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12/7/2017 c19 3Thou shalt not fear
Finally, thank goodness you came back. Albeit a short one, still undoubtedly enjoyable.
12/6/2017 c19 merlinjackson
Did sasuke unlock the mangekyou in chapter 14 as it mentions his eyes bleeding
12/6/2017 c1 KKVixen
Buuuuuuuuut how did Minato and Kushina die then? And does that mean Minato was actually Hokage for more than a minute ?
12/6/2017 c19 18Mel72000
Thank you so much for updating !
12/4/2017 c19 Rakaan
I hear you about Naruto's ending. To be honest, I find "World-Ending" threats in manga to be far too common. Kishimoto had done some pretty damn good worldbuilding at the start of the series; you had a militaristic culture that erupted into war once or twice every generation, a protagonist that had hidden potential, but was either lazy, stupidly naive, or sabotaged so as to give an excuse to explain simple facts of the world to the reader during the narrative, and magical abilities that seemed to have no end of possibilities to explore! There wasn't really a need to introduce an over-all "Main Villain" for everyone to unite against; there was plenty of conflict inherent in the world to promote character growth.

Oh well, Naruto ending as it did, disappointing as it was, DID result in several damn good fanfics getting created. To contrast, I consider Full Metal Alchemist a god damn masterpiece that not only ran well, but ended fantastically, and yet I can't really find any fanfics about it that really grab and hold my attention.
12/4/2017 c19 lara5170
See Naruto's parts are miniscule like an afterthought or something... Please give him more story time. Since he gave the Anbu a run for their money please make him stand out and kick ass. I'm hoping that Orochimaru won't be going after Sasuke since their is an entire clan of Uchiha and I am still hoping Sasuke doesn't end up being paired with Sakura because the idea of pink haired Uchiha give me nightmares
12/4/2017 c18 lara5170
I'm hoping Naruto gets a bigger part in this eventually while I do enjoy Sasuke 's pov I am looking forward to Naruto standing out a bit. We got some of the other dimension Naruto thought but our Naruto seems kinda empty
12/4/2017 c17 lara5170
I'm really hoping that Sasuke and Sakura help fix Naruto and he becomes something more and more powerful
12/4/2017 c12 lara5170
I was kinda hoping Sasuke would have said that Naruto got him to start reading it. Naruto is being seriously under done and under developed in this story so far
12/4/2017 c10 lara5170
I'm hoping Naruto becomes a bit more human since he seems to feel a bit like something you just add on after something significant to remind us and yourself that you have not forgotten about him.
12/4/2017 c6 lara5170
I'm curious about whether Naruto was in root for training but he doesn't seem to know anything but taijutsu
12/4/2017 c4 lara5170
I'm dying to know more about Naruto. Everything feels like it's about Sasuke and what he thinks and feels about things so far but I have more to read. I wish Naruto didn't wear that godawful kill me orange jumpsuit
12/4/2017 c19 1roguehunterguardian
I'm so excited, you're not going to abandon this. I love it, so much I reread everything
12/4/2017 c19 4Superpower Lottery
Oooh! I'm so glad you're continuing this, because it used to be my favorite fanfic ever at some point. Now I've just got to re-read the whole thing since I remember nothing except "I liked it".
12/4/2017 c19 Catcrazzed
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