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11/5 c1 arpitkunwarc
I like to read a fanfic like Doctor's Children Profiles but with Tōma and his kids from different girls he has or has not meet
9/12 c178 5whwsms
Gonna keep it as short and to the point as I can, and in no specific order: (1) the Kamijou Household returns to Touma's dorm, to face a most definitely unfriendly group of visitors, (2) Misfortune-chan had a field day, throwing Touma under the bus (for now, figuratively speaking) in various ways, (3) things are looking grim right now for Index and Otohime - say-no-more, for the moment, (4) the team being assembled to deal with Kamui sounds IN-teresting; a master manipulator, a master extractor and a master berserker ... I gather A Certain Beauty-Sempai is the one tagged as the master manipulator; I have a gut feeling who the other two might be, but I'll say nothing for now.

Until next chapter, carry on O author.
9/9 c178 6TheDarkPublisher
It feels like Touma’s life is falling apart both right in front of his eyes and right under his nose at the same time.

“You’re going to make a lot of women happy in the future” huh well she doesn’t know how true that statement would be if a certain…route was taken in this storyline’s future where all the girls who have fallen for a certain hero could be happy.

A nice (mostly) non-serious chapter.

Also, Kumokawa Seria is coming back and I’m super excited for that!
9/9 c173 TheDarkPublisher
(I realize I’m late to this so I apologize) I would say this arc was quite an intriguing one. There were chapters in the beginning of the arc that I really liked then there were some in the middle point that were ones I felt iffy on. The end of the arc certainly got better and felt more like classic formula for this story. There was some intriguing drama at the middle point where Hamazura and Accelerator and even Mikoto essentially ‘betrayed’ Touma in a small way and now he’s kinda distrustful right now like how he was at the beginning of NT with Birdway. How Hamazura and Accelerator like I said ‘betrayed’ Kamijou in a way seems realistic to me because just because Touma beats them and they are now better people does not mean that they just go by his ethics. This arc made sure to give drama as stories should do to give interest and intrigue (been saying that a lot in this comment). I really like the little back and forth between Touma and Shutuara, especially since the last time they saw each other they were on opposing sides (also the fact that Touma punched her in the face) and they have some fun banter that I really enjoyed and makes them seem like they would be good friends. Some background plot points also got revisited like Batya fighting Touma and Hayashida finally going good which I liked and have been waiting for.

So a good arc that had its high points and some lower points for me but despite those low points it does not take away from the arc or the story at all in fact I think it worked in favour of the story.
9/3 c178 Purifies Miracle
Hey hey. I finished reading this quarter's chapter. I, uh, don't have much else to say haha. I think I've got five but they're kinna random. "I'm kinna thankful Yumyum's isn't a love interest. Most likely because she had already been personality swipe'd between the lines. You can't fool me, Yumyums." "You're talking shit for someone who's in Imagine Breaker range." "I want to grant Touman the sweet release of death when he has to deal with a Index Mikoto situation again but thankfully it's just AoMikado. (I literally breathed a sigh of relief." "Otohime Bottom Text" So Seria's probably the next big girl, huh? She's probably gonna be like Mugino by the end of the arc. Probably the next arc's going to focus on the secret war rather than Seria so the arc is all yada yada but in name. From where their conversation (Yume vs Touman) is going I expected Touman's next big move is to pull out from the Science campaign and jack himself in back to the Magic Side. Doesn't make sense when the war between Science and Magic is ongoing already. I was wondering when you're gonna tease who's the next big girl. I don't mind more intermissions, but I'm just waiting for who's the next big tease.

You were right, Arisa singing to Index did tug my heartstrings.
9/4 c178 ShadowBloodedge9396
And that's three intermissions in a row, feels like you're setting up for a final arc rather than another character or two before said final arc, lol. Also I apologize in advance if my reviews appear shorter. Longer chapters that I only really barely get time at work to read means shorter time to review by the time I finally finish said long chapters.
All in usual, loved the ups and downs, the easy switches from comedy to serious and back to comedy here. From Index lamenting Touma's ever growing popularity with those of the fairer sex, to Arisa having a big misunderstanding about Othinus, to Index enjoying her current last moments with Arisa before Shutaura has to take the wheel again, and then the up and down interactions between Touma and Yume, Touma lamenting Yume is in his striking range, complete with how she does and says things but with his luck it still may never happen, Yume going almost mad scientist mode over Imagine Breaker(she's gonna wanna bring in Mikoto or Accelerator if she wants to fully see what it can do, lol) to Yume begging him to leave the fight against Kamui and his refusal...then back to the comedy with the Delta Force coming in, and then back to seriousness now that the task force the Magic Side has sent against Index and Otohime has gathered...also yeah, I don't blame Index, Othinus, and Touma for having those fearful shivers when Otohime explained why she's covered in dirt...
That's all for now. Ja ne!
9/3 c178 10xellos540
Well, I'm fuzzy on many details, but I'm spoiled with the entire Index timeline. The only things I'm not (heavily) spoiled about are some side novels and Mental Out/Dark Matter/ITEM/Astral Buddy manga etc.

Yes, Arisa, this happens a lot. Also, interesting how she refers to herself as "focus", damn 4th wall. :P

Yume *face palm* Also, is it me or the number of repetitions just increased significantly...

"Something disturbing the balance"? Is it something like "dozens of women around the world sensed a disturbance in the world"?

Ah yes, the universe when the line "it negates esper powers" is too much to be said and understood...

I was about to say this Yume conversation was of little importance... but she wants Touma to pull out of the fight.

The fact that Yume knows about the PTSD, she has a point there.

"Because it would mean I can afford to accept there is a world where tragedy cannot be avoided" the line of the chapter (though he had already accepted this long ago I think)

"A woman beyond her years"? I'd say it was "any human older than 5".

Tsuchimikado and Aogami *facepalm*

With friends like these, who needs enemies...

Itsuwa, Lessar, Leivinia, Kaori (how did the latter 3 did not kill each other waiting in a small dorm?) and Stiyl... well... Touma isn't going to sleep... and not in the way Lessar would've wanted.

Btw. isn't this like, I don't know, 3/4 of the "official" Kamijou faction?

Kumokawa? Makes sense, though I kinda expected Aihana there...
9/2 c178 2Nicko2545
god dammit another amazing chapter. having a adult like Yume at your side is a nice feeling. Touma thinking he had one advantage over Kamui is a cruel sense of humor man. like seriously, we both know the sadist that you are is going to rip that feeling of security away from him. (but I'm not complaining. It's all according to His plan.) the relationship between Othinus and Index feels nice to say the least.

how they aren't to close for Othinus to fully trust her like Touma, but just enough to show a equal footing. But Damn Stiyl has no chill. understandable because it's Index but still. it wasn't necessary Touma's fault that everything gone to smokes. Seeing beauty senpai joining the game is always a win for me.

in the end it was a well rounded chapter. there are some worries with Otohime and how her character developed to some crazy zealous psycho. I really did enjoy it. so till next time I guess.
9/2 c178 5queso
Man...what a chapter. You're setting up for something big, and I'm all here for it. The Amakusa gang is here, and Touma being confronted by Yume being "sick" in the head feels like he's realising how much he's got on the line now. Can't wait for the next chapter, hopefully it doesn't take like 3 months. But whatever, I can wait. Keep up the good work, and keep on keeping on!

P.S. I am a die hard Misaka x Kamijou fan. Have been since 2020. But I'll say, Yume x Kamijou might be the way to go. She's his type and has helped him with his PTSD a lot. Wonder if that route will happen though. Hopefully she doesn't like die or something, that would suck.
9/2 c178 2craytherlay
You know what'd be really amusing? and just the kind of misfortune Touma would encounter?

If Yume was actually an aged up clone of himself

Jokes aside, while I can agree to an extent about it being more misfortunate for Othi and Index (not) to find out about his PTSD. I also acknowledge that Touma's misfortune has no actual (effect) on the actions of other's it effects him along. And doesn't play the long game, if it worked the way you suggested, then... wouldn't it be more misfortunate for him to find out he had a harem? Or for him to end up having a shiz tone of Yanderes? yes... it would as he'd suffer way more because of it.

Therefore, I draw the line on something as out of character, and blatantly avoidant as Othinus of all people being oblivious to the fact he has PTSD. Like, I get it... plot, but there are cases where you gotta find more sensical reasons, and you haven't. Othinus only needed to know that one detail, that Touma was given regon and it opened pathways in his brain. That is it, she's a god of wisdom for odin's sake, she'd instantly figure out Touma had PTSD. I can excuse Touma not telling her, but I can't excuse her somehow taking days, upon days to figure out he has PTSD. Especially, when it's you of all people Mr? the guy who shows he knew full well what the relationship entailed. Touma's misfortune, doesn't make those around him stupid or oblivious, it only effects him, and him alone. So Othinus, absolutely should have figured out the issue, told Index, and started an intervention with Touma by now.

It feels less like you being ignorant, and more like you are just not trying to find a more reasonable explanation for why she hasn't said anything. Cause you've not given sufficient logic to her not figuring it out, you just avoided ever addressing it. Which to me reads like you writing yourself into a corner without any way out and you know it. And when you have things this blatantly OOC happen, it damages the story overall and detracts from it. So PLEASE... go through your story's drafts, even the backlogs, even the next chapter or two, or three. And FIX THIS ISSUE, it's really not a good look, how about... instead of having her not know it. Use Touma's misfortune properly, and have her constantly being either inturrupted or otherwise unable to address the problem. It makes way more sense, is easy to edit in (unless you're lazy), and will erase this OOC issue and make the story much easier to read going forward. AND as an added bonus, will add in tension, as the reader are on the edge of their seat hoping Othinus will finally be able to confront Touma. Only for another crisis, or misfortunate event to occur and stop her from achieving her goal.

Now then, onto the things I do like

I loved Yume's scenes, and once again, I'll say it... she's just adult Female Touma, and It'dbe hilarious if that was really the case. I do feel, Touma would have a bit more pushback against her saying Kamui hurt him, but in a more depressive fashion. Like I see him looking to her with dead eyes and saying that there is (physcially) nothing Kamui could do to him, that he hasn't suffered already. But I could also see reason why he wouldn't say that, as for as much as he's opened up to her, he wouldn't reveal something that private. Especially cause she'd think him insane if he tried to explain that it takes a literal god to do anything remotely new to Touma.

Her whole, cute drool sleep thing made me instantly think "dear god just realize it already Touma. YOUR IDEAL GIRL IS FEMALE YOU!" cause that is totally something I see fem Touma ending up doing. It was quite amusing for Touma to be on the receiving end of what many girls have been through, with Yume not noticing she's messing with his heart. Althouth I kinda suspect like a dream, she's too good to be true and theres actually a dark secret hiding within her. Like maybe she's the real Kamui and that all males are just copies of her... which would just be the kind of sadistic twist you'd pull. I also loved how she just drooled over IB and got upset when Touma denied explaining it to her. It's probably just me, But I could see a older Uiharu doing something similar... as a scientist as well.

The convo with Touma and Yume discussing the fact a thing is being done about Kamui and how you can see that they are basically just the same person was really fun actually. Especially Yume in her own way, selfishly trying to keep Touma out of what she considered her fight. I imagine that, it'll be her who breaks the news to Index and Othinus once she realizes that Touma has been hiding his PTSD from them. Then the deltaforce arrived, and that was definitely a good wholesome break from the seriousness.

Now, while it happened in the middle of the Yume stuff, I'll mention it now, I really felt the Arisa Index stuff was sweat. Along with the amusing situation of Othinus still being considered a ventriloquist doll by everyone. Although I partially suspect a bit of that is internal denial out of self preservation similar to how Mikoto was unable to see Aiwass in GT2. It was also sweet to see how Othinus felt like she violated a precious moment by hearing that song. Her and Index I feel have a strong sisterly bond, so it was nice to see a bit of that portrayed here. Their reaction to Otohime is also something, while I feel a little irked by, I felt made perfect sense. They unlike Touma, wouldn't want to face what she's becoming, despite being partially responsible. And in a twisted sense, they may even kinda hope she pushes Touma away subconsciously. She's not their relative so they have less reason to care for her than Touma does, and it was suitably tension filled. Especially with how she keeps calling Orion her arch enemy, something Touma would never do... okay except maybe about KnT but thats kinda a given.

Touma and tsuchi were sufficiently fun too, I did enjoy the small bit of banter they had, although still shocked Touma's not realized Othi counts as a dorm manager yet. Dude's obsessed with them, yet has never once gotten curious about if his Understander was one? blasphemy. I did enjoy how he reunited with the girls of course, with him being tackled by the excited Otohime. And it's fitting how he's the one to try and draw attention to her contradiction, only for misfortune to occur and him to realize he's got guests.

Now then... finally... holy... F... bruh... we had the like... exact same idea when it came to who would be on a darkside team which Included Uiharu. Minus the OCs, Seria and Uiharu were the picks I was going for in my plans for SYSTEM, Othinus's darkside team would have her Seria, Uiharu, and Sasha. And yes im confident enough in my guess to assert Uiharu as part of this team, although not sure how she's a master extractor. I guess it could relate to how she generally directs Kuroko around with the cameras. What I am shocked is that it's not a typical four man team, as they said they had three more in addition to Orion and Hiyashida. I honestly did not expect Seria, but I'm kinda looking forward to seeing this team cause like... hooooh boy.

Orion, mixed in with the four MOST LIKELY TO TURN YANDERE FOR TOUMA GIRLS!? yeeeah Illogical and Impulsive are gonna end up being ordered around thats for sure.

Seria, the manipulator and Leader
Hyashida the stratigest
Uiharu, the Extractor and hacker
Byata, the Berserker
Orion, the infiltrator? and Tank, dude draws out the worst in people.

And considering all four of those girls have some obsession over Touma... and in some way kinda sorta stalked him? okay definitely stalked for 3 out of 4... only Hyashida didn't stalk him.

Touma's got 4 yanderes cooking.

But who knows, maybe I'll be surprised and my guess of this team will be wrong... if im right tho... I... I kinda wanna know.
8/27 c20 1superboy813
Ok so I know these early chapter are over 10 years old at this point, but up until the Misaki stuff it was actually pretty decent, like it took place in a earlier part of the timeline, but they don't show their age. Like theirs a little grammar hiccup here and there but its overall alright.

As for the Misaki stuff, I actually find it interesting how your fic provides a glimpse as to how the fandom viewed her prior to the revelations in NT11.

Welp I've got 157 more chapters to go and I'll probably see your evolution as a writer along the way.
7/30 c177 17WwEpsilonwW
Well, after reading the last five or so chapters after letting them pile up, my reaction is thus: Everything's gone to shit! And by that I mean shit hit the fan, hard! Like literally all the characters are being forced into a corner in one way or another, especially Otohime and Mikoto, like damn. Murder and a delusional girl obsessed with being a hero. I think Kamijou needs to practice his woman beating if he wants to solve this one. Can we get an amen for domestic abuse? But anyway, let's hope the happy times are in store for all the bad times. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Isn't there?
7/12 c1 2Nicko2545
good chapter
6/21 c157 6KingJGamer
So... maybe my mind is just stuck on another idea, but now I'm thinking of the Othinus Arc as a world wide problem, because what happened is that Index (with the powers of John Pen and the Grimoires) and Otohime (with the powers of a dragon) trap the world in an illusion using something with the express idea to make a reality where Touma is fully happy, no misfortune, no global conspiracy, no Imagine Breaker to ruin anything (this world made with it in mind), and no threats of tearing apart their happy family of Index, Otohime, Touma, Sphinx, and Othinus. But Othinus isn't apart of the illusion and escapes into what can only be described as the internet that leads to everyone's happiness, along with Sphinx. And then she meets and parties up with Uiharu, Konori, and Kanzaki. As for why those three, well they are the ones to witness the monster in Touma's hand that isn't the dragons (even if it was a stretch for Uiharu, I just kind of wanted her to be apart of this group), and they work to break the world illusion. And to do so, they have to get past both John Pen and Otohime to reach Touma, the center of this world.
6/12 c177 10xellos540
So it's Phi again... wonder if the chapter is about her.

Lol Phi knows of infinite hells...

Touma... doesn't want misfortune? That's kind of new...

"Go for broke" I think the first time I heard that phrase was Toaru AMV...

I call that she knows crepes from Touma's mind. Yup, called it.

It feels more and more like Phi's one of Kihara's plots.

Lol, I thought he might ask about the memories his lost, not dorm managers. Nurses. xD

Oh-uh, Misaki and Mitsuko time.

Awww.. Mikoto feels bad for "losing" Touma? Good.

Blood? Is that from beating Orion or what?

Well, each 4-cell team in darkness has a liaison and subordinate organization, so "that's it" is a bit untrue.

A new 4-man team? Touma, Accel, Hamazura and Mikoto please. They'd blow up the city before Kihara gets a chance to do so. xD

Oooookay, Author-san, you must (and I emphasize the word MUST) put Touma and Phi into a situation with some of Touma's girls, where Phi tells him what the girls think of him etc.

Lol, isn't Index supposed to be a late bloomer? She might be a B.

Yume just waited a minute on the phone. Patient woman.

I remember Kongou arc much better than Shutaura's.

I'm on OT16 and I learn Alice's dead... well, I guess I have myself to blame.
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