the narration that is confusing at times. I'd say HS level writing.
Plot: PWP.
CharDev: 4/5.
Storytelling: 2/5, that alternate dimension thing was simply a deal breaker.

Overall grade: 1.8/5
9/26/2015 c4 kanae1865
For a moment I thought that Naruto was secretly a girl
9/12/2015 c18 duchessme
Thought this was abandoned
it was exciting to know it wont be
wonder if there'll be suna-oto invasion
9/3/2015 c6 125b
good chapter
8/23/2015 c18 Hakan Kurohi
Thank you for your efforts at making a badass team seven. I love what you've done so far and can't wait to see where you take this. Update soon please! .
8/8/2015 c18 SomethingSomethingBears
After reading all of this story up to this point I honestly just want to delete any knowledge of it from my mind just so I wouldn't have to know the tremendous amount of disappointment and anger I felt from chapter 10 and onwards. Jumping the shark is an understatement, you took the story and fucking Red Weddinged it. I thought chapter 10 and 11 was just going to be like some humorous filler that you might find in the original Naruto anime such as the episode when they tried to find out what was under Kakashi's mask. However, it turned out to be something much, much worst. I wish you the best of luck with this story and I hope that one day I'll return to find that this story has gotten back on track.
8/2/2015 c10 Guest
I went back to read this cause the first 8 chapters are awesome.. and then you went to this.. and it is just so far from what you started it makes me wanna catch the plane to get back. Seriously, what in the hell were you even smoking? how come you didn't share? ARE YOU HIGHER THEN THE SPACE SHUTTLE? damn.. seriously share next time, some of us wanna be able to follow your crazy ass high as a kite thoughts.
7/31/2015 c18 JustADamFrenchFry
Please please please update!
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