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4/2 c8 krichmond2
Thank you for the awesome story. Please continue writing, don't let what others say keep you from writing. Loved the story.
3/8 c2 3Hebe's Elpis
Just saying: Ginny's Patronus was a horse. It was said that people with similar patroni were "soulmates".
2/5 c8 7MollyMuffinHead
Thanks for the story.
11/7/2020 c2 Jayzzzsmilezzz
story's great, but personally i feel that there's too much use of the comma and the words "in total" and the end of the sentences
10/9/2020 c1 EverythangJuicii
300TH LOLZ! Thanks for this new Chappie! This Plot ROCKS! Been trying to find stories without hard LEMON haha
9/23/2020 c1 AsherSalazar-Malfoy
Voldemort:Potter,join me and you can be great!
Harry: No
Voldemort:Why!? WE HAVE COOKIES!
5/27/2020 c4 percycantread
i also hate the way you put spaces in between quotation marks and the dialogue.
"this is the correct way to use them!dialogue tagif the sentence doesnt require anything more than a period to close off the sentence, a comma is used,dialogue tag]. i appreciate most of your writing, its skillful and the plot isn't difficult to follow, but i have gripes.
5/27/2020 c4 percycantread
the excessive Commas, and Capitalization, is aggravating, and Destroys the Immersion. see how annoying that was? i doubt you passed first grade english, jackass.
5/27/2020 c3 percycantread
kira isnt japanese for killer. kira is the way killer is pronounced in death note because most japanese people cant pronounce the ls correctly.
4/7/2020 c2 Jenna Gem
honestly when you correct and edit...leave prejuice in...it made me crack

... too many commas
4/5/2020 c2 Guest
Draco- "Stop saying perhaps!"

Harry- .

But, honestly this was great. Love your work.
3/30/2020 c2 TheAssassinofIce
Honestly Harry, I would have the same reaction if someone grabbed MY ass. Im a boy too.
3/22/2020 c1 Thewinningfactor
A dark muggleborn lord/lady: come to the dark side we have cookies
Most people: yeah... Okay I'll join cookies are magnificent
Me:in no than-
*he/she cuts me off*: we also have infinite data and a strong work connection
Me: I didn't know that the dark side could be so enticing * whilst walking over and hearing the terrified screams because I sided with the dark side*
1/19/2020 c2 2Hetaoni sadness
Please stop, with all, the, commas. It makes, it, hard to, read.
1/2/2020 c3 Guest
Now that you've made him buddy-buddy with Granger, it's definitely not worth the pain that is your grammar skill, to continue reading.

Jesus, the commas... It's like you're channeling Captain Kirk from Star Trek while writing, or something.

It's, fucking, painful, to, read.

Commas are not YOUR friend.

You sprinkle those bitches like rice at a fucking wedding.

Do us all a favor? Next time you get the urge to hit that comma key while typing? DON'T.
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