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for Always You

12/30/2013 c1 5Pepperwood
Really good. I just wish we got more of their morning after on the show. Nice oneshot.
2/1/2013 c1 4Writing-for-pepperwood
This was adorable! I loved it!
1/20/2013 c1 5WhosThatGirl.ItsLucy
Well, that was a bit bloody amazing, wasn't it?! Loved it, loved it, loved it. So glad someone has written based on all the spoilers released. Awesome stuff :)
1/19/2013 c1 allowustofly
It would be awesome if the writers would decide to go in that direction. Thank you!
1/19/2013 c1 7jessicaaday
The spoilers are literally going to be the death of me!

This was amazingly written, and I hope it goes like this when it happens! Heck, even close to this will be perfect. :-)
1/18/2013 c1 Guest
This is so amazing! Write more!
1/18/2013 c1 6strongtablestrongcouple
I really enjoyed this oneshot! I loved the idea, and it was really well-written too. Thank you for posting! :-)

(And oh my god, I'm with you about the whole spoilers thing for upcoming episodes - those two will be the death of me)
1/18/2013 c1 50AMiserableLove
UGH! I can only hope...

I'm sure you're pretty close with some of this stuff...

BUT I'm sure they'll mostly drag it (and us) along for awhile.

STILL, this was great. Really well written and it just really really made me happy. Thanks so much for posting it. Made my night! :)
1/18/2013 c1 Guest
I wish we will eventually see and hear this:"Never." he spoke softly. "It will always be you, Jess. Always." in the show for real:)

Nice story btw:)

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