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11/17/2014 c5 2PshhAnonymous
DAAAAAMMMN YOU CAN WRITE! :'( I'm not sure what I'll do when I finish all your stories omg. This was awesome! Like really captivating :D can't wait to read more! -Dawn
2/4/2014 c4 2shipperofsupernaturalbuttsex
Of all the fan fiction I have read, and trust me that's a lot I'm a wee bit obsessive, this is by far my favorite.
1/20/2014 c5 2HoeishBunny
This story had smutty goodness, but it was also cute. I do wish though that Dean hadn't been with other women, cuz I suspected they were together together, not one sided open relationship. But he did stay committed to Cas, after he said he didn't like it. So I'm happy their good.
12/7/2013 c1 Guest
I barely ever review. There's just something about your stories that make me stop and appreciate. Thanks for another great one!
11/12/2013 c5 7Cannibals Welcome
*sniff sniff*
11/12/2013 c4 Cannibals Welcome
And it can't be both because...?

Only Cas would stay with Dean. In any universe, only he would put up with the massive amounts of bullshit. I think that's part of why I like this coupling - there's just no one else who would stay with Dean.
11/12/2013 c2 Cannibals Welcome
I forgot to make a note of this on the last one but -

"I want you to put your erection in my anu-"

If I knew anyone else who read Destiel I'd glue them to a chair until they read that line, because it was brilliant and needs to be shared with EVERYONE.
11/12/2013 c1 Cannibals Welcome
Yeah, I can definitely see Cas being insanely fast.
10/23/2013 c5 Guest
epic idea. i love it so much
9/19/2013 c4 1When Boredom Takes Over
9/12/2013 c3 The lady loves the dark
You are too goood! Thank you!
7/30/2013 c3 CastielDrwho
I hate destiel but I seem to love this story
5/30/2013 c5 Emily
That waS SO CUTE. I thought it was going to be all smuty smut smut, but then it turned into such a cute story and I just
Thanks! x3
5/27/2013 c5 Guest
Aww that ended up really sweet I liked it :)
4/29/2013 c5 Sam
Perfect just perfect! I hated dean at first but then I realized he waS just hurting inside from the years if abuse and pain. I loved cas for being patient And hanging I. There for two years! The ending g got me when dean finally showed how loving he truly can be and it was perfect. As I said before I'm addicted to all ur works so I'll be reviewing alot
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