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for Naruto: Power of the Beast

5/28 c14 AuthorR
so just because it was done before, its perfectly alright to LET A CHILD be abused, forgotten, left behind and hurt, plus let that child think his parents dont love him and abandoned him. and after he finds out, he apologises for losing his temper!? WHAT THE HELL!? Jiji, my arse
5/6 c1 Guest
kill the uchiha scummmm!
3/25 c2 Romshouseinen
Nooooooo! Kakashi
3/24 c1 Romshouseinen
1/26 c14 Guest
The section where Naruto attacks the old fuck and then does a 180 makes absolutely no fucking sense.
1/12 c5 Spanner96
More nerfing out of nowhere, and you made Naruto stupid enough to CHOOSE to drag things out when he knows something is amiss.

That’s just lazy writing.
1/12 c3 Spanner96
Decades? You explicitly said he has better natural control than even Tsunade did at his age, and she (without abusing shadow clones) had better chakra control than any kage (past or preseent) by the time she was 20… but you’re saying it will take Naruto (who can abuse shadow clones more than anyone else) decades to not even reach the level she was at, at 20?

If you wanna nerf him go ahead, but it makes no sense to do that after spending 2 chapters making him out to be some super genius on top of the cheat codes he already had. With his supposed talent, Uzumaki blood and a fully cooperative Kurama he should realistically surpass MADARA in under a decade, but you want us to just accept your claim that he won’t even have ‘kage’ level chakra control after decades? Plural?
12/21/2023 c28 happygilmore9113
Bru u ass for not finishing gbod
12/13/2023 c11 a fan of this
For the "judgment" shit you did, you could have given a summary, it seems stupid to me that no one elaborates more on what Sasuke did... completely stupid
12/13/2023 c4 a fan of this
maybe the attacks on sasuke are a bit exaggerated, but how gratifying
10/6/2023 c28 Kingkong101
Sucks do to naruto still being a bitch to konoha and everyone.
9/19/2023 c1 1bibink729
9/4/2023 c2 yourfoxydope
Follow/FavNaruto: Power of the Cringe
9/4/2023 c1 yourfoxydope
its shit
8/20/2023 c6 2Tsukuyomi-san
like the ending part but remove the not really do what you want
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