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for The Shinobi Menace

9/18 c20 bumike99
This is an extremely solid crossover fic, keep up the good work!
8/17 c8 Tyfli barda
Yeah dropping this as well, not for the sole fact that you have a never ending line of stories that never ends. But the shear inconsistency in character development, bipolar morality power nerfing and more just makes reading your stories not worthwhile. Despite that you have a pretty decent grasp in writing and storytelling it just doesn't adds up. To spend more time reading this instead of other better and hopefully a fanfiction that does have a beginning and an end.

"Just finish a story for f#%&&#ks sake!"
8/9 c9 Azai Jin
Romance: Naruto x Shmi x Aayla (x Padme(possibly)) The parings I hope to see, and no more deaths among Naruto's lovers, he has already lost so much in his past!
8/9 c20 GhostUzumaki07
Can't wait for the next update
8/3 c2 Poharan
Its over 9000!
7/29 c1 Santan Suprah
jeeez that 'tarded guest went ham on those incredibly well thought out roasts and put downs. ._. ... that dude gotta be sad asl to be doin this on a fanfiction page like bro do literally anything else. Anyways, im lookin forward to readin dis fic
6/26 c6 Guest
Nevermind, bring on the harem
6/26 c2 Guest
Heram? No...the story is good enough without it (TT)
6/1 c1 1EcoliO157H7
this is amazing so far
5/27 c20 43StallionWolf
Sorry about the stupid guests spamming threats in your Shinobi menace. In my opinion, it is a good story. Needs some tweaking here and there, but still good.

Those anonymous cowards need to be shot...seen people like them, and don't approve. They only harm those around them.

Sure, I didn't find this story until recently, but I felt horrible such people spam your reviews with toxicity.
5/23 c1 The Kyuubi
This is still a great fic though
5/23 c7 The Kyuubi
No matter how many times I read this fic I still laugh at "Condiser it a gift from Watto"
5/22 c20 Marvelous Pathetic
Thanks for updating.
5/20 c20 batmanuchiha
guess i have a new fanfic to look forward to
5/20 c1 RandoFox
Its a harem story but its rated T and there's no smut? BLASPHEMY
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