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5/25/2016 c5 Zeta warrior 16
Love it when will it be updated
5/18/2016 c5 David Demonix
This fic is awesome you should really continu it!
4/23/2016 c5 Mewtwo
Whilst I like ash, I would prefer it if you didn't put me in one of those...things. Pok├ęballs Bring back bad memories.
4/16/2016 c5 Shadow
Ash and Angelica children male:Alex,Adam,Andrew for girls:Alice,Amy,Anabel
4/7/2016 c5 4LoveIsABattlefield1012
it may seem like im stalking youm with messages...but im not trying to! just giving feedback xD last one i promise! i really liked the comforting and then the steaminess between quilava and bayleef, it was so cute :3
4/7/2016 c4 LoveIsABattlefield1012
name suggestions

Boy: Riordan, Heath, Caine, (lol had to add that), Cory

Girl: Cassiopia, Astria, Fiona, Calypso, Haven, Heather
4/7/2016 c1 LoveIsABattlefield1012
YAY! so you're still working on it in 2016? pleeeeeeaaaassseeee finish it! this is awesome and i've only read 1 chapter so far xD
4/6/2016 c5 PyroKyu
whyd you cancel it
3/21/2016 c5 chris may weidow
when is chapter 6 coming out i like it a lot ps pleas make ash son love misty
3/16/2016 c5 Chris-may-weidow
when is chapter 6 coming out i like it a lot keep it up
3/16/2016 c5 chris-may-weidow
when is the next chapter i like it a lot keep it up
2/21/2016 c5 Ashton919
Awesome story loved the plot twist . plz update
2/16/2016 c5 jetfire101
critics united? dafuq. it sounds like a gay boyband
1/30/2016 c5 Ajani385
AwwwwD: Why didn't you update
1/10/2016 c5 15veemon657
whens the next chapter been over a year since the last update
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