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9/8/2013 c3 hopelessroman
hiii.. just randomly looking something to read before go to sleep.. and here i found this..
at first i didn't really look the genre.. just read the summary.. and said hey its not to bad.. plus its ichihime.. so yeah..
eventually when i read chapter 3.. oh my.. its creepy.. i mean.. what do u feel when there is someone out there that ready to do anything for u.. including killing someone that bully u?

just then i found out that the written up there is romance AND horror..

oh my..

but since im curious what happen next.. so here i am.. following it..

and make sure not reading it in the night..
well sorry for rambling so much..
6/26/2013 c3 6zodious
Really, what a mystery! really what a way to end the fic, oh and its getting so exciting and gahhh T_T there's no more chappie, how could you! how could you! where's the rest, where's the rest, grrr, *rips hair out*...TT so mean so mean, and you havent updated in a while too little missy i normally don't do this but you need to give me a triple update or something! really, im serious...jk...but really i love this fic, so rukia you sexy bitch just get back friends with your orihime-chan and then maybe just maybe u guys can share ichigo lol or notXD hime belongs to ichi, really he does but nothing's wrong with sharing once in a while:D again i jke
So is it ishida-san...nooo and killing loli...woah...just woah...woah, and woah, this suspence, i loved this chappie and ichigo aww your so sweet and considerate:) I got a bit confuse with who was saying what in the dialogue but no worries i catch on and again this is a lovely fic, i really do hope you continue it:)
6/26/2013 c2 zodious
ohhh rukia please accept hime's apology but she's also kind of wrong since she made up the promise first, gah so frustrating, :( and this stalker who could it be ichigo, ulquiorra? aizen *blanches* lolXD
really i hope those two make up and really if i were hime i would solve the problem with rukia first before dealing with ichigoXD sis before hos lol or notXD But really i cant blame rukia...i really cant blame her for being jealous, but rukia can be sexy if she wants tooXD now onto this enxt chapter cuz this stalker is really giving me the shivers of excitementXD
6/26/2013 c1 zodious
lmaooo! i totally died when orihime said sexy, this was a really fun fic, i totally enjoyed it and as always i really love and respect the bonds between rukia and orihime! Thanks so much for illustrating such a thing and omfg! what a flipping way to end the chapter thank goodness i have two more to go! plz hime dont let your bond with rukia break over ichigo and ichigo u snob why did u try to kiss himeXD ohhh but zodious-senpai likes it/tehehehehe and this stalker gah who could it be...hmmmXD guess ill have to keep reading rightXD

Honestly, this is a really nice ficcy! i definitely liked it and totally enjoyed reading it! love the idea, friendXD my only regret is that i wasnt aware of this sooner:)
5/13/2013 c3 2LonelyHollow117
Whoa. Ishida is the secret admirer! And he chopped that girl into little pieces! That's crazy! I like this story it's cool and I like how it is in Orihime's perspective.
4/3/2013 c3 Rei Katsuro
omg Ishida is crazy lol
1/29/2013 c3 1Talita Silva
Ishida is the secret admirer?!
Please continued!
1/27/2013 c3 nicholee33
im really likeing this story love the plot and omg so its ishida!? :O
1/26/2013 c3 1Seriously-questionmarkhere
Yay! An update!
I totally loved it, but Shinji seemed bit OC :P But still he came back later :D Loly deserved it wor being a jerk lol :P Thank you for droping a hint about the admirer ;)
I can't wait 'till I'll be able to read more C;
1/26/2013 c3 FireCat and SnowWhite
I loved the chapter, it was very very suspicious about Uryu.
1/24/2013 c2 DevOur7
nice story love it!
1/23/2013 c2 Chuain
Deciding not to be someones friend over kissing a person not neither of your significant others is extremely childish, oh wait they are in high school right?

Considering Rukia said all of that with the purpose of hurting should make Orihime ignore her. Most guys don't like when girls are quite that forward, so it doubtful that Rukia would ever get a call.

Ichigo is probably Orihime's stalker as well.

Continue writing :)
1/23/2013 c2 1Talita Silva
Estou gostando da fic. Tomara que o admirador seja o Ichigo!
1/22/2013 c2 8xSeireiHime
OMG! Why?! well it is Orihime's fault for Kissing Ichigo but...I can't hate Hime she is just to Adorable X3, and Oh snap so Rukia is gonna fight for Ichigo's love eh? hahaha I can't wait how this turns out and I hope Rukia and Orihime make up :'( friendship is very haha Enough of me..Update soon :)
1/22/2013 c2 1Seriously-questionmarkhere
I love it ;) The conflict between Rukia and Orihime well it's bad that they are fighting about guys, but it's interesting to, to see how everything will turn out between the in later chapters :P I love everything about secret admirer and Ichigo... I'm still wondering if they are both same person (Not really bright person here) Will you make Orihime track down the owner of the number?Thank you for posting this and I can't wait to read more
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