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for Mission to my heart

3/6/2013 c3 5ScottishGleek1998
Amazing, update soon :).x
3/4/2013 c3 May
Wow amazing chapter, it's like criminal mind.
What's going on whit Rachel? Why is she acting like that? Love Finn ;) Can't wait for more. Btw Jesse or Jacob could be UNSUB, cause I think both are great for that part. Till next x
3/4/2013 c3 5ravenna.solo.408
I love this Criminal Minds-esque story so much! Especially how Blaine is the Reed of the group. :) Can't wait to see what Puck and Satan do to Finn!:)
3/4/2013 c3 Guest
reminds me so much of criminal minds i love it.
i wanna know how finn got these sneak peeks lmfaoo

and i have a feeling rachel will be taken captivate at some point..
3/4/2013 c3 marteeey
I reall liked this chapter :) and the case is interesting too! and I think that Rachel may be an almost-victim? because she's also brunette? :D
but I do hope that she or finn or anyone from the team won't die D:
aaand I think it's really sweet that Finn shows concern from her :)
please continue soon! I want to know what happens next :D
3/4/2013 c3 fabinafan4life
I love it! This story is perfect,you get all the sexual tension just right,which is extremely hard to do in writing, also you keep me interested without giving me a lot of info. I think Finn is in denial,he has a thing for his boss. I have a feeling the criminal wants Rachel, maybe they were something in high school
Please update :)
3/4/2013 c3 CosInAus
I really love this fic, it's perfect so far!
3/3/2013 c3 Guest
Great chapter. Can't wait for more
3/3/2013 c3 2guiltlessgleek
Great chapter! Seems like Finn is in denial. He's got the hots for Agent Berry ;) Excited to see where this goes. Though I have an inkling it involves Rachel :-/. Hope Finn keeps on his toes!
3/3/2013 c3 noro
more chapters asap
3/3/2013 c3 bueller806
I love Criminal Minds so this is right up my alley. Can't wait until Rachel gets kidnapped!
3/3/2013 c3 hana
i'm loving it.
3/3/2013 c3 3foreveryours-f
I feel like I have an idea on what's going to happen (;
3/3/2013 c3 B88
Ahhh, I'm loving this story! Please update again soon! Lol :-P
3/3/2013 c3 Amybf19
Such an interesting story... I think ihave some theories about what is going on, but want to see how the story unfolds! I am enjoying reading this!
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