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for Wing ZERO: Endless Waltz

1/19/2013 c1 11Angel of Courage
Ooh Nice! You did a great job on this. :)

Keep up the good work!
1/19/2013 c1 11LadyNerdyNerf
Very nice. I am happy to see you did not bash any of the characters. Ami is a little OOC but it's a one-shot and you gave some background. If she is a relative of Heero yuy the pacifist or Heero Yuy the gundam pilot? If she is a relative of the pacifist I do not see her being violent as he was against all forms of violence in the manga. This is much better then your normal betrayal fics. I'd prefer to see more of these.
1/18/2013 c1 2DanuEriu-Arianrhod
I am glad to see you did not brutalize Ami's character as you so often do. This story was very well made and a perfect one-shot. Ami was the hero without being a (w)itch so I thank you do that.

I read your profile so here are the answers.

1) Why is it that it is always Sailor Pluto who has the dimension-hopping powers in crossover fics? I thought she only had time-related abilities?

Pluto did have power of dimensions, in the manga. She had the ability to open doors and seal them. We see that when Pharaoh 90 was trying to break through his original dimension into the girls dimension through a portal Mistress 9 created. Saturn flung herself into the dimension and pleaded with Pluto to seal the dimensional doorway forever. Princess Serenity dived in before the portal closed, saved Saturn and reopened the seal and closed it off again.

2) Which idiot wrote the first Sailor Moon betrayal fic? Seriously, I need to drop-kick that idiot who thinks that having the Guardian Senshi betray their Princess is a good idea. Thanks to him/her, we readers have to go through mountains of crap just to read a decent Sailor Moon fic.

I have no idea but they aren't getting made here in the GW/SM section at all anymore. Haven't for years. The only betrayal fics I read in the Sailor Moon section are of Mamoru betraying Usagi. Also, if you are writing Ami betrayal fics, you are no better. You also destroy her character and make her into some Mary-sue. Please stop and write Ami fics. You can make her a princess, a queen, a goddess, whatever just stop making her a (w)itch please because you are doing the same thing so you are simply contradicting yourself.

3) If manga Shitennou were Endymion's equivalent to Serenity's Guardian Senshi, then why the hell did they betray their Prince?

The Shitennou in the anime betrayed their prince. In the manga, they were brainwashed and had given a blood oath. Because of that oath they could not regain their bodies so they remained as the stones of their name-sake and often visited with Momaru as spirits or in his dreams to offer him advice and comfort.

Well, I'm back to writing betrayal fics, again; although it's a reversal-betrayal on Princess Serenity's part. Let's face it, with how the anime turned out especially after R Season with the girls being reduced to mere cannon fodder, it's literally begging for an influx of conspiracy theories and reversal betrayals. I mean, really, why bother powering up the girls at all when Usagi ends up being the only one to vanquish the MOTD? They might as well either (a) keep the girls at first-stage, or (b) remove the girls altogether and power Usagi up as and when the situation calls for.

You must only watch the dub, which is GOD AWFUL! Yes, America screwed up in making it. HOWEVER in the japanese make, it makes perfect sense.

First off, the only power up the girls didn't get in the anime was the Eternal, which is severely unfortunate, however, in the manga they all got Eternal power ups. Hopefully the new anime will re-do this error. As for saying they are pointless, I don't see how you could, because they all loved each other dearly and Usagi may have finished them off but she COULD NOT do it alone. She needed their help and they often SAVED USAGI so I have no idea what you're talking about and I honestly don't think you even watched the anime properly. The eternal transformation wouldn't have even been POSSIBLE if it weren't for all the others. Without them having given their power to her, she never would have become eternal and then she'd be a super like the rest of them.

As for Usagi being a Mary-Sue, where do you see that? She is not good at school, she does not ice-skate, have any musical talent, any grace, and is not good at Martial Arts. She is whiny and she can be mean, they all can but ALL the others had some talent, something they were great at and are called beautiful and graceful and smart and she just has her big heart (Which she can also be mean and childish so don't think just because you read some bad-fanfiction that she is anything like that. You don't portray Ami the way she's supposed to be either. Shy, intelligent and powerful in her own right. Great at swimming and kind.)

Instead of reading bad fanfiction, read good fanfiction. I understand there isn't much Ami fanfiction so that's why we authors write FF, so others can get a chance to but you are ruining that by ruining her character. Make good fanfiction about Ami and more people will want to write about Ami but even I have to admit when you make out to be such an evil greedy power hungry witch I end up HATING Ami. So stop, seriously. why can't you just make nice Ami fanfiction without betrayal or bashing. It's annoying.

This Fanfiction right here is AWESOME! Keep THIS up and cut the betrayal and bashing. If you don't like the Usagi fics that bash then stop being a hypocrite and doing the same damn thing.

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