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1/25/2017 c6 5Mirria1
...And Ed's not going to question how Ghirahim teleported away? Alright then.
9/8/2016 c3 gamzpillow
hey, uhh...just to let ya know, it's actually Ruffnut and Tuffnut, not the other way.
2/7/2014 c7 4MultiLevelsofMusic
You have it slightly backwards. Edward lost his left leg trying to bring their mother back, and used his arm to make a blood seal to basically bind Al to his armor. In the Anime Ed is shown putting blood seals on his chest, and both arms, and if I remember correctly he was saying to take anything, just save his brother. Or something like that. I dont have the best memory xD
Sorry, if you found me pointing that out offensive in anyway. I had to point it out, or I'd suffer for the rest of eternity...
Good job on this story so far, can't wait to see how it goes :)
AKA, Dont let anyone discourage you (In my faux language)
5/23/2013 c9 5Evilbunny0
nice chapter title, "illusion", i thought it was an actual chapter! please update soon!
4/17/2013 c9 6AnimeAvarice
Please finish! As I said before, you took one of my favorite movies, my all-time favorite anime and my all-time favorite video game, and combined it into one epic FanFiction!
I cannot live without your writing!
4/17/2013 c9 kitty.bee1904
Please write more and don't abandon the story!
4/17/2013 c8 5LeviathanTamer
Wait... you do remember that Toothless can't fly without hiccup right? anyway the last bit of advice I can give you for now is try to add some more details.
3/25/2013 c8 8Baka27
Don't worry about it ! Take your time ! ;)
Baka27 :)
3/5/2013 c7 5LeviathanTamer
drat... I was hoping to get some Night Fury chaos all up on that stupid monster's head. it would've been so good for that fight. great chapter though and in case I didn't follow it before

2/16/2013 c7 8Baka27
Very very very good ! :D Don't worry about the wait, it's OK ! Yay, I remember to reviewing ! XD
Still a good chapter ! :) Poor Link...

Go go go ! XD Baka27 ! ;)
2/6/2013 c6 ABandDES108
Wow, Your book so far is AMAZING! Please write more, and i really don't know what else to say, I love what you have written! How to Train your Dragon, Fullmetal Alchemist, and the Legend of Zelda are all so great!
2/6/2013 c6 Baka27
XD "I am the Demon Lord, Ghirahim." "And?" X)

Next please ! :D
2/6/2013 c6 3Energy-the-hedgehog
Please don't leave Toothless out of this story. Ed would absolutely flip his lid if he saw a dragon. Also since Alphonse is in this story, don't forget about him either. Even if he's not on the other's adventures you can still have a few moments with him in skyloft.
2/2/2013 c5 8Baka27
Very cool ! :D Neeeexxttt ? *chibi eyes* :D (Sorry, when I followed, I had not reviewing... Sorry ! And sorry for my HORRIBLE English, I'm French. T-T)
2/1/2013 c5 5LeviathanTamer
Looks good but some details in between scenes like starting a tour then ending. at the very least please include a linebreak of some kind.
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