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5/25/2018 c10 PinklyNoted
What an excellent and entirely unanticipated development. I liked the story before. Now it's a candidate for all time favorite.
5/21/2018 c19 14Love Faith Embers
Lol. I love the story so far! :D I can't wait for more!
5/9/2018 c16 19tati1
ANBU commentary while fighting Naruto was PERFECT. I loved it!
But at the same time, why was Naruto attempting to kill ANBU? Is he mind controlled?
Now I'm even more curious. Why would someone in canon steal that artifact nkw of all times?
5/8/2018 c19 ThePirateQueen367
They're so stupid so love it
5/8/2018 c19 tati1
Sasuke's mutter of fucking landsharks was great. Ah, trauma.
That Fucking Forest. Perfect. I could totally see that.
But you put it as Training Ground 42 instead of 44. Was that deliberate or a typo?
typo: sick in not sick on
There's no such thing as hellboars. They can't climb trees. We checked.
That has SO MANY funny implications!
5/7/2018 c18 tati1
Sakura is turning into a bit of a sadist, isn't she?
And Naruto seems to know Jiraiya already...I suppose that's his original source for Icha Icha?
Oh my god, we finally get Naruto's pov! Even if it is short and sad.
And I still really hate Hiruzen.
...promptly followed by some very funny implied torture. Who used the explosives? My money is on Sakura.
...wow that's terrifying. What did Kakashi DO to them?
Typo: grin not green
Kabuto worked much more believably as a spy in your fic than he did in canon.
I LOVED the 'and that's why we don't socialize with Konoha' remark!
Typo: question not qeustion
5/7/2018 c17 tati1
Typo: scapegoat not escapegoat
I just noticed how close I am to the end of your current chapters. Noooo! That aside, there's still so many things I want to know! Like why was Naruto stolen during the first mission? Was it Orochimaru, and if so, why him and not Sasuke? And why was he, apparently, tortured by his kidnapper before Kakashi got him back?
Why is Naruto's ROOT training incomplete, and why did he get it in the first place? Was it a nasty compromise by the Hokage, to trade Naruto for the Uchiha?
Oh wow, Hiruzen AND Jiraiya took the field? What the heck happened at Fire Temple?
And he treats Naruto like a pet. Sasuke and Sakura might find that funny, but it pisses me off, given what we know about him.
Oh. Oh wow. Oh holy shit will that mame a difference to the timeline.
Still don't know why Kakuzu and Hidan stole that artifact, or why they did it at this time point.
5/7/2018 c15 tati1
Last chapter, Haruno figured out Naruto was the jinchuuriki, so why does she think it's a bloodline in this chapter?
When Sakura says they haven't seen the light, why does she gesture to Kakashi's pocket?...oh wait, is that an Icha Icha reference?
Snapping the branch was clever, good tactics plus extra worldbuilding tidbits!
...ah, Sakura. /laughs/
accident not accidents
...and wow that got dark and philosophical really quickly.
I love where you got the title from, but I'm kind of hoping you use it for Sasuke, and Naruto, to reject that way of thinking.
5/7/2018 c14 tati1
Is Sasuke aiming to use a kusarigama maybe?
Oh no, I completely forgot about the threat of Mangekyo. Poor Sasuke!
The scene where he talks Naruto down was really sweet.
snuck not snook
And does Kakashi believe that Icha Icha doesn't exist in your universe? His mental monologue seemed to imply that.
gravy not gravvy
scrapes not scraps
I'm glad Sasuke took a hard look at himself and decided he didn't like it. It was a good scene, because although the change came about due to the universe travelers, it wasn't directly because of them, but because of how his first kill went down instead.
I also liked the shinobi standard approach to fixing mental health. Very sensible.
The sheathebit reminds me of a FSN fanfic, where Shirou finds his sheathe in Rin and Sakura, and makes a lot of unintentional sex jokes along the way.
And is this universe ALSO an alternate? Hidan and Kakuzu shouldn't be acting until Shippuden!
...oh, so maybe Naruto ran into something and altered the timeline? I'll have to go read the next chapter!
5/7/2018 c13 tati1
I thought this before, too, but Tazuna is killing me with laughter. His little remarks every nkw and then are just so spot on and funny!
In contrast, Sasuke's despair over Naruto at the end made me teary. Good job!
5/7/2018 c12 tati1
And when did Sakura figure out the Kyuubi?!
Typo: need to look, not need to luck!
Also, Team Seven should really just be consigned to nice, safe B ranks that don't spiral horribly in the middle of the mission. C ranks are too dangerous for them!
...and Kakashi has lost it. To the promise of erotica as a religion. lol
5/7/2018 c11 tati1
Setting fire to someone with your eyes is silly. Oh, Sasuke...ehehe.
I love Sasuke's lecture to canon!Sasuke. It was PERFECT.
bedding, not beddings, and go to sleep, not went to sleep. Grammatically, go is more appropriate than went, given the beginning of the sentence.
...also, I forgot to bring this up last chapter, but countering moves by leaving deliberate openings, and now dual wielding black and white short swords? I sense Fate/Stay night in the air.
Sasuke's vulnerability to moe Naruto is still making me smile!
Also, Sasuke being a shinobi counselor is SO hilarious in comparison to canon that I can't even. GREAT twist to your universe, really.
5/7/2018 c10 tati1
jumped the shark? Is that like jumping the gun?
A couple typos here. Where Sasuke is thinking at the start of the chapter about Kakashi, the sentence reads 'Sasuke was beginning to consider the brief moments'...and then you never finish that part of the sentence. Like, the sentence is finished, but given the prior sentence and the rest of this sentence, the starting words make no sense logically.
Also, when Sasuke hits the ground in the cave, you have it basically repeated twice.
I do love the revelation that Itachi indulges his fangirls by acting aloof as thanks for candy.
I have no idea why we just jumped universes, but cool.
Ok, so when Saskue says to Kakashi 'Yours is perfect thought.' You have a typo, it should be though not thought.
And when Naruto attacks, you have the word lower when you meant slower.
Not-Sasuke adopted the Interceptor stance, not adapted.
Oh, good. I couldn't figure out where the rest of Team Seven were when Sasuke woke up alone with the alternates.
The fights were fun!
And I really, really, REALLY want Kakashi's Team Seven D rank horror stories, especially since they only lasted a WEEK!
5/7/2018 c9 tati1
I love that talking about hard work versus genius basically summoned Gai and Lee...and that Sakura's prompt response was to become determined to train with them.
5/7/2018 c8 tati1
Kakashi is banned from the nearest four hospitals. That tickles!
btw, I love that this universe's Sasuke is perfectly aware and willing to acknowledge that some of Kakashi's crap is hilarious!
And I love how baffled the other jounin are, both about Team Seven in general, and Kakashi's sudden timeliness in particular. Kai!
Wringer, not ringer
Itachi's terror in the face of Kakashi being early is so funny I cried.
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