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11/14 c1 Dbswagking12
You know out of all the Toru fanfics I read, this is one of the only two who talk about the mental scars Touma should have from having his adventures. I hope you continue that, good work!
11/10 c173 derrickfoo0
I just found this fanfic out and I have to say, I’m really liking what I’m reading. The way you write helps paint the mood of the story, whether it be depressing or in a joking manner. Though there were times you write a passage that already has a similar meaning as the last ones making it seem like you’re repeating yourself. Like in the last few chapters of the Kongo storyline where you kept repeating with different how Kongo feels guilty and ashamed when I already got the point in just one to two passages.
But anyways, what I really like about your fic is that you don’t shy away from writing depressing and outright horrible stories and plots that force the characters to grow and confront the reality of their world. While I do enjoy happy endings from time to time, I also appreciate the hardships the characters have to face and the deconstruction of what the characters used to believe. I also like how more characters, mainly Touma’s harem are becoming more involved in his misfortunate adventures and discovering Touma’s heroic but broken nature. Touma being confronted on the effects of his heroism was a nice twist because we mainly only see the good points covered but you take it up a notch on how cruel reality can be and how even his best intentions aren’t enough to bring a happy ending. I wonder if Touma will ever grow or will he remain stagnant in his beliefs if he’s always going to be confronted with realization after realization that the world doesn’t follow his wishes.
As for the OCs I just love how you characterize them to fulfill a particular role the the story. Yume is the ally for Touma and his harem (not including Accelerator and Hamazura) to help gain a higher ground against the antagonist. Orion is the morally grey character that has faults and to be a foil to Touma different from Kamisato. Faith is the surprise character that can resurrect and am pretty sure is the reason Orion live this long to his turmoil. I never I would read about a female ripping off her body parts to repair his boyfriend’s body even if she can regenerate. And finally, Kihara Kamui is my favorite antagonist because of his everlasting effects on the characters. Touma’s left arm ripped off made the team confront how there will be losses in the fights ahead and that maybe Touma’s best will never be enough. His deconstruction of what Touma believes in is what I especially like about him as Touma has to confront the way his thinking is twisted compared to other normal people. Not only that, he’s almost never fully seen but the everlasting damages he leaves behind are enough to cement him as a great antagonist. Hats off to you for making a horrible human being and a great character.
Now for this chapter the main thing for me was Yume discovering more of Touma’s twisted nature over his lack of reaction. Before Touma’s worried about his own nature and yet continues acting as if he has no worth as a human being. I wonder, Kamui wants to break Touma, yet how can you a break a man who’s already broken? If anything, the actions Kamui takes to break Touma is more like trying to get Touma to act as a human being would. A regular human being would kill if needed, be a hypocrite when needed, and would find compromises, and yet Touma can’t bring himself to do any of that. Only a broken person would not consider doing what a regular human being can do. If anything, does Kamui already know Touma is broken and the twist is that his research is whether a broken human being can become a regular human being. Wonder how the team will take it if that twist is the reality.
Another thing that got me is that the Zero Over was made to replicate Imagine Breaker, yet only Touma can use it. What if the real purpose of the nano machines is to replicate Touma’s personality so that there exist two Touma’s? If there are two Touma’s, could Imagine Breaker transfer from the real Touma to the fake? It wouldn’t surprise me if Kamui actually has knowledge over magic and the true nature of Imagine Breaker. Just like how World Rejector could be transferred if the recipient can match Kamisato’s personality, maybe Imagine Breaker could as well. Either that or maybe if Touma already received the treatment to become an esper, that the Zero Over would instead copy the esper power Touma would have if Imagine Breaker was not active.
I can’t wait to read more of this fic. How much suffering will Touma have to continue to go through? How much will the people beside him grow? How many more will Touma add to his harem? When will Touma elevate from a harem protagonist to an Eroge protagonist? Take your time with the fic and I eagerly await for the next update!
10/23 c2 Ooga Booga
A little advice, do not put author's notes in the middle of the story because it breaks immersion. Don't put dialogues of characters in the middle of a paragraph especially when they are in an unnoticeable place.
10/20 c173 1onilink500
fue interesante esta parte me tarde en leerla pues estos meses tuve muchos problemas y deje pausado este fic

ahora el conflicto fue interesante aun que el zero over puedo verlo como otra forma

ahora esperemos quien sera el siguiente personaje y como abarcas las cosas

ahora con respecto con gt sigo con una teoria que tuve aun que tambien podria ser que el mundo to aru sea conforme al esquema platonico y el imagen breaker sea el dragon demirgus(un dragon que regula lo fisico fantasia y la realidad)
10/18 c173 1elementalgaming30
touma actually flirting, that is hilarious
10/15 c173 4TheDarkPublisher
Man it’s going to sting when Mikoto, Misaki, Othinus, Kongou, Index and Otohime realize that Aaron Gracestone was only brainwashed by Kamui to do the things he did to Touma and wasn’t really himself doing it.
10/12 c173 Agent Nine
I was so giddy when Touma walked away from Yume all smug-like after realizing his small victory over Kamui and elteasijg Yume. I can't remember the last time he was so confidently in control of a situation. I just hope that it wasn't a false sense of hope, and that it was a real W for Touma. Please let us see Kamui's flabbergasted expression later!
10/7 c173 Kai
Tener a una buena persona ayudándo, si lo inviertes conoce a una persona con la mejor menera y afectiva para lastimar a otros

Más o menos veo que puede pasar :3
10/8 c173 13D.N.Works
Oh man. Unless there is some twist, then it'll be neat that thanks to the power of the unexpected, that for once Touma got lucky and screwed over Kamui plan for the Imagine Breaker model without even trying. Heck. I bet Aleister allowed it merley because it would be amusing.

And trusting only woman. Hahaha. Aside from Accelerator, Hamazura, and Styl, thank goodness Touma has countless female allies all around him, lucky bastard. Benefits of being a harem master.
10/8 c173 ShadowBloodedge9396
Holy shit that was intense for something just about conversations…so now the basics of all four projects are in the light.
Us readers already knew about the first two alongside the characters, Personality Swipe and FIVE_Object. And the fourth project, ZERO_Over clearly had something to do with Touma, just that it’s fully clarified now. As for Breaker Queen…so that’s why he wanted Shutaura…but then settling for Last Order and Takitsubo? Still confused on that, and why the alternative to help with Breaker Queen just happens to be the main loved ones of the other two heroes Kamui wants to break alongside Touma…
Touma had a surprisingly nice save for his refusal to let Shokuhou work her magic on Yume for easy explanations. Poor Kongou though…she probably let still wants to help her Kamijou-sama even if Shokuhou tells her she’s not needed anymore, lol.
Index with an eye patch…I dig the mental image…
Lastly, on Touma’s last conversation…I really hope he’s not jinxing it. It would make sense that Kamui doesn’t know how Imagine Breaker works and so he thinks he can get anything from having the nano machines he wants to use to recreate it monitor Touma from within, but…why would Aleister let him attempt it? Aleister saw the plans if I recall, so he knew it would involve getting specialized nano machines within his precious Imagine Breaker pawn, so why allow it? Does Kamui know more than Touma thinks he does, or is Aleister looking for some amusement to be gained from Kamui failing one project out of four?
I really hope Touma’s positivity doesn’t come back to bite him in the form of a jinx…
I also agree with Yume-sensei, there is something to be said about Touma’s self deprecation!
That’s all for now. Ja ne!
10/8 c173 5queso
Just caught up, and damn this chapter is nice. Really enjoy it, and I'm glad there's more talk about Kamijou's PTSD. Which makes me curious, what do you plan on doing with Kamijou's PTSD. Will it be revealed to the other characters, or will Kamijou basically suffer silently with it, alongside Yume, the hot scientist?
10/8 c173 patiphat1998

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10/8 c173 2craytherlay
Hoooo boy... this chapter was neat! I don't have much to say, but I will say I enjoyed the conversation Yume had with the rest of the group. Index was perfectly utilized her, and I love how adorably squee mode Yume went when she learned Index had perfect memory. The reveal of the purpose of the different projects was neat and I like how you explained the logic behind it. And even the freaky logic of Kamui himself for making it. It was tense but relatable, and the reactions of the others to the 0 Over was neat.

And on the ZERO_Over... Touma... Touma... it's not gonna replicate IB... (but something much worse). knt, knt, knt, Knt, KnT, Knt, KNT, KNT, KNT! let us not forget that in NT22R, KnT was revealed to be, Touma's actual esper ability. General consensus? is he's related to the dragons...

Sooo chances of Kamui ending up releasing Yamato no Orochi in his basement? Just a dragon hoard bursting out, or Tuxma coming to play? (very high.)
10/7 c173 5whwsms
Well, well, well ... reactions andnemotions swung wildly (at least IMHO) in this chapter; to quickly call out some examples in no specific order: Yume-sensei having a veritable nerd-gasm over hearing about Index's perfect memory ability * the group's stumbling through and deducing some (if not all) of what might lie behind Kamui's various projects * Yume's shock and horror at discovering that the nanomachines that comprise Touma's left arm have indeed been infected as part of Kamui's machinations * Touma deducing that the preceding just might give them an ace with which to fight back.

And it was well delivered, too.

Not much else to do except await the next installment, and to say, regarding this one: "APPROVED!"
10/7 c173 10xellos540
I'm supposed to be working but oh well... a new chapter...

Lol, wonder how the girls will react to Yume... maybe they should learn she's Touma's therapist xD

That excuse was smart... though doesn't Misaki know how to bypass the Imagine Breaker?

Also, wouldn't it be impossible to pass the knowledge onto Mikoto? Accel can turn his shield off. Touma can cut off his arm momentarily... but Mikoto and Mugino are unable to turn theirs off...

"Perring into the girl's eyes" you lie, it was just one eye. :P

ZERO_over is probably a fake Touma to break the real Touma.

five object sounds like A.A.A...

Is Mikoto implying Misaki's boobs are robotic or implants? xD

Two minds in one body, huh? *looks at Shutaura*

Lol, so it was not Mikoto's dodging-ability, Misaki just has terrible throwing-ability. :P

No idea why there's "package"... or "queen"... but "break"... hm...

Maybe Last Order and Takitsubo were the ones he was trying to merge? 2 minds AI? Or maybe Last Order is treated as AI? That'd give him the ability to summonan AIM field being Kazakiri (through Last Order) and control her (through Takitsubo).

So the Misaka Network is essentially a "Half Skill", like multiple bodies yet one personal reality and only one ability, with power depening on the ending point (outlet/terminal)?

No xD zero over is in Touma's arm? xD

Okay, I get this might be a red herring and it might be Hamazura or even Saten instead, but WHY ISN'T ANYONE QUESTIONING IT?! Like, hey, Touma is a level 0, has arm made with nanomachines, Kamui's interested in him, at least 2 people at the table know (a bit) of his power. You're supposed to be smart. ACKNOWLEDGE THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!

And there it is. xD I wonder if Kamui knows that IB is not magic nor science.

Hm... before I had this idea that the cyborg can transform because it's made of nanomachines... I wonder if Toma's left arm not only is the zer over, but it also is supposed to be the robotic body of the queen break package...

Oh, Yume's hars words remind me of Kikyou. Soft. Not kind.

Everyone has right to their smiles? Touma you're such a hypocrite...

"Misaka Mikoto could not become Kamijou Touma" uh...


Lol, I just realized, a checkmate for Kamui in one move would be to use personality swipe on Heaven Canceller... or maybe he already is? And an arc will be devoted to saving him?

Wait, are you implying TOUMA could be infected with personality swipe?

Touma laugh because copying IB from "Brain calculations" is useless. xD If that's REALLY what Kamui thinks and it (obviously?) fails, then I'd be laughing ever harder than Touma. xD

Though I SERIOUSLY think Touma should tell her it's not an esper power. He doesn't have to mention magic. Just have him say "IB is not an esper power".

Well, they could deal with Kamui and then make a new arm. Also, the question of HOW the zero over got there is still open.

It's not changing anything of her thought of esper powers. It's just isn't an esper power. Tell her that, Touma :

I start to fear Yume x Touma is actually a thing in your plan...

I haven't read past OT8, but what you're saying... you basically (Frenda pun intended) mean to say Anna is more in Touma's harem now than Alice? I also heard Touma go "new" power in GT7. Is that true?

Also, since I'm asking this essentially (Fremea pun now!) every Toaru person I know... how many girls do you think like Touma? Doesn't have to be love or doesn't even have to be self-admitted. It can be presently merely a crush, but I want a number of girls who'd be openly, secretly or un/subconsciously happy if he dated them. I ask because there are factions (puns are strong today it seems) with one faction saying "Toaru is not a harem genre because it's only Mikoto and Misaki and possibly Othinus (who's "beyond romance level"), Index (who's ambiguous?) and eventually Itsuwa (who is left out normally)" and the second faction saying "we don't call it harem genre, because that's not the focus and the girls are not there constantly, but YES, there's A LOT". Your actual thoughts on how it really is in canon?
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