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5/7 c21 Suparuta no Bushi
update please it is a good story
5/1 c21 1bayoujmd89
I have a question would you be interested in doing this story right here has a rated M I like how it is but I am only asking if you would be interested in turning it into a M rated one Out of curiosity anyway keep up the good work
4/27 c7 2SilverSurfer24
Nah, sorry bro, not my cup of tea.

Love the story overall, but when luck starts to favor the antagonists of a story then I'm starting to call bull.

Maul should be dead, and yet he isn't. But Maul's survival killed my interest in this story. Good luck to ya, and have fun writing.
4/24 c21 irinamuhamedova4
Надеюсь на скорейшее обновление.
3/18 c21 1Mystic Blade Works
18 March, and I can see this clearly
3/11 c6 jericelona
green hat annie!
3/11 c5 jericelona
anakin going to get cucked by his own father... a man of culture.
2/2 c21 linx007
Yes I can see this
1/25 c21 R2B-Anime
Could read it with no oroblem, I hope the issue resolves soon because I enjoy reading this
1/21 c12 1uzumaki.namikaze10
1/21 c11 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/21 c10 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/21 c9 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/21 c8 uzumaki.namikaze10
1/21 c7 uzumaki.namikaze10
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