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5/13/2022 c6 1I-Love-Trunks1
Poor Kaname, it’s so sad what happened to him. I hate Takuma in this story. I love how Zero decided to go out with Kaname and make him his wife. I love how Zero and Kaname both trust each other. I loved this story so much!
2/27/2018 c6 bleedingangel95
Nicely done!
12/5/2016 c6 30Love332

I am so happy Zero accepted Kaname as his wife and they are happy together :3 couldn't ask for anything more o
12/5/2016 c4 Love332
Damn ...the feels in this chapter..

Both of them love each other, but can't have each other...Fate is really cruel u-u
12/5/2016 c1 Love332
Fuck Fuck.. You really know how to pull on people's heartstrings... Stupid Zero, Stupid rules..Poor Kaname..
6/20/2016 c6 23AncientPurebloodPrincessLolita
It was so beautiful!
I'm blubbering because I'm still crying like a baby!
My poor, dear, sweet Kaname! My pure cinnamon roll, he's too good for this world!
I can't believe how horrible his life has been so far, but at least now he has Zero~
I can barely see the screen, so I'm going to go now, but next me to come back and take my time to review every chapter out of respect for you and utter adoration of this master piece! For now, I'm off to the sequel; I just got so caught up by the plot that I plowed through this at lightening speed, and need more now but, as promised, I will be back.
I was editing chapters for Love Game, and needed some emergency Zeka, and while looking through my favorites I realized that it had been ages since I had worshiped at your profile's altar~
I regret nothing; that was the best idea I've had in weeks!
I've been REALLY sick though, so I'm quiet frankly surprised at my good judgement in that matter.
Anyway, now I'm off to cry, read the sequel, review the last chappie of that, rest, then wake up and enjoy 'em carefully.
4/26/2015 c6 4Brookie cookie17
loved it
4/26/2015 c5 Brookie cookie17
great chapter
5/3/2014 c6 4Meroro
I love the ending XD
I know they'll have many troubles and obstacles in the future, but for now, the important thing is they together in the end :)
It's a bit difficult to finds Seme!Zero and Uke!Kaname, and I'm glad I found this fic
Thank you for wrote this story
It's time to read the sequel *grins
3/29/2014 c6 kanaeee
Ooops . I 'm sorry senpai,i was intending to finish this story then sleep but that day my mind decided without taking my consult & slept all day *feels embarrass*

awww Zeru kun was so sweet towards Kaname chan i didn't know he'd show his tenderness and kindness after what Kaname did but who am i to refuse *hugs both* I'm so happy for them & i'm so glad that Zero give him the mark of the wife ohh Zero's family will be in for big surprise when they find out hohoho and definitely wont consent it Puting that aside ,, The love making was very lovely and cute ,, & how awkward and lost Kaname was because it was the first time he experienced something like that XD Truly, LOVE IT . ..

I just can't wait to read the sequel heck i'm dying to read it this moment so dear without further ado i thank u for this marvelous chapter and not so expecting ending "talks abt herself" so thnx and i'm off to read the next story, *hugs* ..
3/27/2014 c5 kanaeee
OMG ! Kaname u finally did it *squeals*

Aww don't hate Zero T.T he was trying to help u and he loves u dearly so don't break his heart or i'm gonna break ur bones *threats*

After reading Ichiru 's part it does make sense now i wonder if Kaname knew abt him. If Zero talked to Kaname abt Ichiru's story u know he might help him find Shizuka to get revenge for his brother since he already is pureblood . However, i do have a question, supposed Shizuka was captured ok then what if Zero drank her blood would it cure him and set Ichiru's souls free or that won't work since Ichiru is already dead and won't be abl to leave unless Zero kills her, though i doubt he could kill her after all she is powerful and only pureblood would be able to do it so thats where Kaname comes in XD

By the way , Does this kind of sex & release have an aftermath , will it affect Kaname later ? I hope not .

Oh Shit shit shit ! I'm panic-stricken to find whats Zero's reaction when he regain his conscious *hides inside closet* & *press next and peeks the last one*
3/27/2014 c4 kanaeee
So far this chapter is the most fascinated one with its intensified angst and i extremely love it senpai *showers author with kisses*

Its quite well written and my fav part where Kaname talked abt his sorrowful past . I felt so many emotions and wanted to do sth while reading it :{(1) fury against Rido and wanted to butcher his penisss to pieces , (2) torture and deforming Ichiou over and over and lastly not the least (3) skin and burn Takuma alive then extrude him by using sharp rocks finally let the wild animal devour him }.. I hope i didn't exaggerate by my horrific depiction heheh & don't worry Zero i'm not gonna do anything harmful to u YET *sinister grins*

Anyway, I knew it , u do love him Zero baka , why didn't u say anything?! Go back to Kaname he needs u more *kicks zero* Go idiot follow him *throws high heel* u better think of something to compensate 4 all the hurt he endured lonely *whispers* (make love to him) *shouts* OKEEY

As for Ichiru , i didn't understand most of his parts . But, one things i'm sure of is he regrets his decision by leaving his mother and his brother and 4 what sins he did that what i want to find !
I think he fell in love with a vampire and wanted to be so he and eloped with her leaving everything behind , that person could be Shizuka or Sara since they both are pureblood and could trun human to vampire u know but then , this vampire left him to find another one and he being lonely and ashamed of his doing couldn't face his family and commited suicide . However his soul wouldn't leave unless he got vengeance so thats why he stalked his brother like his shadow.. hmm not close right! and why i bother my self thinking when i could just press the next chapter to find out what our lovely auther disclose . see yaa
3/27/2014 c3 kanaeee
WoW too much information & my poor mind can't take any more *-*..
Many things were revealed in this chapter and i don't know which one to believe . I can't believe myself saying this but i'm taking Zero's side in this one . *puts kaname under spotlight * explain ur self Kaname* what is the meaning of all that ? Did u choose Zero because of this " fated lover"? . & how could u say u love Zero when u actually sponsored his so future wife and u even knew abt it and speak of it *hits kaname's head* look what've done ! u make Zero and also myself suspicious of u now! care to rectify ! O.o

Also , I like this Aimi character she is so sweet and innocent hey Z wouldn't that be good if she refused marrying u becuz of this silly custom & then u could have Kaname who is willing to comply with it *winks* though i still think no one 'd accept that ,, too troublesome .,

My heart breaks for Kaname T.T I really sympathize him he can't take a break from getting hurt . I hate that woman who poisioned my Kaname with that hunter bracelet , watch ur self u ugly old woman next time u do that again and u won't see the light only hell , why bother now ur name is written in my death note lol bye bye witch _ *hears woman screaming* yaay mission accomplished *victory dance*
3/27/2014 c2 kanaeee
wooh that scene when Zero undressed Kaname was soo hot *blushes like tomato* and i do like how u described everything in detail its like watching it by 3d screen *note to self to read this part again*

I'm still not gonna judge Zero's action cause he really admitted to Kaname that he didn't want anything bad to happen to him and thats proved how he cared abt Kaname right ! But i was quite surprised abt the length of Kaname's relationship with Takuma suriously 30 years wow O.O, whilst with Zero just one year and look how dedicated he is with Zero & 'll do anything to be with him . I don't know i feel like sth is missing here . I'm just curious abt Kaname's life when he was with Ichijou , & how they broke up . My heart tell me that Kaname isn't in fault here seeing how he stayed with Takuma that long hmmm so someone betrayed the other one *looks directly to Takuma*

Lastly , who ever made this custom is absurd not talking abt u senpai but in this story this custom is beyond preposterous seriously and now Kaname wont be accepted and 'll get hurt more becuz of that *huffs* & what made it worse that Zero is going with it and won't stood up to defend Kaname against his family seeing how respectful he is toward his father mostly *sighs*
All in all , thank u senpai for writing such tremendous chapter & i can't wait to read the next one love ya
3/27/2014 c1 kanaeee
I'm not realy sure of my emotion right now . In the first hand i want to slay Zero but on the other hand i want to absorb my anger and God help understand Zero's action *.* Really senpai you do know how to reveal my black dragon that i'm trying my best to suppress & u Zero, u never cease to entice me to quash this beautiful head of urs

But i did say to u senpai that i'll sustain my anger towards Zero *bite tongue* Though i don't understand why he accept Kaname's love if he doesn't love him back ? unless he does but giving Kaname a chance to change his mind abt loving Zero since his family would never approve of this marriage , well that would make sense i hope .

I've been wondering how the heck Ichiru knows everything happening with Zero & Kaname?! Is he by any chance dead? it feels like his spirit is floating and following Zero everywhere O.o thats really kind of creepy if u must know hehehe

However , Not bad senpai. As usuall great story & an exotic one i've ever read with its odd traddional and an ambiguous phantom *coughs Ichiru coughs* Thnx dear
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