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10/12 c166 Darkrai Mier
I finally reached it and more more I want to read more more
10/9 c57 1TheDarkPublisher
Not a big question but are the students of Tokiwadai still under the impression that Touma is engaged to Kongou or are they aware that’s not the case anymore and are still acting as Touma’s fan club?
10/5 c89 5had0wHand
Endo was good kid, but shit of man. No offence.
10/3 c82 5had0wHand
I think this show that trying to copy Kamijou is bad idea. As Thor showed us that only Touma should destroy illusions and only he should get arm ripped off. Good thing Thor had regeneration. While Fiamma we not gonna talk about it.
10/2 c166 1onilink500
Buen cap faith tendrá problemas

Misaka mmmm
Espera ella es el héroe ?
Desarrollo algún trauma tipo Batman(aún que para mí el que tiene un trauma así sería touma si se ve lo de biohacker)

Y sale combatir el crimen

Me gusta Misaki queriendo ir con su príncipe veamos cómo lo desarrollas

Accelerator es un personaje poderoso me gusta que explotes puntos débiles no todo es peliar con más poder,
10/2 c77 5had0wHand
Ok I’m currently at Thor arc part 1. And at the moment where Touma goes to “save” washing machine. Geez Touma really needs someone who would stand up to him. Poor boy.

Also you should try do something with Othninus. Maybe her and Touma going on accidental date.

Было б интересно если б в будущем вы сделали арку об Саше.
9/29 c165 Mr. Kino
It's been a while since I read, but now that I'm slowly catching up, I'd like to say this is another good chapter and I'll be looking forward to reading the next and the one after that. Loved the return of Arisa and the fluff moment she had with Touma. It was really nice and a fun fact, Arisa is among the top 5 ships I have for Touma {even though it will never happen ;-;}. The MINUS Remnant is targeting Accel and Hamazura, this should be fun, considering it's ben ages since we had Accelerator and Hamazura in action.

I think what stood out to me the most besides the Arisa x Touma scene is the dynamic between Touma and Orion and I can't help but notice the similarities between Emiya Shirou and Archer from Fate Stay Night, and how they get into arguments and oppose each other, and also how Orion represents being a Bad End of Touma as you've said. I'm really looking forward to see how this develops and the inevitable duel that is surely to happen o-o. I also have a theory regarding Orion's true nature that he is a Vampire. He can recover from being shot in the heart and his other injuries are healed as well and it brings me back to how vampires were described in OT2, as them being able to survive even after having their heart removed. I'm totally on to something a I?

As for something not really related, let's take Touma and isekai him into the Star wars Universe where he has to face Darth Vader. Here, similar to Aleister, he witnesses the events of Anakin's life learns of the Jedi and Sith and what they represent before finally having to face him. I'm not sure how well an actual fight would go between them, but with all of these factors, how would you think Touma would react to the Jedi and the Sith and their principles? If he saw Anakin's life up to his rise as vader, what would Touma say to him, and do you think he would beable to reach Vader with his words? I just find this particular crossover/scenario to be intresting since I love both Raildex and Starwars lol.
9/28 c166 The Newbie Guest
Oh my...Faith won brilliantly. Against the number 1 to thanks to that wicked plan. Sadly , as Accelerator is still alive and it's more than likely Last Order will be returned Faith will no doubt Stay the HELL AWAY from Accelerators sights from now on as I bet she won't regenerate if Accelrator reduces her to nothing but paste.

Though maybe Touma will punch her for him as no doubt Touma will be more than angry seeing Last Order and Hamazuras girl kidnapped for this plan and hit her face for such a thing. Heck, I'm hoping for it.
9/17 c166 ShadowBloodedge9396
I hope you understand that when I compared Orion to Joker, I was referring to Batman’s Joker since Touma is potentially a vigilante now, :P I just realized what I said could be misconstrued as referring to Persona 5 Joker.
As for the chapter itself...what a wild ride. I was NOT expecting Hamazura and Accelerator to be targeted so soon, within Shutaura’s arc. I know they both had their arcs way earlier but still! And, uh...really not liking the General right now...I’m steadily piecing together that he’s the type of asshole who loves to win so much that he got MINUS together with pretty words for the selfish goal of beating Touma, Accelerator, Hamazura, etc, himself...I did appreciate the struggle between Accelerator and Faith though. Nice touch. And finishing off with Touma facing Orion while riding outside the van with...I’m guessing Takitsubo? Unless Orion, General, Faith, and Hayashida all brought Takitsubo and Last Order to one van...and now Misaka is giving chase I’m assuming while Shokuhou is about to use her ability to help Shutaura. Is this arc about to reach its conclusion?
Finally...seriously, what is with that baby?! It’s not something only Touma could see, that’s been confirmed, it just calls to him for some reason...and despite clearly being supernatural in some way, Touma’s right hand is NOT negating it?! With your last little note, the hell do Harmonia’s Cradle have on their side now?!
That’s all for now. Ja ne!
9/14 c166 Kamijou Touma
This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway. This alleyway.
9/14 c166 Kami
Well technically she could be considered a magical girl, what with her unique existence and all.

She's basically the Madoka to Shutaura's Homura, though with less subtext and more Split stuff.

But whoa, Accel-kun and Hamazura out already!? Damn this is getting interesting. Though with Kamijou hanging up on Hamazura like that, I hope he suffers more in the next chapter (lol, jk. Or am I?) It will be interesting to see how the two Heroes will escape this tricky situation. And with the threat of Kamui already showing itself this will not bode well for everyone.

And Kamijou vs Orion, that's a plus! I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next time!

Keep it up good sir! Stay safe!
9/16 c166 ArchiveX
i there were a list of top 100 long fanfics on the site. your store is going to be on the list
9/14 c166 RUiN The Extinct
question: are we gonna learn more about the invisible thing in imagine breaker?
9/11 c166 1craytherlay
So Touma's off chasing... a very persistent baby... then chasing Orion... Am I the only one who thinks Orion might be the baby?... Might fit with his name and the idea of rebirth But either way it was a weird baby.

And damn Hyashida and faith taking Accel out that was well done but damn is Accel gonna be pissed.

Hamazura getting punked by the general... again that bastards an ass.

And Touma and Orion are slugfesting on the road... Did Mikoto's Touma stalker senses tingle? Is that how Touma will survive Orion's gun-shot?

Hmm LO and Taki, is Kamui needing to transfer LO's AIM to something?
9/10 c166 13WwEpsilonwW
Hahaha! You know the Batman games? How there are several side quests that run parallel with the game's main villains? Just imagining random babies in alley-ways while your grappling through Gotham is hilarious!

Also poor baby.

And kyahh~! Shokuhou acknowledges that she is remembered and won't lose that ever again. You go girl!
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