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1/17/2013 c2 dragoflora
This is very interesting. Why did you make Naruto so quiet?
1/17/2013 c2 McKazekage
Love it! this is so interesting! can't wait to find out exactly why Naruto is so quiet and why he is covered in bandages (villagers maybe?). I like the twist on the bell test... sacrificing himself so the other two would pass! love it! Cannot wait for the next chapter!
1/17/2013 c2 3strawberry-chan1012
this is such a good story. totally out of the norm1 I LOVE IT! btw i was wondering what happened to Mizuki? that has been bothering me, and what are some possible surprises that will be in store for us readers?
1/17/2013 c1 3Sakana.Lover
Lots of good things for a first chapter. An excellent length, might I add and if I don't just adore your Sasuke. Your characters are pretty much OC, but naturally, you couldn't avoid it considering you've taken out a key event in the storyline. But don't let that deter you. This is a masterpiece, in my opinion anyway. It's actually realistically how you would imagine things to have turned out if there had been no Uchiha Massacre and not incredibly 'WTF?' like you would find in some stories. Kudos to your beast mode Naruto. Not overly dressed up or anything (another common occurrence in these types of stories) with a perfection in everything or something of the sort, but actually similar to what you would, once again, expect him to be. It's all good on my end, so you have a 100% supporter right here. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the test!
1/17/2013 c2 4DBZFTW
Naruto's being all silent and mysterious. I'm curious how you are going to portray the Wave arc (If you choose to go in that direction that is) to be honest I find the whole "Guard tazuna, fight zabuza" idea pretty stale. If you manage to put your own original spin on it then it should be interesting. Looking forward to chapter 3!
1/17/2013 c2 6everydaySUPAhero01
So far, the story is very good. I really liked that you explained the differences between the Naruto world and yours so that the changes in personality made more sense to the reader. Sorry that I couldn't come up with a review that required an answer. I just wanted to let you know that I liked your story.
1/17/2013 c2 MunkieMagic
Great story. You are teetering on the edge of yaoi goodness and I wish you'd just jump off already. The potential sasunaru cuteness is screaming to be explored. I'll be watching.
1/17/2013 c2 IceInu
1/17/2013 c1 Raj8
Seems to be a very interesting story Idea I hope you update this again soon.
1/17/2013 c1 krad09
not bad at all, if this is your first attempt at a "serious" naruto story, then I'm quite impressed, that you didn't make Sasuke emo-like is a plus
1/17/2013 c1 nan
oh wow.. where to begin
I've been reading Naruto fic for a long time now on but honestly this is a totaly new storyline. Didn't think that someone could pull a new plot off.

I like that the younger Naruto is not shouting round is somehow mysterious and that it's Sasuke for once trying to figure him out.

Hope you don't leave it just at this chapter and continue this fic. I'm really looking forward for the rest of your story.
1/17/2013 c1 Guest
This was extremely good! I can't wait till you write more. The writing was good and so is the idea. I have no complaints. I hope you decide to update soon
1/17/2013 c1 ahgndouity
Interesting story. Im very much looking forward to seeing how this progresses
1/17/2013 c1 McKazekage
This is really good! I like the idea and I enjoy the Hinata sponge comment :P
1/16/2013 c1 4DBZFTW
I enjoyed the first chapter and I like how you portrayed Naruto. Keep up the good work.
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